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Does Anyone REALLY Hunt With 300 Win Mag?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by ReadyontheRight, Oct 31, 2006.


Do You Regularly Use 300 Win Mag or Other "Magnum" Cartridge?

  1. Yes! A Magnum Cartridge Fills a Hunting Need for Me.

    157 vote(s)
  2. My Only Hunting Rifle is a Magnum Hunting Rifle.

    29 vote(s)
  3. I Own a Magnum Hunting Rifle, But I Rarely Use It.

    66 vote(s)
  4. I See No Need For a Magnum Rifle.

    147 vote(s)
  1. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Well-Known Member

    With the increased recoil and cartridge expense, how many of you actually use 300 Win Mag and other beefed up cartridges for hunting?
  2. 'Card

    'Card Well-Known Member

    Sure. I've got a .300WinMag BAR I use for deer on a regular basis.

    It's not my primary rifle. My primary is a Remington 7400 .30-06, but I normally use that in fairly thick cover and rough terrain so I generally zero it at 100 yards. But if my plan for the day will involve sitting on a ridge and glassing a valley and the opposite ridge, where shots of 200-300 yards are possible, then I'm a lot more comfortable with the .300WinMag. It's only a marginal improvement over the .30-06 at those ranges, but it does shoot slightly flatter and hit a little harder at long distances.
  3. dakotasin

    dakotasin Well-Known Member

    i hunt almost exclusively w/ magnums.

    the 'expense' of hunting these is moot, especially for a handloader.
    increased recoil... please. any shooter can learn to effectively deal w/ recoil and build quite the tolerance to it.

    from all the talk that surrounds hunting w/ recoil, you'd think zeus himself would be the only one that could handle a 50 bmg - yet, i know fellers who go on prairie dog shoots w/ 50's (and if i could afford a 50, i would too).

    so... pass me a magnum, please, deer season is open in the morning, and let's go whacknstack.
  4. Glockfan.45

    Glockfan.45 member

    Thats gotta make a mess :evil: .
  5. BigO01

    BigO01 Well-Known Member

    Not I but I did run into a guy deer hunting about 20 years ago who was using a .338 Win Mag , this was in Missouri and he was hunting Whitetails .

    Told me that "ONE DAY" he was going to make it out west to hunt Elk and wanted to get use to using it . Funny thing was he was about 5'6 and weighed maybe 140 lbs , I think it more of the "Short mans syndrome" than getting ready to hunt for Elk , but that's just my opinion .
  6. Grumulkin

    Grumulkin Well-Known Member

    I would ask, what is a magnum?

    There is the 224 Weatherby Magnum and the 22-250 Remington and 220 Swift. The one is apparently called a magnum because of the belt; it certainly isn't because of better ballistics.

    Then there is the 458 Winchester Magnum and the 458 Lott. Are they both magnums? They both have belts.

    The term magnum is only a name. I think it's a fine idea to hunt deer, varmints or whatever with the gun you intend to hunt a bigger beast with. If the marketing department had known what they were doing, we would not have a 30/06; it would be the 300 Springfield Magnum (it was an improvement over the 30-40 Krag) and would magically become able to take any animal in North America.
  7. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Grumulkin, I think the intent of this thread concerns cartridges that are more powerful than a .30-'06. That is, what a lot of folks consider "overkill".

    Dead's dead, and a Big Maggie isn't gonna ruin any more edible meat than a pipsqueak.

    If a guy hits where he's aiming, and the critter falls dead, I don't see why I'm supposed to worry about what he's using. That said, there are a lot of shooters who aren't shooter enough to hunt deer with a .22 centerfire, or they can't handle above-average recoil. But that's a whole 'nother bunch of issues...

    I just figure that if folks are happy with what they're using, and they're successful, they're righteous.

    Face to face around a campfire or at the gunshop, hey, that's a different deal...

    :), Art
  8. Desk Jockey

    Desk Jockey Well-Known Member

    Sure. 300 WSM for elk. That much power isn't required for elk, but it doesn't hurt to have it. As demonstrated by my hunting partner last week, a .30-06 will kill them just as dead with a single well-placed shot.

    Had a doe tag this year, too. But I brought along a .30-30 for that task.
  9. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    My primary is a Win M70 push feed in .300 WM. I like the configuration of the gun really well, it is VERY accurate and seems to just be able to put the bullet where I want it to go. AND it does the job when it gets there.
  10. carnaby

    carnaby Well-Known Member

    With the limbsaver recoil pad, I barely notice the recoil of my .300 win mag. Took a nice 4x4 muley with it this year. Handloading ammo is fun, and saves a lot of money.
  11. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Oh great! another one of these threads:scrutiny:

    Ok I'll bite, I like my 300 wby, I choose it for hunting over a dozen other guns I own. I pull the trigger it kills things and I rejoyce. No diffrent than if it were a 270 or a 308 nothing magical about the belt no special vodo over the case capicity., I just happen to like the rifle better. With handloading I can turn my 300 wby into a 30-30 If i choose or I can push the throttle forward to full tilt 300 WBY mag levels and everything in between, Making it much more versitile than standard 30 caliber chamberings

    Using a "magnum" cartrige is no diffrent than watching a 52" TV set. You may not need it but it doesn't make you a bad person for using one.
  12. Kingcreek

    Kingcreek Well-Known Member

    I've got a .300WM and I hunt with it when its right for the job. per round expense and recoil are nothing to me.
    I also have other centerfire hunting rifles including .243, .270, .308
  13. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    Distance and game size

    When I hunted with rifle (before the accident) , I used a .300 Wea. Mag. the most. It was tremendously effective. I never had to shoot twice, even on my longest-ever shot, 525 yard shots on a Michigan bean field white tail. For me, it was the flat trajectory. That does not mean that my .270 Win. was not effective. I simply had to keep my shots closer, say 400 yards for reliable, one-shot kills.

  14. Grumulkin

    Grumulkin Well-Known Member

    The 300 Weatherby Magnum DOES tempt me.
  15. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    Unrepentant Sinner

    The question is like do people really drive one ton trucks, as tho it's something you never see or don't you think it's a little to showie.Well this season I can Identify easily 10 people that are shooting 300 win. mag or bigger and I'd say most are doing it because of improved ballistics, ammo commonality in camp and just plain thats what dad shoots, all good enough reason for me.BTW no ammo common with me in camp 338-378 weatherby.
  16. 12-34hom

    12-34hom Well-Known Member


    It's one of the great calibers to reload.

    Great target cartridge.

  17. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Now, bare in mind at the time of the story I'm about to type, I had a .257 Roberts and a 7 mag and I'd just gotten the 7. My buddy had just gotten a BAR in 300 win mag and his other rifle is a Browning BLR in .308. It was our first trip to the Guadelupe mountains in New Mexico. We thought we needed the magnums for the long ranges out there, I guess. And, I did take one about 350 yards across a canyon that year with the 7.

    We walked into the only little store in miles and miles around in a little hole in the wall called "Queens". There were a bunch of hunters in there for lunch, they were serving great burgers. Everyone was chatting and the owner had some ammo on sale and asked what we were using. I told him, Larry told him, the room erupted in laughter. "Whadda want them cannons for, the elk here are illegal ya know.?" Turns out one of the guys was using a .257 Roberts, a couple had .308s, and there was a .30-30 toter. ROFL! I think Larry was offended, but I mean, really, what do ya need a belted magnum for on deer???? It did the job, though. I've shot one muley with it and four white tails and it is over-kill. Since I got my .308, that's all I hunt with anymore.

    When I bought the seven, I was thinking .280 Remmington. I really like the .280. I like 7mm bullet selection. But, I reasoned, if I'm going to get a long action rifle in .280 anyway, why not go with the magnum? I can always load it down. If I go elk hunting some day, I might want more power with heavier bullet loads in the 7. I handload, so ammo cost is not a consideration, but the 7 is widely available and the .280 is a bit more rare. So, I stepped up to the 7 and I don't really regret it. I like having it, knowing if I wanna tackle elk someday, I have the gun for the job, not that the .280 or my .308 couldn't kill an elk, but I may only ever get one elk hunt in my life if I ever get that. So, I hang on to the big gun. Besides, everyone needs one magnum rifle in their collection, just ain't complete without it. I can see the same logic in .30-06 vs .300 if you're more a .30 cal guy.
  18. springmom

    springmom Well-Known Member

    Not me. I'm a weenie on rifle and shotgun recoil. My .243 does just fine with Texas critters. If I ever get a bigger rifle it'll be a 30-30 or a .30-06 and if so it's going to have to have the great grandmother of all recoil pads for these old arthritic shoulders to tolerate :eek:

    But it'd be fun, if I could....:p

  19. Desk Jockey

    Desk Jockey Well-Known Member


    Try one of the recoil pads that you wear on your shoulder. I use one for sighting in my 300 wsm, and it's really amazing. Without it, I'm sure I'd be flinching after 5 or 6 shots. With it, I've shot two boxes at a session without a problem. They're around $25 or so, I think.
  20. langenc

    langenc Well-Known Member

    Suggest you read Elmer Keiths book "Hell I was there". 300 WM or 300 H&H are about minimum for him.

    If you have not read it give yourself a treat this winter and do so.

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