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differences 391 Optima & 391 Urika & 391 Urika 2?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by SWMO, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. SWMO

    SWMO Member

    What is the difference between Beretta 391 Optima & 391 Urika & 391 Urika 2?
  2. PJR

    PJR Well-Known Member

    A serrated, supposedly self-cleaning gas cylinder and the fake Xtra-finish process that makes the wood look nicer.
  3. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    PJR, that's Urika 2 vs. Urika. Not sure about Optima.

    All 3 of the above have Optima bores and chokes.

    I have a Urika, bought new when the Urika 2's were on the rack already. I got mine for $300 off, and frankly what differences there were, weren't worth $300.:)

    The new piston is a drop-in replacement, but I haven't bothered. And the Xtra Grain, I can do without. I would shoot a gun with it, but I don't care about it. The two guns are essentially the same.

    Beretta does make incremental improvements. That's something I like about them vs., say, Remington, that makes the same gun for 35 years, with declining quality, and doesn't fix even its most obvious design shortcomings. If that's the way a Remington was designed in 1961, then that's what you'll get, today -- but maybe with inferior materials.
  4. ShowMe2

    ShowMe2 Well-Known Member

    Yo AB,

    I've read the OP question several times...not once did he mention anything about Remington 1100's, but I see you went out of your way to slam them (again).

    Beretta's are great guns, but I've got a problem buying anything that's built by guys who drive motor scooters, carry purses, cry, and hug alot (I hear guys do that in Maryland too), and I still haven't figured out what Urika or Teknys means...and oh yeah, how about that X-wood?

    Real men don't need spacers and shims to break 25 straight on the skeet field; real men use spacers and shims to level their wives' washers and dryers.

    I think Remington is over 3 million and still counting...I've bought 3 1100's in the last 2 years and several years ago used them in my cop duties, but what do I know about quality right?

    A shout out to Virginian...where are ya dude? I need you on my six.

    My apologies to the OP...I'll shut up now.
  5. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    Working as a cop doesn't make you knowledgable about how shotguns you don't own or use are designed and built.

    And the fact that you're a bigot and a certain gun happens to fit you without stock modifications doesn't mean that Beretta and Benelli don't employ "continual improvement' as a management and engineering strategy, while Remington doesn't.

    But carry on. Companies like Cerberus need customers like you, because they've chased away most everybody else. With more people like you, the 1100 G3 wouldn't have been lining the clearance racks. Hell, maybe they would have found some people to pay $1400 for the 105, too.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2009
  6. ShowMe2

    ShowMe2 Well-Known Member


    I like ALL guns...even 1100's. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    The Bigot
  7. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Play nice, guys.
  8. berettashotgun

    berettashotgun Well-Known Member

    *** What is the difference between Beretta 391 Optima & 391 Urika & 391 Urika 2? ***

    Not much - looking at the three models you ask about
    1. Beretta 391 Optima - barrel has a bigger internal bore and different chokes than the older mobilchoke shotguns. They actually do seem to pattern better.

    2. 391 Urika - it can come with a mobilchoke barrel OR an Optima bore barrel. Got both , Urika Optima and *not* Optima bore - cannot tell a difference when shooting or field stripping.
    Forearms are not reversible - You can use the Optima Forearms on the skinny barrel regular Urika - but not the other way around.

    3. 391 Urika 2 - Not in possession of one yet, but looking them over - I'll possibly pass on this until the next in the sequence/series/modification comes along.
    I cannot tell a mechanical difference

    Extra grain ( :barf:vinyl sticker) wood:cuss: has been available for awhile - I'm so unimpressed I know very little about it.
    Now if BerettaUSA would offer a real nice metal-flake glossy paint-job - I'm on-board.
    Fake woodwork is pathetic and reeks of "Genuine Imitation vinyl" or the other sicking stuff - *Pleather*

    To answer a question unasked - the 391 Extrema line is a takeoff of a Franchi gas system used in the 612 (12ga)- 620 (20ga) & 712/720 models with the recoil spring over the mag tube. YES, I did say GAS SYSTEM.
    The Extrema also uses optima PLUS choke tubes.
    A Franchi 500 is designed exactly like a Rem 1100. NICE:p

    The 391 magazine guide rod assy is currently held on by a piece of trash plastic retainer wafer with a detent plunger and a spring, I sure liked the older clothespin design much better
  9. SWMO

    SWMO Member

    Thanks you for all the great info
  10. ShowMe2

    ShowMe2 Well-Known Member


    !0-4 on playing nice...me bad.

    Just for the record though, I've been called a bigot many times, but it's usually be people who I've met at least for 10 minutes, and if I offended anyone in the Italian community I sincerely apologize. They do make great shotguns, have some of the hottest women on the Planet, and I love Pasta con Brocolli.
  11. SWMO

    SWMO Member

    Okay, all I wanted was an answer to a question which has been addressed - but maybe someone will have something more to say on the topic.

    So let's end the punching match so as the thread doesn't get closed.

    PS; I guess you guys will not be exchanging christmas card this year,
    let alone gifts.

  12. PJR

    PJR Well-Known Member

    Thanks AB. Those indeed are the differences between the Urika and Urika 2.

    I'll invoke my right to silence on the 1100. Don't want to disrupt anyone's holiday spirit. ;)

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