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decent guy at knob creek gun range

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Omni04, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Omni04

    Omni04 Well-Known Member

    hey, i got to go to my first shooting range yesterday, and it was a.... memerable experience to say the least. i went to Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point kentucky (a little south of louisville)

    after firing off about 600 rounds, i noticed i was shooting a little to the left (and yes it took me 600 rounds to figure that out :D) a guy next to me took a look and shot off a magazine and he offered to help me ajust my sight. well he unscrewed the left side of the site and proceeded to bash it with the butt of his pistol...

    after he moved it he fired another magazine, the side allignment was perfect but then it was shooting high. so he went to ajust the top/bottom sight and when he went to bash it the sight broke off!

    that kinda sucked but after it happened he said he was sorry and we went inside to find a new sight. they didn't have one but the ranges owner's brother has a shop a few miles down the road. so me and him drove over there to get one. we made it there and the whole time he was telling me about his collection and about the shooting range and when he was in vietnam.

    after we got there we grabbed a sight and the shop would install it and everythign for 15 bucks, the man payed for it and i get to pick up my ruger in less than a week. i also mentioned to the guy who helped me (found out his name is Jerry powell) that i was interested in getting a scope for my rifle, he showed me his wifes ruger 10/22, and mentioned that he was in the market for a 200$ scope. after he buys one he said he would sell me the old scope for 30$, even though he payed 100 for it. i might just take him up on that.

    i just want to say, even though im new to this whole thing, it is good to find some decent people out there, who try to help, mess things up, fix the mess-up, and exchange phone numbers to sell a decent scope that might help a new marksman out.

    just wanted to share my experience with the board, if anybody knows him or goes to the range, that he seems like a decent guy.
  2. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a character.

    You going to show up for the KCR machine gun shoot in October?
  3. Omni04

    Omni04 Well-Known Member

    i was thinking about it, is it pretty fun you think? i figured there would be so many people there, and i wasn't sure how big of an event it even was.
  4. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    Is Knob Creek fun? IS IT FUN?????

    It is Mecca for gun geeks.
  5. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

    You have to go at least once.

    I took my old digital camera to the spring 2002 shoot and got some pictures you can view: http://www.benswenson.com/images/kcr/

    If I can, I'm going to go this fall, but we'll have to see if I have my new car by then.
  6. techmike

    techmike Well-Known Member

    is it pretty fun you think?

    One of the highlights of the year for me! Lots of good people there and cool toys to play with. When I lived in E-town I always went all three days spring and fall. Now I only make it one day spring and fall.

    You gotta go.
  7. Logistar

    Logistar Guest

    Looks like it is October 8th 9th and 10th for 2004. I still haven't made it on a Saturday night. I'll try again this year!
  8. Omni04

    Omni04 Well-Known Member

    wow i didn't know it was this big! im new to the whole gun scheme and it just seemed like a gimick that most gun ranges would have :) sounds like im bringing my girlfriend to this event!

    how much does it cost? to get to be able to shoot these things? im guessing it is still fun if you don't though. (the web site was pretty ambiguous)
  9. Ed

    Ed Well-Known Member

    "well he unscrewed the left side of the site and proceeded to bash it with the butt of his pistol"

    See??? A gun is a tool.....
  10. tombo

    tombo Active Member

    I am glad you had a good experience at Knob Creek. I have been a member there for years. It is a great place. The people who work out there and hang around out there are nice and very laid back. I just recently joined up with the KDPL, a pistol league that shoots ISPC out there in the pistol pit. Talk about a blast. Do make it to the Machine Gun shoot. You will like it. BTW, what were you shooting out there Omni04?
  11. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

    Never wondered about the many empty parking lots or rather extensive campgrounds? ;)
    The KCR machine gun shoots are big. Tens of thousands of people come over the weekend and hundreds of vendors set up. People come from all over the US for Shooter's High Mass.
    If your girlfriend likes guns, this is the place to take her.
    Definitely not a gimmick that most ranges have.
    Less than dinner and a movie.
    Varies based on the gun. As I recall anywhere from $20-$50 for the smaller stuff down on the rental range. I've seen people buy a thousand rounds of linked .50bmg and rent a M2 on the big range. We're talking serious money for that.
    Darn straight it's still fun.

  12. Omni04

    Omni04 Well-Known Member

    i shoot a ruger 10/22... far from impressive but i wanted a cheap accurate gun for my first. ive only been there once so i didn't even know there was a huge parking lot or even a camp grounds. kinda makes me wanna buy 10 bricks of ammo and stay there for a weekend!

    my girlfriend isn't into guns, but she isn't against them. she has never been to a shooting range, never fired a gun, never seen somebody fire a gun, but she is kinda curious. maybe it will be too much of a shock for that to be her first time :D

    oh, heres a random question about the machine gun shoot. is it all day long? if so isn't it kind of weird having everybody walking around with ear plugs and having to scream at everybody so they can hear you? :)
  13. techmike

    techmike Well-Known Member

    is it all day long?


    It's Three Days Long!!!!!:D

    There are breaks in the action where you can take your plugs out. All of that auto weapons fire is a SWEEEET sound!
  14. Omni04

    Omni04 Well-Known Member

    hmmm the E3 of the gun world... well im still partial to otakon, but i shoudl give it a try! ill request that saturday off at work tomorrow... (red lobster shall suffer the blow)
  15. cls12vg30

    cls12vg30 Well-Known Member

    Man that looks like it would be a blast (no pun intended). I won't be able to make it up there from NC next month, but that looks like a great road trip idea for the spring!

    Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, let's go shoot a bunch of cars and small appliances full of lead!
  16. possenti

    possenti Well-Known Member

    Omni, you have GOT to go to the shoot!

    I've been about a half-dozen times. Every time I go, it's more exciting than the last. I took about 8 young guys (18-20something) from my church with me in April, and they are still talking about it.

    Trust me - if your girlfriend merely tolerates guns, she will have fun also. Hell - she'll be happy just to see you having such a good time!

    People who attend the Knob Creek shoots are some of the best quality people I've ever been around in such a large group. Here's an example:

    The first time I took my wife and daughter, we were standing behind the fence watching the guns shoot. The shooter directly in front of us was having some type of malfunction with his machinegun. Frustrated, he let out a few four-letter words. No one but the range security guy next to him could hear him since we all had earplugs in, but I could tell he was swearing. The security guy walked over, said something into his ear, and pointed towards us. The shooter looked embarrassed, walked up to my wife, and apologized for using vulgar language in front of women and children! I just smiled and waved him back to his gun. Those kinds of manners are rarely seen anywhere.

    Good choice on owning a Ruger 10/22. That's the gun I started out with, and still one of my favorites. Just don't fool yourself into thinking it's your last gun.

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