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Deer Hunting with 10mm.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Flipper56, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Flipper56

    Flipper56 Member

    I know.....I know.....I s/b using a 44 magnum revolver:scrutiny: However since a 10mm. can be loaded to 41 magnum levels.....does anyone have a favorite and effective load they are willing to share. My rifle hunting is done with a Tikka Hunter T3 in 6.5x55mm and I have a 44 Mag Super Blackhawk Hunter.:cool: Would just like to tag one with an autoloader handgun.
  2. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    No load, but I saw Ted Nugent take a deer with his 10MM. Not a bangflop, but a 40 cal hole through the lungs assured a short run and a happy harvest.
    If you use it at reasonable ranges it will do the job.

  3. Gryffydd

    Gryffydd Well-Known Member

    Not that a 10mm won't work for deer, but last time I checked a 10mm can't push a 265 grain bullet over 1300fps. The 10mm is tied with the .357, and way, way behind the 41 Mag.
  4. Flipper56

    Flipper56 Member

    Why do I need to use a 265 gr load? I've heard about some 180 grain Double Tap loads that are :fire:
  5. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    That whole "10mm = 41 Magnum" comes from the energy with 180gr bullets.

    They both show on most charts to be around 720 ft-lbf.

    .357 Mag with a 180gr bullet is around 675 ft-lbf.

    Not saying that actually MEANS anything, but it's the source of the 10mm=41mag quote.
  6. ReloaderFred

    ReloaderFred Well-Known Member

    There have been lots of deer taken with the .357 Magnum (with good shot placement, of course), so the 10mm will work.

    I own both, 10mm pistols and .41 Magnum revolver. My duty gun for many, many years was a 6" Model 57, .41 Magnum. And as has been pointed out, the 10mm isn't a .41 Magnum, but still plenty for a deer.

    Hope this helps.

  7. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I have a friend that uses a 10mm to dispatch deer, elk and what ever else he is required to take care of. He is a game and fish officer and to my personal knowledge has deffinitely used it to kill deer, elk, and oryx. I'm not a fan of auto loaders in particular, but that cartridge is one I like a lot.
  8. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    Get some Winchester 175 grain Silvertips. Factory, or good handloads, with a well placed shot, it will drop them quickly.I don't hunt with a handgun, but several folks in my hunting camp do. One fellow uses a Glock 10MM with factory 175 Silvertips, and he's dropped at least 10 mulies in their tracks in the last few years.

    Two years ago, he put dowen a 5X5 buck and two does with 3 shots in about 5 seconds. All within about a 5 second period.

    This man, however, is a good enough hunter that the 3 shots were made from within 25 yards of the herd.
  9. 357 Terms

    357 Terms Well-Known Member

    My handloads in 357 mag out of my 6.5in Blackhawk will out preform and outshoot factory 10mm loads in any autoloader. As for the 10mm being in the 41 range of preformance that is ridiculous!!??
  10. nastynatesfish

    nastynatesfish Well-Known Member

    i just started loading for my 10mm.
    i started using 155gr hornady xtp and 13.5 gr of reloader 2400. seems to shoot good. about like the hornady custom loads.

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