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Dan Wesson 45's....

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by TonyB, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. TonyB

    TonyB Well-Known Member

    Any body have a Pointman??I was looking at one yesterday and it peaked my interest.....also is it easy to make it lefty friendly(i.e. ambi-safety and mag release??)Thanks.....:cool:
  2. mrtgbnkr

    mrtgbnkr Well-Known Member

    I'll be interested to see the response to your question. I saw a Pointman Minor yesterday as well...and at less that $500 I was more than a little interested given all the good things I've been hearing about Wesson lately.


    Sorry I don't have any experience with the gun to share.
  3. esef

    esef Active Member

    Go to the 1911forum.com, they have a ton of info on DW.

    Click this link
  4. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    I have a Pointman Major PM1-S......very accurate......only problem was that I could only shoot 230 ball ammo out of it.....I sent it back to the factory to be re-throated, and it only took a week for them to do.........it was setup for competition, and it seems like the 230 ball is preferred ammo.........I shoot mostly 200 gr. JHP's, so had to send it back......they paid for the shipping, actually sent a FedEx truck to my house to pick up, and a week later, the FedEX truck delivered it back to my house......service of course, is excellent..........now, it will shoot 185's up to the heavyweights...
  5. dangles

    dangles New Member

    I have a Pointman Major. It has an ambi safety. Don't know about ambi mag release. Shoots anything I put through it.

  6. Jspy

    Jspy Well-Known Member

    Definately check out the 1911 forum for additional info on the DW"s. Their Patriot series is top of the line and compares with pistols costing hundreds more. The Major series also has a lot of features, but priced near the entry level of other manufacturers basic models. Customer service is also second to none. Overall a lot of bang for the buck. (BTW, I own the Patriot Expert in SS, the Major in blue finish, and am waiting for my 10 MM Razorback which is being produced now in limited numbers and configurations)
  7. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    Dangles......yeah, they probably fixed the problem, they had a lot of complaints and returns of the Pointman.....they just had to re-throat them.....an article in handguns had the same problem that I did, and would only shoot the 230 ball also, and even in the article DW stated that it was setup for the 230 ball for competition.............some shooters had problems and some didn't.........one thing about the Pointman, it is a really accurate son of a gun..............with all the match equipment on it, you are ready for competition right out of the box, just like the old Colt Gold Cup........my son has one of those, and the Pointman will shoot right with it.............
  8. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    My next purchase will be a DW 10MM ..........I looked at a S&W 610 and also liked that one......they are around $575, and the only problem I have is durability of the revolver, it is not a Ruger, but, it looks like it is built fairly tough..........I just have to think about the extra cost of the DW compared to the S&W.....The Glock 20 just isn't my cup of tea.........

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