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Dillon Backorder Thread

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by hAkron, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    Anybody interested in a Dillon Precisions backorder tracking thread?

    Back Orders as of 1-25 were listed as 6-8 weeks for presses, parts, dies, etc.

    I ordered a 650XL with case feeder, strong mount, aluminum roller handle, 9MM dies, etc. on Jan 31st. from Brianenos.com (I think he drop ships from Dillon directly)

    Today (2-4-13) I received a (very) partial shipment of just the 9MM dies.

    Anybody else who has stuff on order from Dillon, if you want to post what you ordered, when you ordered it, and update as stuff trickles in, might give us something to do while we wait.

    ***Back Order List****
    Here is a copy of the Dillon back order list from Brian Enos' site:

    Known Dillon products on Backorder, as of 01.25.13
    Product Return to Stock Date
    223 & 308 Dies, steel and carbide Approximately 6 - 8 weeks

    Partial list of items that are out of stock, with a 4 - 8 week shipping time:

    223 Dies (steel and carbide)
    308 Dies (steel and carbide)
    Many calibers of Dies (common calibers)
    RL 550B presses
    XL 650 presses
    Super 1050 presses
    Square Deal B presses (some calibers)
    Strong Mounts, Bullet Tray, Roller Handles
    Primer Pickup Tubes
    Strong Mounts
    Caliber Conversion Kits (common calibers)
    550 Toolholders
    550 and 650 Deluxe Quick-Change Kits
    RF 100 Primer Fillers
    Super Swage 600
    Media Separators
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  2. Hartebreak

    Hartebreak Member

    I ordered a 550b and 223 cal conversion kit on 1/21/13 from Brian Enos and still havent heard a word. When I ordered he replied in an email that said they were on a 3-5 week shipping delay, now the Dillon website says 6-8. Patience is a virtue, but I dont have any AHHA
  3. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    Make sure you update us when it shows up.
  4. mh38sp

    mh38sp Active Member

    Placed an order for failsafe rod ,pickup tubes , decap bolt for 223 on 1/16 recived them on 2/4 not to bad for these times of panic that we are in.
  5. GT1

    GT1 Well-Known Member

    I just ordered some parts from them yesterday(.223 conversion for my 650 and a casefeeder plate). I know it will be weeks, but it isn't time sensitive for me and I had the funding on hand.

    I will update if it isn't so long I forget about this thread. :p
  6. Rwskinner

    Rwskinner Active Member

    I ordered a complete XL650 as it should be with case feeder and setup for 223 on Dec. 31 from Enos. Dillon's site said 3-5 day back order when my order was placed.

    I also ordered direct from Dillon a super swage 600 on 1/29.

    Nothing has arrived yet. Hopefully it's not too much longer now.

  7. bobinoregon

    bobinoregon Well-Known Member

    I ordered a 550 frame upgrade for my 450 last Friday, just got notice it went out on fedex today. Be able to use my quick change setups and have one machine for large and one for small primers.
  8. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    Did you order direct from Dillon?
  9. bobinoregon

    bobinoregon Well-Known Member

    I almost always order direct from Dillon, works best for me.
  10. Legion489

    Legion489 member

    The local Scheels had plenty of 550s and 650s for sale as of two weeks ago, the last time I was there. Also primers, powder, etc. What they were out of was ammo. The WALL OF AMMO was GONE! Found out a dealer at the local gun show went in there and bought it ALL, at full retail, and took it to the show and sold it at a profit! God save the republic because it looks like the stupid are breeding faster.
  11. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    After looking over the 9mm dies, I'm really excited to get my press. The dies are really well thought out and are built very well. I have dies from pretty much every other manufacturer and these are very well made.
  12. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    Then shame on Scheels for selling it all to one guy under the current circumstances. THAT contributes more to the shortage than anything.
  13. Rwskinner

    Rwskinner Active Member

    I ordered a Super Swage 600 and 2 bottles of Dillon Case lube directly from Dillon on Jan. 29th and I got my FedEx notice yesterday that it shipped.

  14. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    That's good news as the Super Swage 600 was on the 1-25-13 Back Order List
  15. Henry45

    Henry45 Well-Known Member

    I found a Dillon Square Deal B in 380 local for a great deal. I have a Strong Mount and a Bullet tray on order from Dillon. Placed it on Jan 30. Nothing yet, but figured it would be at least 2 weeks at best. Probably longer..
  16. HighExpert

    HighExpert Well-Known Member

    Ordered walnut shell, .223 dies, .223 caliber change kit, ammo boxes, ammo bins, powder die, tool head, bullet lube and stand for it all in middle of January. Got everything but the dies today. I ordered the carbide die thinking it would be more available but, I guess not.
  17. Hartebreak

    Hartebreak Member

    my buddy ordered a 650 with all the trimmings on Jan 14th and it was delivered this morning.
  18. Rwskinner

    Rwskinner Active Member

    What trimmings and which caliber?


    //my buddy ordered a 650 with all the trimmings on Jan 14th and it was delivered this morning.
  19. Rwskinner

    Rwskinner Active Member

    Still not a word or a single item on my stuff... It seems odd how many people are getting some of there stuff while others aren't. I got my SS600 pretty quick while others are waiting. I think it has to do with how many back ordered items you have.


  20. THe Dove


    I just wish they would have come out with an Aero Calendar this year! LOL

    The Dove

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