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Disassembly/Assembly Remington 510 .22 Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mountainsmore, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. mountainsmore

    mountainsmore New Member

    Jul 18, 2010
    What a great forum! I appreciate the opportunity to participate.

    I inherited a Remington Model 510 .22 rifle from my grandfather. The rifle previously belonged to his father. All my youth the rifle stood behind the door in my grandparent's ranch house but I could never use it because the rifle would fire unexpectedly from time to time when the action was closed. There were always many firearms which we had access to, but not this one. It was a working firearm and still has some paint on the stock from the kitchen of the family ranch....priceless! I would like to repair this single shot rifle and use it safely with one of my own grandsons. It will definitely stay in the family while I'm around.

    Does anyone on the forum know where I can get any printed disassemble/assemble instructions for this rifle? I suspect it is just a worn sear but I would like to take it all the way apart and clean it well and get some new parts where needed. I have located a sear, but I want to know the right way to tear into the rifle.

    If anyone can help me I would be most appreciative.
  2. GrampaSz

    GrampaSz New Member

    Jan 9, 2011
    Euclid, OH
    Just finished "restoring" a TargetMaster 510 (originally assembled in September 1941, per Remington), for one of my neighbors. Walnut and steel, generally considered to be a pretty tough combination does have a few "soft" spots, particularly if it is tucked away in a corner without any care for several years. This rifle's stock had dried out, split on the right side below the bolt handle notch, and there was moderate rust over the barrel and receiver - - -all quite easy to clean up- - - just time consuming.

    The age of this 510 is determined by the hand-stamped initials and number stamped on the left side of the barrel just forward of the receiver. Although the Remington website does not support many of their earlier models, they are quite helpful if you contact them direct at 315-895-3200 or at their 800 number. A live voice on the other end of the line confirmed the assembly date as September 1941, and then the fellow even sent me a decent copy of a TargetMaster owners manual RD-5629 Rev 960. I assume that the 960 would be the month and year of the last revision because some newer 500 series rifles are also referenced.

    Unfortunately, there is a disclaimer related to the unavailability of the older parts direct from Remington, but you can at least start with some Remington part numbers when you go shopping at your favorite gun parts counter. The manual sent to me came from Remington Arms, Madison NC. My hat is off to the way they handle supporting their older products.

    Hope this helps if you are still looking.


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