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do you reload?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by FlyinBryan, May 10, 2009.


do you reload?

  1. yes, i reload.

  2. no, but im going to start (for sure, no maybes)

  3. no i dont, without serious plans to start

  1. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan New Member

    i realize i could have posted this in the reloading forum, but i really want to get an idea from everyone, including those who do not.
  2. sarduy

    sarduy New Member


    but working on it
  3. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan New Member

    very good.
  4. FlyinBryan

    FlyinBryan New Member

    admins, can i put a link to this poll in general discussions and autohandguns?

    id like a nice sample size
  5. P.B.Walsh

    P.B.Walsh Active Member

    gotta clear out the garadge and buy a started kit and I'll be ready:)
  6. Maverick223

    Maverick223 New Member

    Same boat here...just got a new BPCR and ordered a new long range rifle...so I need to get started quick. Just have to save up the cash to get everything.
  7. skidooman603

    skidooman603 New Member

    Bryan better buy lots of 4895 or 4064 the CMP ship is sailing :uhoh:
  8. MCMXI

    MCMXI Active Member

    Yep, I reload ... I've been reloading since '92 so that puts me somewhere in the middle of the pack ... not an ol' timer but not a newbie either. Luckily my wife doesn't realize how much money "we" have invested in reloading tools and equipment not to mention firearms. Then again, I have no idea how much money "she" has invested in jewelry, handbags, shoes, makeup and clothes! Suddenly I feel the urge to place an order .... :D

    Since others are listing the calibers that they reload for I'll do the same:


    .38 spl/.357 mag
    .44 spl/.44 mag
    .45 ACP
    .45 Colt (for rifle too)


    .223 Rem
    .308 Win
    .300 WSM
    .300 WM
    .45-70 Govt

    Last edited: May 10, 2009
  9. dakotasin

    dakotasin New Member

    i handload...

    it started at first because i couldn't afford my prairie dog shoots (volume of ammo) or to shoot my 7 mag w/ any regularity.

    from the time i brought that rockchucker kit home, the trip has been a puzzling, fascinating odyssesy of developing loads, sorting out problem rifles, trying to understand internal and external ballistics, and exploration of my own ocd and ability to be anal... all in the (impossible) quest of finding the pinnacle of accuracy for every gun i own...

    but mostly, i just enjoy it.

    well, it is 5:30 am on sunday morning where i am at... and i am headed to the range to wrap up my testing and development of loads for my 270. this is exactly what handloading does to you... turns you into the ultimate range junkie. the rest of the house is sleeping getting ready for a lazy sunday morning... and i am packed and getting ready to hit the door. looking for the 1-hole-at-200 yards load (i'll get it this morning...) out of a winchester 70 featherweight...

    can't everybody see how much they are missing by not loading your own??? who has time for sleep when there's loads to be developed? geeze... you non-handloaders - - don't know how i would handle all the extra time in my day...
  10. RugerBob

    RugerBob Member

    Yes, I reload. Got into in cuz I like cowboy action shooting. On a average shoot you expend 120 rounds of pistol/rifle ammo. (45LC for me.) 25 or so 12 ga. I have a friend who does that for me. Then came the 'casting' bug. Thats another story. In the three years I have reloaded (newbie) I have also loaded for 45-70,30-06,30-30,45acp, and my fav the 45LC. All this with my Lee anniversary kit, with a few additions of course. Bob

    MMCSRET New Member

    Yes, I inherited a Bisley Colt in 1956, ammo was $5.30 a box. Old cowboy up the canyon reloaded same cartridge for his Colts and Winchesters, got me started. Been at it ever since, cast bullets, form wildcat cases, duplex loads. Do some every day that I'm home, which is most days, shoot several times a week, refuse to go south for the winter, I'm retired and loving it.
  12. dawgtraxx

    dawgtraxx New Member

    just started
  13. Tinpig

    Tinpig Member

    .38 spl, .45 ACP, .30-30, .30-06
    Very enjoyable way to spend snowbound winter evenings, and much the same satisfaction as growing a garden or building a wood pile.

  14. Rollis R. Karvellis

    Rollis R. Karvellis New Member

    Been at it since 1992, thow this drought we are in is putting a crimp in to my life.
    King Ghidora, what part of S>E> Ohio are you in there is a small shop not far from me with just about all the normall calibers, but no reloading stuff.
  15. dmazur

    dmazur New Member

    Yep. I've been a casual reloader since 1978 with the Lee "whack a mole" kits, but now I have a 550B and I'm getting into the hard stuff.

    It may become a serious addiction.


    .45 ACP exclusively
  17. Floppy_D

    Floppy_D Member In Memoriam

    Absolutely; it adds so much more to the hobby. My wife likes it too, because I've convinced her it's recycling. :D
  18. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Active Member

    Just restarted after a gap of 20+ years.

    Luckily, I kept all of my equipment. By selling off the stuff (dies, mold, bullets, cases) for a caliber I no longer have, I was able to update my old Lee turret press to a 4 hole indexing one, and buy some dies, powder, and primers at no additional out of pocket expense.

    Between aquiring a gun that uses unusual and pricey bullets (38-40, $45-$70/box), and the general run up in the price of ammo, it's definately worth my time to reload.
  19. Badlander

    Badlander Active Member

    Been reloading handgun rounds for mabye 30 years. Some of my handguns have not fired A factory round. I recently started shooting 45-70 so I have now bought dies for that. If the prices for .223 and .308 don't come down I will set up for them as well.
    I don't know how some of you guys actually have fun while shooting with the prices on ammo. But then I am cheap!
  20. SaxonPig

    SaxonPig New Member

    I reload 22 different pistol and rifle calibers. Some calibers I don't bother because I either don't shoot it enough (like the 380) or factory/milsurp ammo is too cheap to bother (9mm).

    I have two rifles that are a bitch to feed. One is a wildcat requiring God-awful expensive cases (like $5 each) that need substantial modifying to make work and the other shoots a long obsolete caliber resulting in the same situation. I will never, EVER buy or build another gun in a caliber for which cases can't be bought off the shelf at a reasonable price.

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