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delivery of free bullets from Hornady

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by last to know, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. last to know

    last to know Member

    has anyone got any idea how long Hornady will take to ship my free bullets? its been about 10 or 12 weeks that the check cleared the bank for the shipping charge and no sign of anything from them.
  2. flashhole

    flashhole Well-Known Member

    It took almost 3 months for me to get mine. I'd forgotten all about the incentive until they showed up on my doorstep.
  3. last to know

    last to know Member

    It would be nice if Hornady sent an e-mail with a delivery date or even a postcard, after all I just dropped a years worth of scrimping and saving (about a grand) on their press & supplies.
  4. tackstrp

    tackstrp Well-Known Member

    yes took six montes for my delevery
  5. TWAJeff

    TWAJeff Member

    Seems to depend on which bullet you select. I've done 4 or 5 rebates with them. Some only took a couple of weeks. The 1,000 (when the offer was still 1,000) .308 150gr FMJ's from my LNL AP took about 5 months.
  6. Randy1911

    Randy1911 Well-Known Member

    I sent in a rebate offer for a set of dies and it took 3 weeks (223 bullets). I sent in another rebate two weeks ago and got a e-mail a few days later saying my order was being processed ( 308 bullets).
  7. Gryffydd

    Gryffydd Well-Known Member

    My 1,000 .45 185gr XTPs showed up in only about 8 weeks, and only a couple of weeks at the most after the check cleared. The press was ordered at the end of December 09 and I got the bullets some time in February I think.
  8. Brian10

    Brian10 Well-Known Member

    I ordered the 308s and it only took a few weeks.

    HOWARD J Well-Known Member

    Mine was for 45's--Got an e-mail after 3 mo-saying they will make a run in June-WOW
  10. 30Remington

    30Remington Member

    I waited about 10 weeks heard nothing. Called the 800 number listed on the rebate information. Customer service said they hadn't made a run of those bullets yet and if I wanted the 139gr boattails in 7mm I would have to wait, but they could substitute another 139gr 7mm bullet and ship immediately. I said ok sounds great. I had them in about four days. if you're tired of waiting make the call their customer service is great. 1-800-338-3220
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2010
  11. Tim the student

    Tim the student Well-Known Member

    It takes a while, thats for sure.
  12. lilquiz

    lilquiz Well-Known Member

    30Remington ,you must be lucky,says on my promotion...No substitutes period
  13. sharptailhunter

    sharptailhunter Active Member

    Actually, I don't think Hornady owes any of us that level of catering. Afterall, we are getting free stuff.
  14. Boxhead

    Boxhead Well-Known Member

    My 1000 44 cal 200 gr XTP's took about 6 weeks from when I threw the check in the mail. As above, I do suspect that delivery varies by what is selected.
  15. Kentucky Jelly

    Kentucky Jelly Well-Known Member

    I would call the # posted as well. They let me choose from anything they had in stock. I originally selected .45 SWC and ended up with more XTP's which was fine for me. They will let you choose any caliber really.
  16. BowElkStalker

    BowElkStalker Member

    I have had them ship from a few weeks to a few months. I think they wait to send them out in bataches?
  17. last to know

    last to know Member

    I wouldn't call it catering I'd call it basic customer service with the money already spent on the press. the bullets don't make a dent in Hornady's profit margins.
  18. ozmosis

    ozmosis Well-Known Member

    I am only seeing deals for 500 if you buy a press is there a new promo?
  19. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    It took about 5 or 6 months to get mine. (.30 rifle bullets, I think it was 1000 of 'em) This was a year and a half ago.
  20. Gryffydd

    Gryffydd Well-Known Member

    Yep, they changed it for 2010. I got wind that the change was coming and that's why I rushed my order in at the end of the year.

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