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David Gregory Enters Meme Territory

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Justin, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

  2. Skribs

    Skribs Well-Known Member

    This is a standard capacity magazine.

    Or as I call it, high capacity assault clip.

    EDIT: reordered the joke.
  3. locnload

    locnload Well-Known Member

    Call me sinical, but I suspect the DC Police are not so much invetigating whether he violated the law, but scrambling for a way to brush this off with a small fine and a day of community service at the homeless shelter. You know, instead of a 4:00 a.m. no knock raid complete with guns pointed at your family and your 7 pound poodle stomped to death, and a felony record like us peons would get for violating DC gun laws. Having him face the full consequences would only serve to show how truly evil all these legal land mines are that the gun control proponents want. And they couldn't have that. Hide and watch, the man will get a slap on the wrist at worst.:fire:
  4. 1911 guy

    1911 guy Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Personally, I'd like to see him monkey stomped by law enforcement just to prove the point that the left, the media and anyone not a "gun toting redneck" is subject to the very same insane laws they seek to hang us with.
  5. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    I truly hope some action is levied against him, that would show that liberal scumbag media type the kind of scrutiny any law abiding gun owner is under. Thirty round mags aren't illegal in my state, yet, but if they were I'd have to obey the law.
  6. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    "Assault magazine" is still my favorite.:D
  7. tomrkba

    tomrkba Well-Known Member

    He needs to get jail time and a fine. Anything less means the law only applies to the peasants.
  8. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member

    I think D.C. is in a no-win stuation here. If they don't prosecute him, they give themselves a huge black eye for unequal enforcement of the law which makes it a sham.
  9. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    We should point to him as a failure of the government to enforce current gun laws. "He violated gun laws on national tv but not prosecuted."
  10. Grassman

    Grassman Well-Known Member

    Yeah either way, his actions proved the idiocy of US gun laws. I don't expect any action to be taken, which further proves the point.
  11. Ms_Dragon

    Ms_Dragon Well-Known Member

    I'm also rather partial to using this picture every time I read some bleeding heart say "assault clip".:evil:

    Be careful you don't poke your eye out with that one Petals.

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  12. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member


    By holding up one of those magazines on national television while in a city with some of the strictest gun control in the nation, Gregory inadvertently demonstrated that a magazine ban is a futile effort.
  13. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    That made my day! Proof we don't enforce laws we already have!
  14. gp911

    gp911 Well-Known Member

    That cheered me up. I want to see what his eventual punishment is and who actually furnished the magazine to him.
  15. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

  16. BigG

    BigG Well-Known Member

    DC better be careful - if they do burn him bad, he may become a conservative. ;>
  17. Sav .250

    Sav .250 Well-Known Member

    This guy looks just like Howdy Doody. Older guys know who I`m talking about.
    Hard to stay on track watching him doing his show and thinking, Howdy hasn`t changed a bit over the years.
  18. krupparms

    krupparms Well-Known Member

    The only thing missing was Clara bell the cow!
  19. C.F. Plinker

    C.F. Plinker Well-Known Member

    Could/would DC do either a deferred prosecution or deferred sentencing such that after 6 months or so, if he keeps his nose clean, the charges get dropped?
  20. GEM

    GEM Well-Known Member

    If he goes to jail, there should be a massive progun demonstration.


    That would be funny.

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