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Device for holding dies....?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by nojoke, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. nojoke

    nojoke New Member

    I'd like to be able to simply swap dies from one caliber to another - I do hand gun reloading on my Hornady LnLAP.

    So far I've only loaded .38sp and .357 - so I haven't had to worry about changing calibers.

    I'd like to start reloading 9mm (walmart is sold out as are many retailers around here).

    Is there a device for holding my decap/sizing die, my bullet feeder die, my seat/crimp die on the benchtop? I use a mix of redding and Hornady dies and for simplicity - at least for now, I'd like them on the bench sitting up.

    A 2x4 with 2-1/8" holes drilled out seems kinda rough.

  2. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat New Member

    one of those racks for making jalapeno poppers on the grill
  3. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline New Member

    I just keep them in their cases and stack the cases on a bookshelf. I try to have only one around the bench at a time to avoid mixups. Remember not all dies are well marked, or marked at all.
  4. Spammy_H

    Spammy_H New Member

  5. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Active Member

    Dies with the Hornady L-N-L bushings will fit in an RCBS die box. You have to cut out one of the saddles near the box's snap closure. This allows the bushing flange can clear the box's closure

    The boxes stack nicely on the shelf.

    I do not have many Hornady die sets so I do not know how well those boxes would work.
  6. Joatmon

    Joatmon New Member

    RCBS used to make a nice die rack, basically a folded sheet metal box set at an angle, with a lot of holes stamped into it. You could easily make one using a piece of masonite and drilling 1" holes in it. Mount it on thin boards glued together to make an open box. Paint it to match your favorite koolaid (I mean press).
  7. tooltech

    tooltech New Member

  8. BYJO4

    BYJO4 New Member

    I went to Office Depot and bought stackable bins for each caliber. Since I have a Lockout Die, Quick Change Powder Die, powder metering insert, and dies for each caliber, everything fits nicely into its own bin. Since shellplates can work with various calibers, I do keep them in their own factory boxes but all the boxes sit in a master bin.
  9. vtail

    vtail New Member

    Could you post a picture of this? This sounds like a great way to store everything together, but I'm having trouble picturing what the bins look like.
  10. HighExpert

    HighExpert Member

    One more reason to use a Dillon 550b. Dies installed in their own toolhead and sitting on a stand with powder measure already installed. Beautiful sight when you get about a dozen different calibers.
  11. nojoke

    nojoke New Member

    tooltech and sammy - thanks - for $7.50 this option can't be beat. :D
  12. Spammy_H

    Spammy_H New Member

    Glad to help. Fyi - check out the hornady boxes too. They're like $3.50 and can hold the dies in the bushings and have a spot for the powder measure insert as well.

  13. HighExpert

    HighExpert Member

    Why don't you cut a wood circle that will fit in a CD (50Pack) and drill the required holes. I use the same thing for storing broadheads and it works great.
  14. jack44

    jack44 New Member

    Try Dillon you looking for tool heads?

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