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Ditching my p3at, should I get PF-9 or LC9?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Nashvegas, May 9, 2011.

  1. Nashvegas

    Nashvegas Active Member

    I got a kel tec p3at as a pocket conceal gun to have when I'm at work, or in other situations when carrying a full size doesn't work. I have sufficiently broken the thing in, and it is terrible. It jams constantly, and I just don't enjoy shooting it. Anyway, I have decided that I cannot confidently carry this weapon.

    I am considering either the kel tec PF-9, or the LC9 from ruger. I think the slightly larger size will fit my hand better, and I'm hoping they will be less prone to jam. Anybody have experience with these? I'm open to other suggestions as well. I just need something that I can put in a pocket holster in dress pants and it not be noticeable. I like the idea of a 9mm instead of a 380. Thoughts?
  2. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    I had the same problems of relability. It's also very uncomfortable to shoot.


    Try two things. 1) Try brass ammo vs. steel ammo. Mine wouldn't feed steel but brass was okay. 2) Try returning it to KT. They have a good warranty. They replaced the handgun. Also know that Generation 1 was redesigned to Gen 2, which is supposed to be better.
  3. eam3clm@att.net

    eam3clm@att.net Well-Known Member

    I have the cousin of the pf-9 the p11 which is the double stack version. The trigger takes about a month to pull and doesnt feel good. I recently dry fired the lc9 and it was much better. I also have a p3at and I have not had any problems with it feeding. The only problem I ever had with it was it not firing wolf ammo. I carry golden sabers and they feed fine as well as winchester ball ammo.
  4. TimeIsRunninOut

    TimeIsRunninOut Well-Known Member

    Check and compare the features and feel of both firearms. LC9 feels better but has a lot of safety extras. The PF9 feels marginally bigger that the P3AT, the trigger is the same as the P3AT. Again send it off to Kel Tec it will be worth your while.
  5. mongo4567

    mongo4567 Well-Known Member

    The P3AT is very sensitive to grip, with its light weight and heavy recoil it can be made to jam very easily...especially with larger hands. One of my friends couldn't get two consecutive rounds through his till we worked on his grip. Have you had someone else that owns a P3AT fire it?

    Small, light guns like this will never be fun to shoot. The PF9 is easier to hold onto, but it is still a small, light auto....and not really a pocket gun. I have a P3AT and a PF9, love them both...but they each fit a certain purpose. Have you thought of a j frame S&W?
    Last edited: May 11, 2011
  6. snooperman

    snooperman Well-Known Member

    Send the P3AT back to KelTec first and then...use different

    very good ammo . Also , the latest issue of Gun tests magazine gave a superior rating to the PF9 and a lower rating to the LC9.
  7. G19G36

    G19G36 Member

    Check out the size and weight of Kahr's CM9 (or for more money, slightly better PM9). I just acquired a new CM9 and have been breaking it in. Planned for my summertime EDC.

  8. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    +1 for the CM9
  9. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    The P11 is a true DAO, while the PF9 uses the partially cocked hammer design of the P3AT. Trigger is much nicer on the PF.

    To the OP:

    The PF9 is a very slender and light weight pistol, but is quite a lot larger than a P3. Unless you wear very loose pants with huge pockets, it's not a pocket gun. The Rorbaugh is really the only 9mm that qualifies, and it's still too thick, IMO (.3" wider than a P3AT, and 6 ounces heavier). Even the Kahr PM9 (Heavier and wider than the PF, but a little shorter in both directions) is really too big for true pocket carry.

    You really will have to switch to a mounted holster for the PF9/LC9/CM9/PM9 to be effectively concealed. I have a PF9 and use an Uncle Mikes and carry at 12 or 4 O'clock, depending on attire. It does become a pocket gun during winter with my Carhartt coat.

  10. Smaug

    Smaug Well-Known Member

    With this experience, I'm not sure why you'd want another Kel-Tec.

    The Ruger LC9 gets good reviews. Check out the youtube videos by hickok45. I'd get that one for sure.
  11. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

  12. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

  13. Smaug

    Smaug Well-Known Member

    Unfortunate manufacturing defect of an early gun, which is not the same gun we're talking about here.

    There seem to be a lot less issues like this with Rugers than with Kel-Tecs, hence Ruger's better reputation.
  14. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    That's also not true, and KT's customer service is head and shoulders above Ruger's. Ruger doesn't even offer an express warranty, though they usually will fix problems. KT, on the other hand has a lifetime warranty, and though it is stated for defects, I've yet to hear of anyone who hasn't had thier KT repaired or replaced, no matter what happened and regardless if they were the original purchaser or not. KT has sent me free replacement parts, no questions asked, even when I told them I LOST (not broke) the part. They even ate the shipping.
  15. 451 Detonics

    451 Detonics Well-Known Member

    With Ruger's recalling every thing they have made of late I am not sure that statement holds water.

    Both guns will likely do the same job with equal accuracy and reliability. The PF-9s I have handled including mine have better triggers but that is somewhat subjective from person to person. If paying more money for the larger gun with it's unneeded additional safeties makes you happy then buy the Ruger. For a gun that is just as reliable and less complicated, is smaller and costs less buy the PF-9.

    Bonus...you can get a 22 conversion for the PF-9 which pays for itself quickly at the range!
  16. Smaug

    Smaug Well-Known Member

    That's the same experience I've had with Ruger. Except that when I did something stupid once and damaged a gun, they did charge me for it. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't charge me for a $0.05 part though.

    I bet if we poll the forum on who makes better quality guns, the subjective majority would be "Ruger"
  17. 451 Detonics

    451 Detonics Well-Known Member

    Polling fanboys seldom creates realistic results, for that matter the majority of all polls are worthless. I would say the number of new guns sold tells the story much better.

    PS...when returning a gun for repair work always ask for a call tag to save shipping on your end, most will send one if the the problem is warranty related.
  18. rugerman

    rugerman Well-Known Member

    I've had 2 p3ats (still have one the other is on loan to my son who had his ppk stolen) I have never had a problem with either one after the initial break in period. When .380 ammo got hard to come by I got a pf9, it fits my hand better, has better sights and more power and it is my every day carry with the p3at being the deep concelment gun. The pf9 has been 100% from day one. A friend of mine wanted to shoot my p3at and he couldn't get it to shoot 2 in a row and I had no problems with it so I told him to quite limp wristing it and once he locked it down it ran fine for him too. Also if you are having problems with your ammo and you are using hp try fmj or a different shape of hp if that doesn't work polish the feed ramp and if that also fails send it home to keltec and let them get it going for you. best of luck
  19. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    I examined and held both pistols; the Ruger did not fit my hand nor grip as well as did the KelTec. I have two PF9s now, and both of them have seen a couple/three hundred rounds through them with nary an issue and surprisingly good accuracy.
  20. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Also, keep Federal's Hydra-Shoks out of your KEL-TEC P3AT; as the bullet
    makes the OAL too long, usually resulting in jamming of the weapon~! :eek: :uhoh:

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