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Do You Think The Pink Guns Have Attracted More Female Shooters?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by vtail, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. vtail

    vtail Well-Known Member

    Somebody must be buying them so maybe they are.

    Do you know any guys that had to settle for a pink gun in the past month's craziness?
  2. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    I suspect a lot of new owners bought them because they were "cute", but never have learned to safely handle them let alone proficiently shoot them.
  3. Grmlin

    Grmlin Well-Known Member

    I point them out to my wife and she replies I don't want a pink gun. The oldest granddaughter on the other hand has pink/camo furniture on her shotgun. Two words that just don't go together Camouflage and Pink. If the firearm was one I wanted and just had pink grips or stock, those are parts I could replace so that wouldn't stop me from buying it.
  4. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    I don't know that it attracts anyone to shooting, per se, but a little personalization and feminine color certainly can encourage a lady to pick one gun over another. Or, to bond with a gun that's so clearly and expressly theirs.

    I seriously doubt that anyone not inclined to shoot or enjoy guns at all has had their mind changed by seeing that some are made pink now, if that's what you're asking.
  5. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat Well-Known Member

    Perhaps for flamingo hunting?

    I'm sure pink guns have made plenty of firearms owners out of non-firearm-type people.
    Whatever floats your boat and gets people interested in guns.

    I remember seeing a consumer affairs type show in the UK that had devoted an episode to pink cars.
    Seems that a lot of unscrupulous used car dealers were having their poor-condition cars sprayed pink.
    The idea was that the type of person who would buy a pink car probably wouldn't be the type of person who knew what to look for when buying a car...

    I wonder if any of these pink guns are 'lemons' that would be otherwise difficult to sell?

    Of course, a pink gun would fall into the category of a 'deceptively colored firearm' here in NY, so they are illegal here!

    A friend back home in the UK keeps a pink baseball bat for HD.

    The UK is so bad now that if you have any weapon at home to ward off a burglar, you stand a good chance of getting into trouble if you have to use it and can't come up with an explanation as to why you own it.

    My friend's logic in buying a pink bat is that:
    A. (serious reason) He can claim that it is in his home because it belonged to an ex girfriend who left it there, and:
    B. (joke reason) The burglar would be less likely to go to the police and tell them that he got beaten up with a bright pink bat :D
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2013
  6. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    My wife thinks they are cute and likes some of the pink grips.
  7. Ms_Dragon

    Ms_Dragon Well-Known Member

    I loathe and detest pink or purple anything and don't get me started the whole "Hello Kitty" customizations I see on rifles marketed towards young women.

    They look like a princess sparkle fairy threw up on them.

    I prefer matt black or drab olive cerakote finishes.
  8. TanklessPro

    TanklessPro Well-Known Member

    Not sure, but having two daughters I see a few in my future. I don't mind at all as long as they want to go to the range and shoot, I don't care what color they are. :)
    I dont care what color RKBA is, as long as it is.
  9. TurtlePhish

    TurtlePhish Well-Known Member

    I like this.

    The Second Amendment is colorblind.

    I have no problem with guns of any color, even those (in my opinion) somewhat ridiculous zombie-green ones. My mom wants her 10/22 to be pink and my girlfriend wants an AR with pink furniture. I fully support them- if it gets them to the range, it's gotta be a good thing.
  10. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat Well-Known Member

    Who cares what they look like?
    If you have to plaster a gun with Hello Kitty decals before a so-inclined lady will buy it, at least she now has a gun.
    I, like most here, am a strong proponent of firearms ownership for women, and if spraying a gun pink=more female gun owners, then I can't argue against them.

    I don't think the color of the gun will prevent it from putting holes in a rapist.
  11. Ms_Dragon

    Ms_Dragon Well-Known Member

    I totally get you about more women needing to buy a gun. Even a pink gun....even if they turn my stomach and make my eyes bleed. ;)
  12. CarolinaChuck

    CarolinaChuck member

    It sells so it must be good. It is about the same as a lasers and flashlights on an AR platform... All show and no-go nessaray at the range. A pink painted hammer will drive a nail in a board the same as one without the finish... :banghead:
  13. wankerjake

    wankerjake Well-Known Member

    My 4-year-old daughter told me tonight she would go shooting with me, just me and her, if I bought her a rifle. She wants a "pink one with a dolphin on it" :rolleyes:

    I will buy her a youth 22 eventually, maybe soon if she keeps expressing interest. I really just want a brown one though and if I take her to pick it out I know she's gonna want a pink one. I'm not big on the pink guns either, even the youth 22's.

    Ultimately though, I think I will let her choose when the time comes. May as well get her what she wants, and hope she likes it.
  14. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    Our R&G club owns several pink 22s. They are used during our weekly kid's rifle program.

    Some girls love them, many don't care. One of the better-skilled boys has figured out one of these pink rifles suits him particularly well, so he shoots that one all the time and gets great results with it.

    The club keeps scores and awards trophies at year's end.

    Wankerjake - you can paint the pink stock after she grows out of the pink stage. Or better yet, offer her to paint it purple, right now. Woooo hooo!!!!
  15. ScrapMetalSlug

    ScrapMetalSlug Well-Known Member

    No. For some reason my wife hates the pink guns.
  16. greenmtnguy

    greenmtnguy Well-Known Member

    I just kinda cringe when I see them, but I suppose that somebody must be buying a few of them.
  17. DeepSouth

    DeepSouth Well-Known Member

    No, I believe the opposite.
    An increase of female shooters attracted manufacturers to pink guns.

    AFTER my wife started shooting she went shopping and eventually bought.....


    I fully believe if she could think of a way to make it more "girly" she would.
  18. gotzero

    gotzero Active Member

    My better half has a bright pink cerakoted Glock 35, she loves it. I got a set of the pink magpul furniture but the demand for AR-15s went nuts before I could get a carbine length upper. That will become part of a future gift.

    It is a small price to pay to get the important people in my life interested in shooting. I think the manufacturers are responding to significant demand, kind of like the large rise in left-handed firearms becoming available. It will not be for everyone, but the part of the market it serves is obviously thrilled about it.
  19. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Try the Savage Cub-T if you can still find one. They came with a laminate stock that had a reddish/maroon/pink(?) layer in it that was plenty "girly" enough for my daughter and not too girly for my boys ... or me!
  20. Zardaia

    Zardaia Well-Known Member

    Wonder if any panic buyers have ended up geting funny looks at the range because it was the last one on the shelf?

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