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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by patentmike, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. patentmike

    patentmike Well-Known Member

    The first rifle I ever fired was an AR-15A1 in boot camp.
    Later I bought a lever action, a M1917 Enfield, built a flintlock. Now I find myself with a bow - and finally noticed the trend. What's next, a spear?
  2. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    A spear with atlatl, one without, a stone knife, a stone chopper, a rock. That's about as far as you can go.
  3. EghtySx

    EghtySx Well-Known Member

    How about a club. You know, caveman style. I hear you can get a wife that way too :evil:

    DSRUPTV Well-Known Member

    I hear that there's guys out there who hunt hogs and ferrel pigs with dogs and a knife. That's pretty devolved if you ask me. I'd also love to see it in action and maybe take a try at it.
  5. Dionysusigma

    Dionysusigma Well-Known Member

    AR-15A1 => lever action => M1917 Enfield => flintlock => bow => spear => rock => bare hands...

    Then you'll have to hunt by trying to absorb your prey through osmosis. :D :uhoh: :scrutiny: :D
  6. CleverName

    CleverName Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't he end up trying to scratch/claw/bite something to death somewhere before the osmosis though?
  7. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Pointed stick?


    I've heard spear/knife hunting is pretty darn exciting... take a look in the hunting forums for stories.
  8. CleverName

    CleverName Well-Known Member

    On some level I'd be greatly amused by somebody attempting to bite a deer to death. On another level I'd be horrified if he succeeded. Or if he failed spectacularly in certain... disentrailing ways.
  9. mfree

    mfree Well-Known Member

    You could always catch fish by "wiggling" or whatever it's called... getting fish to bite your fingers and grabbing their jaw.
  10. Dave P

    Dave P Well-Known Member

    I thought you were gonna talk about DEVO:


  11. Kaylee

    Kaylee Moderator

    I've kinda been going the same way. AR to win 94 to Sharps to bow to...

    I'm down to an elfy sword now. I figure another few years and I'll be CCWing a rock. :p
  12. patentmike

    patentmike Well-Known Member

    I forgot about bare hands. I guess I have a ways to go yet.

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