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Dilemma at the Pawn Shop!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Elm Creek Smith, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Elm Creek Smith

    Elm Creek Smith Well-Known Member

    At a local pawn shop, I found a 4 inch S&W Heavy Duty in .38 Special in good condition with about 70% finish for approximately $679. At the same pawn shop, I found a mint 3 inch Smith & Wesson Model 37 square butt in .38 Special that has no indication that it has ever been fired for $479.

    Now for the dilemma. I can afford one or the other, but not both. The little Model 37 would be a joy to carry as a "dress up" gun, but the Heavy Duty..., well, the Heavy Duty is a Heavy Duty. Which one should I buy?

  2. ultramag44

    ultramag44 Well-Known Member

    A NO-BRAINER! the Heavy Duty of course!
  3. Nathanael_Greene

    Nathanael_Greene Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'll bite. The Model 37.
  4. wanderinwalker

    wanderinwalker Well-Known Member

    The Heavy Duty, of course! (And it's easier because I'm helping you spend YOUR money and not mine... ;) )

    But in all seriousness, if I had the cash and it wouldn't impact other budget priorities, I'd take the N-frame home over the J-frame any day. Especially in a 4". Riding at the top of my wishlist are a 4" M-28 and a 4" M-29. I'd probably spring for a Heavy Duty or an Outdoorsman if one turned up in my price range when in buy mode.
  5. Iggy

    Iggy Well-Known Member

    Get the HD!!!

    There won't be anymore of them.
  6. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    the HD would be at the range by now
  7. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    I would go with .38 "Sledgehammer".
  8. P5 Guy

    P5 Guy Well-Known Member

    I'd get the 37. Because I have small hands and short fingers and can't reach the trigger to fire the N frame properly. I always push off to the left, not enough finger on the trigger.
    I'd love to have one of those big framed revolvers, if I could shoot it. :-(
  9. LeonCarr

    LeonCarr Well-Known Member

    HD in a heartbeat
  10. Blue Brick

    Blue Brick Well-Known Member

  11. Frank V

    Frank V Well-Known Member

    Oh boy if I was in that same situation, it'd be the Heavy Duty no question.
  12. Stacer

    Stacer Well-Known Member

    Have you got the HD home by now? I know I would
  13. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    Model 37. You will carry it ~ the other will eventually wind up in a drawer or safe waiting on trips to the range.

    The Model 37 is an every day use gun.

    LOL, this will start a flame war.... there are those who advocate a .50 Desert Eagle for CCW.
  14. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    Get one, put the other on payments.
  15. .338Sako

    .338Sako Well-Known Member

    easy, i have carried my .50ae for cc in the winter months.

    lol, just having fun.
  16. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Make an off on the HD see if it has any wiggle room. 70% is a lot of wear, be sure to check it out with the guidelines stickied at the top of the revolver forum.
  17. CSA 357

    CSA 357 Well-Known Member

    you can find a j frame latter, but the price on the hd is high for a 70% gun
  18. jakk280rem

    jakk280rem Well-Known Member

    I'd go with th 37. A minty 3" J frame is a joy to own. The price and wear is a bit much on the HD.
  19. joed

    joed Well-Known Member

    Don't know about the HD, seems high for 70% finish. I'm not a big fan of the HD, after all it's a .38 Spl not a .357. If you talk to most of the guys that own them they are shooting Spl loads in them because of the age. So basically it's a .38 Spl on an N frame.

    I had a dilema a few years back between an HD and Colt Officers Match .22 rf made in 1930. The owner of the shop put it in perspective as I stated above, I got the Colt.
  20. 8830

    8830 Well-Known Member

    Heck you may be able to get both. you did say it was pawn shop. No way I'd pay their asking price. negotiate for both. If that doesn't work for both then get the HD.

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