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Difference Between the Springfield GI and Mil Spec

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Whiteymin, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Whiteymin

    Whiteymin Well-Known Member

    Can somone please share with me the difference between the Springfield GI and Mil SPec? As far as how they are made? Their insides? Parts used from MIM or here? design? Thank you. I got the GI and just trying to learn here.

  2. Tom Fury

    Tom Fury Well-Known Member

    Differences: Mil Spec vs GI

    I believe the only primary differences are the sights, the GI keeping the small military style and the MS having the larger commercial.

    I believe the ejection port on the Mil Spec is flared too, and they come with (or used to) black plastic grips.

    Otherwise I think differences are negligible.

    Cheers, TF
  3. fletcher

    fletcher Well-Known Member

  4. jwr_747

    jwr_747 Well-Known Member

    not to derail the thread,but I've noticed no matter what question is ask on the internet,someone is going to come up with a site or thread to answer the ?? jwr
  5. CWL

    CWL Well-Known Member

    That's because the same question has been asked over and over already. A lot of this could be avoided if people actually bothered to go to the product website and read the product descriptions. Everything is clearly spelled-out on the Springfield site.
  6. bluto

    bluto Well-Known Member

    Not to mention that the question is one about readily available specifications that are not a matter of opinion or user experience nor have they changed recently. If the question was, for instance, "Do you notice a difference in build quality, accuracy, durability, reliability, value etc.?" then, although it has been asked many times, there's an opening for new opinions and varying viewpoints.

    Finally, lots of posts get links as answers because the link happens to be more comprehensive than the answers the poster is likely to get in response to his inquiry. It is an informed response to a question so I think that any OP should be pleased at getting concentrated info without having to do the research himself.

    Nothing wrong with asking BTW. I see many repeat threads. If I'm no longer interested or have answered enough times IMO then I just move on.

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