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Does buying "used" really give you bargains?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by losangeles, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. losangeles

    losangeles Well-Known Member

    I'm asking in general.

    I'm always looking to add to my collection, for an assortment of different guns. For used guns, I check out online boards, some auction sites and local gunstores.

    I'm amazed. I'm regularly seeing used guns that are about 90 - 95% condition being priced the same as what I'd pay for completely new guns. Sometimes, MORE EXPENSIVE than new guns.

    This is just one example. Turners, a popular chain here in SoCal, has this used S&W 22S for sale at $350:

    Now if I go to GalleryofGuns.com to have a local dealer sell that gun model to me, I can get it for LESS THAN THE USED GUN.

    Another example. I went to a local dealer and saw a used Ruger Mk III Hunter for $495. I could get that NEW for $420. WTH!

    I know you can always find a deal. But in general, I just don't get it!
  2. Manedwolf

    Manedwolf member

    Basic reality? There's always going to be dealers of used items of any sort who will try to get people who simply don't know better to pay too much for it. :D

    Caveat emptor, do your research, find what the price is new, and just like a car, NEVER pay asking price on a used gun. I've gotten things for $100 less than the labeled price, which I consider for most dealers to be just their out-there "first offer".
  3. Firehand

    Firehand Well-Known Member

    Depends on what & where. I've bought some used for quite good prices, but usually from an individual. Some stores put a high price on, but are willing to argue it, some just want too much for their used stuff.
  4. losangeles

    losangeles Well-Known Member

    Well, there sure is a lot of business with the used guns at high prices. Because they're moving them pretty good.
  5. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Short answer, it depends.
    Depends on what, from whom, sometimes when, etc.

    Some guns you cannot get new, others are so new that you cannot find used yet. Good and bad prices can be found with both.

    I think anyone who is determined to ONLY buy new or ONLY buy used is just limiting their selection and potential for good deals.
  6. Archie

    Archie Well-Known Member

    Yes and No

    I've purchased a number of used guns (new guns simply do not appeal to me anymore) and - at least in my mind - have better value than many new guns.

    However, this depends on where you live. I have a theory the states with stricter gun control laws drive the price of firearms up. Here in PDSR California, no FFL dealer can sell a used gun. So, all the used guns in gunshops, including Turner's, are 'consignment' guns. Prices on consignment guns are set by the actual owner of the weapon, not the store. The local - California - mentality effects gun owners, making people think their used gun is more valuable than the same model new. Usually gun owners are the most sensible of people; that is true in PDSR California, as well, it's just PDSR Cal has a lower sensibility level over all.

    In contrast, two years ago - at Turner's in Signal Hill - I found and bought a practically new in box Colt 'Targetsman' (Woodsman variant) for $600. I still think it a good buy.

    As Maned Wolf said, do some research and comparison shop. Know what you want when you go looking; do not shop for just anything that catches your eye.
  7. Rob1035

    Rob1035 Well-Known Member

    I buy used, but not from gun shops, most around here are overpriced. That way I save on the purchase price, as well as taxes. Hell, i'm not buying anything from a store again. I bought a 642 from bud's, and even including shipping and FFL fee, I saved ~$40. If it had be a more expensive gun, say a grand, i would have saved a hundred at least...
  8. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

    The trick to buying a used firearm is to know a little about the model you're looking at and what the going price is for that model. I've bought a LOT of used guns, typically in pawn shops, at a price low enough compared to its condition to not even want to think about buying a new one. I've run across several used guns that were 90%+ and going for 1/2-2/3 of the going price of a new one.....if the gun is even still available new. The biggest "trick" is to not go "looking" for a gun. When pawn-shop hopping, I'm NEVER looking for a particular make or model...or even caliber......but I like a little of everything....it's like searching for a woman. You rarely find a good one when you are actually "looking" for one.
  9. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    I have never, not once, lost money buying a used gun and later selling it. I've also never once paid more for a used gun than I could get a new one for. If you wait for a decent deal, buying used saves you a lot of money.

    If you don't do any research and you aren't too bright, I'm sure you can get ripped off buying a used gun.

    My collection would be much, much smaller if I hadn't saved a lot of money buying used guns.
  10. Manedwolf

    Manedwolf member

    Of course there is. I'd seen someone paying the $300 (!!!) tag price for a banged-up Polish P64 (Look, it's the 007 gun!) :rolleyes: at a gun show.

    As P.T. Barnum said...
  11. Rockrivr1

    Rockrivr1 Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of good used firearm deals out there to be had. I typically troll through the classified sections on The High Road, GlockTalk, Smith & Wesson Forum, Sig Forum and AR15 daily to see what's out there. I've purchased a good amount of used guns this way and for the most part they have all been excellent deals. As stated above, you have to know what you're looking for and the price range your willing to pay for it.

    I'd say about 70 percent of the rifles and handguns I own were used before I bought them. I'm sure I'll get a lemon one day, but so far all have been excellent shooters.
  12. outofbattery

    outofbattery Well-Known Member

    Recently I bought a *used* but never fired SIG P239 and Para SSP for $450 and $600 respectively off the shelf of my local shop.If you could tell me where I can happen on the same guns brand new for the same or less,I'd be mighty grateful if you'd tell me so I can have matched pairs.

    Much like cars,I prefer to let someone else take the initial depreciation.If it won't hold up to a little use then it ain't a gun I'm wanting in my collection.However,I like to be an educated buyer and have a clue as to what I want and am looking at.Plenty of dealers go fishing and expect people to haggle so their set their prices on the high side.If someone wants to pay $550 for a used Glock17 then who am I to stop them?Me,I'll take a factory refurb for $400 and smile.
  13. Dave R

    Dave R Well-Known Member

    I see a lotta gunshow guns priced at "retail plus 10%."

    But if you know what you're doing, you can get great prices on used guns.

    Two great examples: CMP Garands and any K-31. And that's from major retailers!
  14. Chipperman

    Chipperman Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the thread drift, but I have to ask about this:

    "Here in PDSR California, no FFL dealer can sell a used gun."

    Is that a state law? This is the first time I've heard that CA dealer's cannot sell anything used. That's pretty screwy.
  15. bpisler

    bpisler Well-Known Member

    I buy used whenever i can,i've saved
    a ton of money over the years.
    Yesterday i won a auction on auction
    arms,i'am paying 145.00 OTD for a
    mossberg 500 riot gun.It's from a local
    dealer,i've looked at it several times
    in the last few months.The store price
    was 199.00 plus tax.o i saved about 80
    bucks on the deal.

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    I try to buy used if possible. This afternoon I got a Stainless Taurus PT-92 AR in box wraped in factory paper and Taurus plastic bag , 30+ rounds. This gun has been fired less than a 100 rounds. I took home for $250 from pvt. owner. Iam always looking for used pistols.
  17. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Most of the guns I like haven't been made in years. I wouldn't even consider buying a used car; used guns, however, are my only option most of the time.
  18. PowderBurn

    PowderBurn Well-Known Member

    Well said. I still occasionally buy a new gun if I gotta have it NOW. But I love buying used guns. I examine each potential purchase much more thoroughly than a new one, and by the time I get it home I know it very well. And if, post-purchase, I don't like it or don't shoot it well, I have always been able to re-sell it for as much or more than I bought it for.

    If I haven't bought a gun for 2-3 months, I get the urge. I look at my current inventory and identify any that I haven't shot much lately or don't put a big smile on my face when I shoot them. I estimate what I can get for them, then use that mental money to add to my collection. Then I take the safe queen to my local consignment shop and ask $40 more than I'd like to get for it. Rarely does it take more than 30 days before it is sold for my cost + $40.
  19. dfaugh

    dfaugh Well-Known Member

    I'm right at about 50/50 between new/used guns in my collection. I've gotten some really good deals on used guns, but you have to shop around. Highly desirable ones in good condition may not sell for a whole lot less than new...But, some desirable but common (thinking milsurps) are real bargains. And a lot of "common" ones can be had for a fraction of their "new" price.

    One thing about guns vs. cars for example...If you by a decent used gun, and keep it in as good condition, you can probably sell it for what you paid for it. Guns don't depreciate like most things. Heck, the one and only gun I've sold in the past few years, I actually got a real good deal on, and ended up selling for almost twice what I paid for it!
  20. Kurt_M

    Kurt_M Well-Known Member

    "Used" guns which are no longer available and are still popular can command high prices. But you can't buy them new anymore. Sometimes a dealer will pay too much for a used gun, then price it accordingly and wait for a buyer (and wait and wait and wait). Most of the time, used guns are a great deal for the buyer, because you can nearly always talk the dealer down a few bucks. Plus a lot of older guns are way better than new ones IMO.

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