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Date of manufacture of Swede M 94 carbine

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by Sparky, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Sparky

    Sparky Well-Known Member

    Picked up a Swede carbine. It's a Carl Gustav. Bolt & reciever have matching numbers but the miscellaneous parts like the bolt release,muzzle cap etc. are different. Interarms removed the year of manufacture from the front receiver ring and replaced it with Interarmsco G32/50. Any info re: year of manufacture (just to satisfy my curiosity) is appreciated. Also should it turn out to be a "made-up" M94 I'm not concerned. I got the thing cheap, the bore is spotless and it is fun to play around with.
  2. Crimper-D

    Crimper-D Well-Known Member

    There's an alternarive source for dating

    Don't have the list in my files, but the initials of the variojs inspectors of the Swede Mausers are stamped on each rifle just forward of the sereal# on the left side... This can approximate the date the rifle/carbine was inspected at the Carl Gustov factory.
    For a site that has the list posted, turn your browser to "The House of Karlina" Great source for all things Swede (Rifles, that is);)
  3. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Does or did your carbine have a short (1/2 " about) barrel extension welded on? If so, that was done because the carbine was made with a 17 3/4 inch barrel and was illegal without registration before 1968. When Interarms welded the extension on, they had to call the gun by a different model number to meet the requirements of the (then) ATTD.

    The current 16" minimum is mainly due to the government having sold M1 carbines with less than 18" barrels through DCM. Rather than admit that the government goofed, the minimum barrel length for rifles was changed as part of the general rewrite of gun laws at that time.

  4. W.Va.Glassman

    W.Va.Glassman Well-Known Member

    First off;if the stock is complete & you have the bands,DO NOT CUT THEM UP! Stocks& the hardware are selling for 200-400 dollars.Click on to the Karlina site they can tell you what year it was made by useing the S.N. I have 2 Interarms 94s both end caps are not welded on .If you want a modern stock,Ramline has them.
  5. Sparky

    Sparky Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gentlemen! The Swede does not have a welded extension on the muzzle & the muzzle cap will come off. especially thanks for the the heads up on the stock & fittings. I've got about half the value of the wood in the gun :D I bought a Leupold Scout scope & a B-Square mount so now I suppose it's a Swede Scout. At any rate the little bugger is an interesting tinkering gun. Might take it deer huntin' this fall. Oh yeah--- Idid save the issue rear sight (reinstalling it will take 10 minutes

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