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Do they make a tool to Re-crown the Barrel?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Beak50, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Beak50

    Beak50 Well-Known Member

    I have an old M-44 Mosin "polish"and would like to re-crown the end of the barrel.Do they make kit's for this or do you have to send it to a smith?I am going to look through my Brownell's catalouge agian today any advice would be helpful.Thank's Beak
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Yes Brownell's carries several crowning tools, the cheapest hand tool being $150 bucks.

    For a one-time job on a mil-sup rifle?

    Go to any hardware store and buy a large round-head brass screw, and a tin of 240 grit lapping compound.

    Chuck the screw in an electric drill, apply the lap to the muzzle and screw head, and gofer it.

    Keep the drill moving in oval circles and the round-head brass screw will lap a perfect crown.

    With that said, many Mosens have pretty serious muzzle wear from 90 years of steel cleaning rods. But that wear is inside the muzzle, and re-crowning will not help anything at all.

    The answer then is to counter bore the muzzle about 1" deep with a drill slightly larger then the bore.

    The drill will leave a perfect crown inside, just not outside on the end of the muzzle.
    For best results, I get someone with a lathe to do it.

  3. hang fire

    hang fire Well-Known Member

  4. Mizar

    Mizar Well-Known Member

    The original re-crowning tool for Mosin rifles that Russians supplied to their armourers looks just like the tool sold from Brownells - brass pilot, angled reamer and a T handle. And this tool is used only for field repair - never for factory refurbishing. They did not supply "barrel crowning files" for sure. One just can't get a flat surface with a file, let alone for it to be perpendicular to the bore. You simply can't.

  5. hang fire

    hang fire Well-Known Member

  6. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    I'd still contend the problem, if there is one, is far more likely to be cleaning rod wear down inside the muzzle then a bad crown.

  7. Mizar

    Mizar Well-Known Member

    Yes, hang fire - I can't do it. But can you guarantee me to cut a muzzle crown, that is perfectly flat and perpendicular to the bore line with just a file? Without even knowing where exactly is that bore line? Hint - machinist's square will give you a false reading in this case. Furthermore - it is not precise enough. You are describing a muzzleloader breech plug fitting and recommend it for barrel crowning - this is not correct sir.

    Rc, very good question - is the owner 100% sure, that his rifle needs a re-crowning done?

  8. DM~

    DM~ Well-Known Member

    I agree...

  9. hang fire

    hang fire Well-Known Member

    Re Mizar:

    Yes that article was for fitting a breech plug. But I use the same exact procedure for filing a muzzle square prior to crowning, tapered barrel or straight.

    An aside, but IIRC, some of the most accurate barrels produced by Harry Pope and his contemporaries had no crown at all for the muzzle, but were as flat and square as they could make them.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2012
  10. Beak50

    Beak50 Well-Known Member

    Just thinking about doing it if it was cheap.I only paid $40.00 for it yrs.ago and thought it wouldn't be that hard to do.It just has a little ding on the outside edge of the barrel and was thinking if I re-crowned the barrel it might make it a little more accurate.I shoot 2-4 in group's at 100 yrds,with open sight's.My fin-law said leave it alone so I think i'll take his advice"that's with the Bayo extended.

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