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Dedicated "Non Belt-Loop Pants" CCW-&-Home-Defense-Combo Holster Belt Rig?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Dr. Tad Hussein Winslow, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. I just created this "item".

    It's just a good leather CCW type belt (with kydex insert) holding an HBE Belt-slide holster on the right side for my CZ85, and a double mag pouch on the left side - stocked with two mags.

    This is my home defense pistol AND one of a couple carry pistols (i.e. it's a dual purpose pistol).

    The idea here is: Pistol normally resides in bedside mattress holster thingy, and when carried, is normally carried in an easy-on, easy-off paddle type holster. Those two spots are the pistol's usual / ordinary spots.

    But I keep this belt equipped with holster & extra mags by the bed, too, for 3 basic purposes:

    1. Bump in the night: can strap it on even in PJs or underwear or whatnot, place gun into holster, and off I go. Leaves my HANDS free to carry shotgun.

    2. Concealed carry pistol in winter time, with a good covering garment, for when I'm wearing pants that have no belt loop - sweats, jogging pants, whatever.

    3. Concealed carry pistol in the winter time, with a good covering garment, for just when I think I really might be going into harms way (because of the extra two mags - since I normally would carry zero extra mags with my paddle holster everyday rig).

    This puts my HBE belt-slide-only holster and belt-slide-only 2-mag pouch to good use, since frankly I hate putting that thing on and off a regular belt and pants with belt loops - which is why I prefer the paddle holster for everyday carry.

    Thoughts? Anyone else do this or similar?
  2. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member


    uh, I thought these went out of style in the 80's

    but hey, I've got a baby blue leasure suit up in the attic somewhere I'll sell you :neener:

    My gun vault is bolted to the cast steal pedal frame of a 100 lb singer sewing machine, which I use for a night stand.

    On the bottom shelf is my daily carry in it's holster, waiting to be strapped on.

    On the top shelf is a rather large .357 magnum revolver, in it's holster WITH A BELT threaded through it, buckled and wrapped around the holster.

    If a threat is imminent... roll out of bed onto the floor.... beep, beep, beep on the GV push buttons and pull the revolver out of it's hoster into my hand.

    IF I'm going to investigate, the whole package comes out and the belt goes around neck and left shoulder.

    in either case, a tactical LED flashlight is also right there.
  3. They made a comeback. :p

    Yep, exactly - I want my hands free for flashlight and/or shotgun if I'm going investigating. But yeah, believe it not, some people own pants that do not have belt loops. :)

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