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Do I want a Smith and Wesson Sigma?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by kungfuhippie, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. kungfuhippie

    kungfuhippie Well-Known Member

    I was looking at the local gun shop Monday. My 1911 jar is full enough to get a pistol.:D:D

    I call it the 1911 jar because I originally intended to use it to save for a 1911, but I had a change in heart and the 1911 is on the waiting list while I first get something practical for H.D. I am relying on a 1943 Star Model B 9mm. Those who are familiar with my posts know that it only shoot WWB HP and FMJ and lead well. Other HP ammo is unreliable.

    So I tried out a few pistols in my range ($400) and the S&W Sigma felt to me. Do I want to buy this? Meaning do you love or hate yours and why. Make suggestions about other guns if you want in my price range. Don't worry about the CA "safe gun list" I'll make a list and bring it to my gun shop and see what he has and can get. But please no used gun suggestions, I'll look at what the local gun shop has in used guns this weekend, but price and condition vary so I just don't want this thread to drift there.

    My requirements:
    9mm or .40 S&W
    DAO or DA/SA
    $400+/- $50
    10+ rd capacity (if I move out of state I would like to have a 15+ rd option)

  2. Blarelli

    Blarelli Well-Known Member

    Sigmas around here are $300 around here. And no, I wouldn't want one.
  3. NCHornet

    NCHornet Well-Known Member

    Sigma's are probably the worse guns S&W has ever made. I would seriously be looking at the new M&P line, everyone I have talked to has loved them and they have been very reliable and they should be in your price range if not a little under. You could also get a new Glock for about $50 more bucks.
  4. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    You start your fund wanting a 1911 and settle on a Sigma? :confused: Keep saving your pennies & get that 1911 :cool: ;)
  5. Mikhail Konovalov

    Mikhail Konovalov Well-Known Member

    Don't do it, man!

    That thing's a nightmare pistol. Got a trigger heavier than my AK's bolt and twice as rough, jams more often than a Raven .25, it's even lousy as a paperweight. The only thing a Sigma's good for is whacking people, and even then there are better guns for the job. Grab an M&P if you love Smiths. Try an XD, though, you may be surprised. I know I was.
  6. M.E.Eldridge

    M.E.Eldridge Well-Known Member

    Why do you want the Sigma?

    If you want a good, inexpensive 9MM, look at police trade in Berettas or S&W 5906s. Just my .02, of course.
  7. Euclidean

    Euclidean Well-Known Member

    The Sigmas do have good ergonomics.

    Generally I've read the new Sigmas are actually "okay", as in they work well, but all owners tell me their trigger is just gods awful. I concur with the other posters, if you've been this patient, just keep saving away for an M&P or the 1911 you originally wanted. I feel you will be happier in the end.
  8. kungfuhippie

    kungfuhippie Well-Known Member

    They were $350 and less. depending on which I got. I will look at the M&P line. The place by work where I was looking didn't have any. What's sad is that the Sigma felt much better (in my hand and trigger) than the Ruger did.
  9. Obiwan

    Obiwan Well-Known Member

    HAng on....getting clearer...yes....yesss....yessssss

    You don't....I can tell...but you can get one anyway

    If you liked the SIgma you will LOVE the M&P
  10. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Well-Known Member


    I have seen SO, SO, SO many newbies to handguns get sucked into the price of the sima. When they get it home and shoot it the first time - their next post is: "How do I lighten the trigger pull."

    The gun works, but the trigger is horrendous. U will NOT have fun shooting the center of the bullseye at the range because the heavy trigger will make U move the gun a bit as you try to pull the trigger.

    Go buy an FNP ($400) which has the best D/A pull I've felt on a DA/SA gun with an external hammer. Go Buy a Stoeger Cougar - which is a clone of the Beretta Cougar ($300 range). Hell, even go buy a Ruger Semi-auto. Do yourself a favor and skip the sigma.

    Or, save $100 more and get a Springfield Mil Spec if U reallyw ant that 1911.
  11. kungfuhippie

    kungfuhippie Well-Known Member

    Oh, the 1911 would be more of a range gun for me. It's on the list but further down. I don't want to settle for a bottom end 1911 to replace my star as the HD weapon. I will get something else for HD (probably not a Sigma now) and will save up for the 1911 of my choice. I can wait longer to get something, I was just amazed that by throwing pocket change in the jar (and some bills) since April I've saved $450 without trying. I can pitch in some more money but not a whole bunch.

    So far I'm seeing;
    S&W M&P

    How about the CZ75?
    I'm open to most suggestions.
  12. teknoid

    teknoid Well-Known Member

    I'll second the M&P. Mine has 1500+ rounds with no issues at all. It's a great gun, So is the Stoeger Cougar. It's not EXACTLY a Beretta clone. Basically, it's a Beretta. Stoeger is a subsidiary, and they just moved all the tooling and machinery to Turkey. $349 for a great gun. It eats everything, and mine has 1000+ rnds through it. like the M&P, no issues. Holsters and mags for the Beretta version work fine (same gun). I have both of these. They split time for my EDC.
  13. jahwarrior

    jahwarrior Well-Known Member

    and now for something completely different...

    yes, the sigma has a long, heavy trigger pull. yes, it was a glock rip off. yes, it's less than $400. yes, it's ugly.

    these facts, however, do not make a bad gun.

    i own and shoot the 9ve, with over 1,000 rounds through mine so far. i have not had a single problem, not one jam, FTF, FTE, nothing. i also own, or have owned, and shot: a glock 19, a colt defender, a hi point .45, an astra 44 magnum, a .38 colt, and just recently got the M&P compact 9mm. i say this just for a point of reference. i've only ever had problems with the defender.

    the trigger pull will smooth out over time, if you shoot it regularly. if you have experience shooting revolvers, the trigger really shouldn't be an issue, anyway. the trigger, IMO, also discourages ND.

    it originally was just a glock rip off, this is true. but you know what? i shoot better with the sigma than with, say, a G19. the ergo on glocks IMO are terrible, not to mention outdated. the sigma fits my hand quite well, and aims naturally for me. i eventually sold my glock to buy the M&P.

    it's not a pretty gun to look at, like a sig or kimber is. but you're not buying a gun for looks, you're buying it to shoot. the sigma does what it's supposed to do: go BANG on demand.

    one of the biggest problems with the sigma is not its performance, its ergonomics, or appearance. it's its REPUTATION. unfortunately, many people base their opinions and criticisms of the sigma on their first incarnation, which were total crap. the sigma line was overhauled, and a lot of the initial problems were fixed, except the dreaded trigger. many times, people who bag on the gun have never even fired one; they're just repeating what they've read, or have been told. this is especially true of "glockers" and 1911 lovers. many of these people will tell you that low priced guns, such as kel tec, NAA, cobra arms, and hi point are worthless, that it's better not to have a gun at all than to shoot one them. but not everyone can afford a kimber, or a detonics, or a springfield xd. avoid firearm elitism.

    the bottom line is: how does it feel in your hand? can you aim naturally? do the bullets go where you want them? is it reliable? this is what's important, not the opinions of others. if you're looking for inexpensive guns, any one of the brands i mentioned are worth looking into. if you need a gun purely for self defense, then you can easily buy one without having to break the bank.

    good luck with whatever you choose.
  14. kungfuhippie

    kungfuhippie Well-Known Member

    Thanks JAHWARRIOR,
    I was wondering about the opinions being based on the first generation vs. 2nd. The trigger was better on the Sigma than on the Ruger P95. I will have to go to the indoor range and rent one (hope they have one) to see if it shoots well for me. I ruled out the Taurus 92 by trying one out and also opted against the Walthers PPK/S and P99 by trying them out. I did like the Sig P226 and the CZ75, and the high power...so I guess I picked a black sheep to get input on. I will go try one first in case I really don't like it. But really the trigger on the display model was smooth and no to heavy. It was longer than I'm used to but a Kahr MP9 that I tried a while back had a longer trigger pull that this and is was not smooth pull effort varied a lot.
  15. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Glock or XD.
  16. cog099

    cog099 Active Member

    Don't let others decide for you.

    I have 3 sigmas, a 9ve, a 40ve and an older 9mm compact version. Fired several thousand rounds between the three and never had a malfunction of any kind. I have much more expensive guns with better trigger pulls and nicer finishes but none can be said to be more reliable. I trust the Sigmas explicitly which is more than I can say of some of the others. If you feel you need to buy a pistol now for hd and save some money for a 1911 then a Sigma could be a good way to go(gives you a $100+ head start). I have NEVER met a person who OWNS a Sigma which was not dead reliable, not a target shooter but reliable!
  17. doc2rn

    doc2rn Well-Known Member

    I had one of each generation, I taded the 1st in on the 2nd since it was supposed to be better. Ok it was a better trigger but the thing shot an 8" group at 5yds. That is pathetic. Got a 642 with the trade in.
  18. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    If you want the most inexpensive, reliable out of the box gun with the best warranty in the industry I'd say why not! Their two free magazine coupon offer really sweetens the deal.

    Sure the trigger is heavy with a long reset, making it a poor choice for trying to shoot them all thru the same hole, or playing speed shooting games, but it goes bang every time which is job one for a defensive handgun. Did I mention the great warranty and if you have a problem S&W will fix it with you only being out of pocket your time to box it up and drop it off at the nearest FedEx.

    You can easily spend more and get less in a gun for defense.

  19. RecoilRob

    RecoilRob Well-Known Member

    My sister won a 9ve two weeks ago at a Gunbash. She asked me (the Gun Guy in the family) to check it out and make sure it worked.

    Put 100rnds quickly through it without a glitch. The trigger WAS pretty heavy and crunchy at first, but really smoothed out once I cleaned and lubed it. Still heavy but actually pretty short and smooth.

    I would opine that someone who got a new Sigma and worked to actually learn how to shoot it would be a much better shot than someone who can only shoot a 4lb glass rod 1911.

    If you can shoot a Sigma well, you can shoot anything you pick up decently. I wouldn't discount them totally until giving one a try.
  20. GunTech

    GunTech Well-Known Member

    Better a Sigma than a High Point.

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