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Dillon must be caught up on 308 dies

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by SWThomas, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. SWThomas

    SWThomas Well-Known Member

    I went to my local shooting range yesterday and I like to peruse their reloading section before I shoot. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had 3 sets of Dillon 308 steel die sets and conversion kits. I quickly grabbed a die set since I needed one but passed on the conversion kit since I already have a 45ACP kit and they crossover. The only other thing I needed was a powder funnel and they had that too.

    I also scored a 223 case gauge, a box of CCI 500 primers, a box of CCI #41 primers, a box of CCI #34 primers, and some shoot and see targets. No powder to speak of.
  2. Conservidave

    Conservidave Well-Known Member

    Good to hear some folks are beginning to find the goods they need. I am seeing more and more dies on the shelves locally, most of the pistol dies are still scarce though. Primers and bullets are available but powders are rare and seems to show up in a few places once a month in small supplies.
  3. tcanthonyii

    tcanthonyii Well-Known Member

    Wow, I really haven't had a lot of problems getting anything locally. Too bad the rest of the country hasn't been as lucky as us.
  4. jr_roosa

    jr_roosa Well-Known Member

    I was at the Dillon store today. They had all the accessories in stock for the 550b that I was looking for. I wish I saw your post ahead of time. I would have asked about what they are still backordering.

  5. Garyshome

    Garyshome Active Member

    I have been able to get all the stuff i've needed for the last couple of months. powder, primers, cases, j-words,cast & berry's bullets, Dillon stuff.

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