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Do you collect any rifles?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by The Grand Inquisitor, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. I'm wondering if I am the only one crazy enough to search out certain firearms to buy to shoot, but also to collect.

    Just for the record, I love Kalashnikov's and I have a desire to create a solid collection of a wide range of various Kalashnikov designs as well as regional AK's.

    At this point I have a normal Romanian 47, and a milspec Romanian 74, and my precious new Norinco 86S AK bullpup, but I am slowly working on finding new items.

    I'm hoping to fill in the collection with one of the nice AMD-65's, a *Russian* 47, a real semi auto Krinkov, and hopefully as much other stuff I can get my mitts on.
  2. SMLE

    SMLE New Member

    Hello, my name is SMLE and I'm an Enfieldaholic

    Lee Enfields. So far my collection goes from 1896 to 1956. I also have a 1910 MkIII Ross. If it's Enfield related, or shoots 303 ammo, I want one.
  3. I've been waiting to find a specific Enfield that I was told about by a shop owner. He mentioned that sometime during the early 90's a few thousand Irish Enfields were dumped on the market that were perfectly new and very used and sat in storage for years and years without use.

    Have you come across any of these?
  4. VG

    VG New Member

    I usually have 3 to 5 M1 Garands at any one time. A WWII exemplar; an HRA; a shooter, and a "work in progress." I buy Rack Grade Garands from CMP, rebarrel them with good barrels, and sell them.
  5. Rembrandt

    Rembrandt New Member

    Model 52's.....finest .22 ever made. Four and counting....
  6. ny32182

    ny32182 Active Member

    I usually own more AR-15s at one time than anything else.

    As for the AK collection, you might want to consider the addition of a VEPR... closest thing to an RPK you can get in the USA, I believe.
  7. Greg L

    Greg L New Member

    I've got a good Mosin collection started. However that was mainly by accident, once the C&R arrived I went a little crazy with the thought of $50 centerfire rifles :D .

  8. DF357

    DF357 New Member

    Here's a few items in my collection:

    mod38 mosin, 98 Krag(1899), 98 Krag(1902), 1944 SA Garand, Nr4Mk1 Enfield
  9. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G New Member

    Yes.. I collect any rifle
  10. swingcatt

    swingcatt New Member

    I like to think I collect good deals...but the wife disagrees. :rolleyes:
  11. Mannlicher

    Mannlicher New Member

    Would you believe Mannlicher-Schoenauer full stocked carbines?
  12. Okiecruffler

    Okiecruffler New Member

    Not really

    Just a few dozen Mosins of different flavors, half a dozen Enfields, and a dozen Mausers that I'm not sure how they got here. then there's the family of Stevens 311's that live on my den wall. I would collect, but I don't have room. :D
  13. Feanaro

    Feanaro New Member

    I collect as many as I can afford! ;)
  14. jefnvk

    jefnvk New Member

    If the thought of fireable pieces of history for under $100 excites you, you may be a gun nut :neener:
  15. wasrjoe

    wasrjoe New Member

    While my collection only consists of one of each right now, I collect Mosin Nagants and Kalishnikovs. :)
  16. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 New Member

    Nope. No rifles.

    Nothing to see. Keep moving, thank you! :D
  17. Northwest Cajun

    Northwest Cajun New Member

    I'm going for all US service weapons or variations of them.
    so far;
    1903Mk1 30-06
    1917 Enfield .338-06 custom barrel but origional sights
    M1 Carbine
    AR-15(Bushmaster )
    1911 colt
    next on the list
    Trapdoor copy
    98 Krag
    Thompson M1

  18. MinScout

    MinScout New Member

    I have a modest milsurp collection. Right now I'm looking for a nice M39 Finnish Mosin to round it out.
  19. m14nut

    m14nut New Member

    I like to think of myself as an accumulator of rifles, rather than a collector.
    Before a show, or perhaps twice a month, I put the word out to all wayward rifles that i have a safe happy safe where they can mingle with other rifles and live out a sheltered care for life.... :D :neener: :p :rolleyes: :D
  20. Greg L

    Greg L New Member


    Upon further reflection (& tinfoil beanie tightening) I must say that I have no idea who posted under my name up above. Why I have no rifles here. I do however have a very nice collection of long skinny cardboard boxes. I think however that the place that I get them from is taking advantage of me though :( . They must be cleaning up their warehouse as it seems recently whenever I order a new box for my collection they throw in a piece or two of scrap metal & lumber to drive up the shipping costs. Oh well, I guess I can always use the metal parts for tomato stakes out in the garden & the greasy wood makes excellent firestarters....


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