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Does anyone here have information on the Mateba Grifone?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by avenger15, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. avenger15

    avenger15 New Member

    This is on my 'must own' list, but they are near-impossible to find. I know it's kind of hideous looking, but that only makes me want it more. One of them sold on Gunbroker earlier this year, and that is the only stateside example I can find any information on. Does anyone know how many of these were imported? Does anyone have a source for one now?

    I've already scoured Wikipedia, World.Guns.Ru, and every other link that Google turns up, with no success. Thanks for any information.

  2. two gun charlie

    two gun charlie Well-Known Member

    are you sure it isn't a photoshope foolusso ? :neener: that really looks like a gun that can't possibly work
    however on second thought I can see how it can work , but that but is hanging on by faith
  3. Sebastian the Ibis

    Sebastian the Ibis Well-Known Member

    There is one regularly for sale at the gunshows down here in Miami, still in the Styrofoam packaging. It's been sitting on the guys table for years. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the seller. If it is still there next time I go, I'll get the guys card for you.
  4. scramasax

    scramasax Well-Known Member

    ;)Thats so fugly it's cool.

    I can identify with someone that likes the unusual.

    My Rhinos are getting bowie blades mounted on them:D.


  5. skidder

    skidder Well-Known Member

    That stock hanging there is bugging me. Is it really attached?
  6. Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot Well-Known Member

    I looked up the word "ugly" in the dictionary and a picture of that gun was next to the definition.
  7. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    If it's not already a collector's item, it surely will be in short order.
  8. sidibear

    sidibear Well-Known Member

    I currently have one for sale in .454 Casull on Guntrader UK, sold pending the approval of documents needed to get it to FL.
    Great fun to shoot and very accurate, it shoots through the bottom of the chamber so there is little to no muzzle lift.
    The action is recoil operated so after the first shot, the cylinder is rotated and the hammer cocked.
    Very rare gun indeed, even rarer in .454 and nickel finish.

  9. nsbeach

    nsbeach Member

    Mateba Grifone Sportif

    I have 3 Matebas including the Carbine in 44 Mag (Grifone Sportif) . It looks much cooler in person than the photograph. Shoots well-definitely reduced recoil and barrel lift. It is also just an interesting piece of engineering and the workmanship is excellent. The design of the stock attachment although appears flimsy is not and is predicated to allow the slide to move back to provide the semi auto action. Until you've held one and fired one-you probably won't appreciate them.
  10. nsbeach

    nsbeach Member

    I am a buyer for a Mateba-if you come across him -let him know- I am in Florida.
  11. Blackwolf

    Blackwolf Member

    Well now, that IS an odd looking firearm. I... I actually kind of like it. Definitely going on my list of "guns to own when I'm an eccentric rich guy". :cool:

    Best of luck getting a hold of one, and be sure to post pictures when you do! :)
  12. 22lr

    22lr Well-Known Member

    How much do these things sell for? All of a sudden I have to get one.
  13. avenger15

    avenger15 New Member

    I realize that this is a very old thread, but a Grifone finally showed up on Gunbroker this week. I bid on it yesterday when it was priced around $2,500. But in the words of Ron Burgundy: "Wow...that escalated quickly."

    When I got up this morning I discovered that a bidding war had taken place overnight, and the auction ended at $6,025 :eek: Significantly higher than the sale price of the last Grifone I found, from about two years ago.

    So I'll keep looking, but at this point my dream of ownership is moving further and further away. If anyone here is the lucky new owner, congratulations. I am admittedly very jealous of you right now. I hope you enjoy this new-found rarity.

  14. nsbeach

    nsbeach Member


    I am a Mateba nut-I love the engineering and design. I have 2 Pistols and 2 Carbines but luckily bought 3 of them before the price skyrocketed. The last one I imported and paid just over $3K which I thought was high at the time. but is looking pretty good right now.

    The sale you are referring to on GB is the 2nd sale to the same guy- he paid just under $6K for the last one too.

    For more info about Matebas go to matebafan.com

    I think the days of finding one for less than $2500.00 are gone- sorry man!

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