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deer hunting with a mac-10?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jason41987, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    im just wondering if anyones done this, or thought of doing it.. maybe not the full auto 45 cal SMG mac-10.. i was thinking more along the lines of the semi automatic 16" carbine .460 rowland mac 10.. .460 rowland having muzzle energy similar to a .44 mag, then add a 16 inch barrel on that, a stock.. probably have to fab an extended floor plate to limit magazines to 5-rounds.. but in the end, would it be much different than using a 44 mag lever action carbine from a ballistics standpoint?..

    how would you think if you were having a discussion with some people about hunting, you asked them what they used and you told them a mac 10.. youd probably not think very kindly of them

    i have considered such a mac-10 carbine mostly because i really like the simplicity, versatility, and utilitarian aspect of the mac-10 design.. its one of the simplest out there, magwells can be made to take a variety of magazines depending on what its chambered for.. ive seen forearms, stocks, rails, just about anything you could imagine added to the design to take on different roles.. so, i have been toying with the idea of getting one of the 16" .460 rowland carbines ive seen

    so, if you had one, would you hunt with it?.. keep in mind im in the north central united states so i hunt in thick forest where closer shots are a more likely possibility.. so sub 100 yards, and for those unaware of .460 rowland its essentially .308 brass chopped to 45acp length and loaded to pressures that would allow a 230 grain bullet to be thrown at 1350fps+ measured from a 5.5" 1911 converted to fire it.. so fired from a rifle barrel, probably well over 1,000ft/lbs of muzzle energy
  2. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    having owned the full auto mac10, i'd certainly think less of someone who chose that for deer hunting. it was by far the least accurate and least controllable gun i have ever owned. it was fun conversation piece at the range, but no way would i consider shooting animals with it
  3. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    taliv.. i mentioned the mac-10 in question wasnt that mac-10 though.. but imagine one thats semi automatic with a decent quality 16 inch barrel and a stock
  4. tarosean

    tarosean Active Member

    Since its technically a pistol Im guessing you would need to find out your states laws regarding pistol hunting.
  5. jim in Anchorage

    jim in Anchorage Active Member

    I would be incredibly embarrassed to be seen hunting with that gun.
  6. hovercat

    hovercat New Member

    Legal is not always wise or ethical. Litmus test: Would you be proud to go to your mother and tell her what you are thinking of doing??
  7. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    No way, even with considerable testing for accuracy would I take that out on public land to hunt with.

    Your game laws might be far different than mine, but the "look" of that would have a game warden harassing you. I run into game wardens with alarming regularity while hunting. Most aren't very gun-savvy. He or she very likely doesn't know its NOT a handgun, or an NFA item or likely what 460 Rowland is. That's just asking to be hassled. I realize "black rifles" are getting more common out in the woods, but the looks of that (even with a staked/blocked or welded magazine) will garner a lot of unwanted attention: if not from the Warden, than from other hunters who might 'sic the warden on you'.

    Private land? I'd make darn sure I could keep 5 shots on a playing card at 50 yards and not shoot it much farther. Those Macs have a pretty lousy trigger, not one that lends itself to spectacular accuracy. For the MSRP of one of those you could buy a 44mag rifle or carbine, or even a budget AR if .223 is legal for deer in your area.

    Also: MPA discontinued the 460 Rowland.
  8. jason41987

    jason41987 member

  9. jeepnik

    jeepnik Active Member

    Dad used to tell a story of deer hunting in Germany after WWII. They would use Garands. The FMJ rounds would zip right thru unless you hit bone. One GI got so frustrated he opened up with an M-3. It did kill the deer, but ruined a lot of meat.

    So yea, you could kill a deer with a .45 acp. It just might take a few rounds and reduce your meat harvest.
  10. tarosean

    tarosean Active Member

    Both of those would be considered NFA items... Which would further complicate the laws..
  11. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    I'd have to see how it was set up and what sighting it had before I'd have any impression other than negative.
  12. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Active Member

    You could acquire a better tool for less money.

    So the MAC-10 deer hunt serves no purpose other than as a stunt.

    What is the purpose of this stunt?
  13. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Active Member

    How about a semi auto M-60 or a semi auto M-2? Or maybe a mortar to take a herd out all at once?

    Maybe we should keep tactical stuff at the mall where it belongs. :neener:

    Happy Veteran's Day to any real warriors.
  14. 25cschaefer

    25cschaefer Member

    The OP is referring to the Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Defender carbine. It is not an open bolt, crudely made "MAC," but a surprisingly nice if not bulky semi auto. They are reliable and more than accurate enough for handgun ammo hunting range. Many people who own them get groups less than 3/4" at 25 yards; Because it is basically a 44 mag, you wouldn't hunt past 125yds so extreme accuracy isn't necessary.

    The MSRP for the Defender Carbine is $795. If it were chambered in 460 Rowland, the maker says, you can still shoot 45ACP through it making it a fun and cheap plinker. It is also very adaptable with piccatinny rails and such.

    Depending on your tastes the Defender and a 44 mag levergun are neck and neck as far as one shot power, accuracy, and price. The levergun has it as far as "not embarrassing" but as far as fun, fire power, and adaptability the defender wins.

    If you can stand Johnny Rowland, here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdxvoH1LLXc
  15. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    It is not a good weapon for deer hunting and will only draw unwanted negative attention.

    There are suitable carbines and suitable revolvers out there that would fit any need without looking like Rambo out running and gunning.
  16. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    25cschaefer knows what im talking about.. similar accuracy, power, and range to a 44 mag leveraction... as for sighting options, if the mac-10 used had a side charging handle, which a lot do, then it would be no problem at all to put a rail on top for a scope mount (not that it would be needed) or even a red dot sight which would make more sense for something with a max range of about 100 yards
  17. jason41987

    jason41987 member

    also.. did masterpiece arms seriously make a 5.56mm mac-10 with an ar-15ish lower receiver?.. if so.. more cool if it was a reciprocating right side charger though, but still cool (keep in mind i mostly shoot bolt actions, AKs, and the M1 family rifles.. fixed right side chargers are what im used to)
  18. Patocazador

    Patocazador New Member

    A .308 cut to .45 auto length would be much less powerful than a .44 Auto-Mag which is the same thing cut to .44 Mag. length and reamed to accept the .44 bullet.
    It's a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.

    I had a selective-fire Mac-10 that used .45 auto ammo. It was a fun toy but not much else. It was cheaply made of stampings and inaccurate at more than 10 yards.
  19. cat_IT_guy

    cat_IT_guy Active Member

    Im going to stand in the minority here, but, assuming its legal, you already have it, and you are confident (from actual shooting) of your ability to make an ethical shot, I say go for it. Now would it be my first choice for hunting? Nah, but it sounds like it isnt yours, either - just a challenge and/or something different to hunt with. Would I be surprised to hear of it used in a hunting application? Yea, a little, but given the explanations on here, sounds sufficiently powerful (I dont think many/any would argue that .44mag is not sufficient for deer), I certainly dont have a problem with it.
  20. 25cschaefer

    25cschaefer Member

    The 460 Rowland offers about 20% higher velocities than the 45 acp with the same bullets.

    The MPA pistols and carbines are nothing like the old MACs, they are milled and skillfully crafted. If you believe hunting deer with a leveraction carbine in 44 mag is humane, there is no reason to believe it would not be with an MPA defender in 460 Rowland.

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