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Dillon sticking

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by atek3, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. atek3

    atek3 Well-Known Member

    So i've got a 550B and it runs well, however now it's sticking really bad, I cleaned and lubed the main piston, still sticking. So I removed the pin that holds the two arms to the piston. The piston slides freely so its not the piston that's binding. The left arm has a lot of friction, what do I do?

  2. Grandpa Shooter

    Grandpa Shooter Well-Known Member

    How tight do you have the bolt connecting all the way through? There should be spacer if I remember correctly. Is one of them shot? How old is the unit and how much have you used it?
  3. Jacka L Ope

    Jacka L Ope Well-Known Member

    Might try the Tech Help section of the Dillon website:


    and/or call them:

  4. mallc

    mallc Well-Known Member

    Plus one for plate tension

    Shell plate screww is probably too tight.


    DILLONHELP Well-Known Member

    It sounds like one of the pivot pins is galled up. Grab the crank and pivot it on the lower link arm pin, then pivot the link arms on the upper link arm pins. Most likely one of the upper pins is the culprit. In this case, you need to take the platform off the top of the shaft & drop the shaft out of the frame. now you can run a long punch through the hole in the upper right side link arm pin and drive out the left pin. Then run the punch through the hole in the frame to drive out the right pin.
    the pivot pins are heat-treated into the mid-60s on a rockwell C-scale, so they can't be hurt. Use a wire wheel or 220 grit sandpaper to remove any metal transfer from the pins, then lightly sand the interior of the link arm and frame holes. Heavily grease (not oil!) the pivot pin, the hole in the link arm, and the hole in the frame, then drive the pins back in with a hammer.
    Contact Dillon for a punch and an alignment tool. An alignment tool is necessary when attaching the platform to the top of the shaft to ensure everything lines up.
  6. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    I had that happen years ago and got the stuff from Dillon to fix it. While I was waiting for the parts to come I lubed the pivot point up and worked the link back and forth and freed it up. I never did bother to replace it with the parts when they got here and just keep it lubed every now and then and it has been fine.

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