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Does anyone know if...

Discussion in 'Legal' started by BJPZOO, Oct 25, 2007.


    BJPZOO Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if you still have to buy a permit to purchase a handgun in Missouri? I heard that they was doing away with the permit.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. Cavalier Knight

    Cavalier Knight Well-Known Member

    Check my site under CCW Permits > MO
  3. Technosavant

    Technosavant Well-Known Member

    The MO Permit to Acquire a Concealable Handgun went right into the dustbin of history on August 28, 2007.

    If you want to buy a handgun in MO, the process is now no different from purchasing a rifle or shotgun. Walk in, pick it out, fill out the 4473 and wait for the NICS check, pay the folks, and be on your way. Or from a private individual it is cash and carry.

    No more "mommy may I?" and boy does it feel good.
  4. Crunker1337

    Crunker1337 Well-Known Member

    "heard that they was doing away with the permit."

    The Brady Bunch would have a field day about the "inferior language skills of the gun lobby" if they read this.

    No offense meant, but please proofread before posting.

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