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Does someone have a picture or a video of the SPETSNAZ makarov holster?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by FIVETWOSEVEN, Feb 27, 2010.


    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    I've heard about it how it chambers a round when you draw it but I don't understand how it works without seeing a picture or video of it, I tried to google it but couldn't find anything.
  2. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2010

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    I did google it but didn't see it. is it possible to get one of those holsters in the US?
  4. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    I believe some of the members at the now defunct makarov.com were able to obtain it. Here is a vendor advertising it but not sure about reliability, so caveat emptor:


    Not sure about local availability. Maybe give a shoutout to the other gun forums, especially Slim Tim at gunboards?
  5. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Some more pics:


    It was also featured in the TV show "Deadliest Warrior" with the Spetsnaz squaring off against a Green Beret.

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    isn't there the risk of the gun falling out of its holster? whats its retention?
  7. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    Seems like a great way to incorrectly carry a loaded pistol.

    What is wrong with western holsters and chambered carry?

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    its not that just that its a very interesting holster. I don't own a mak but a friend of mine recently got one and I saw it for the first time today and I remembered the holster.
  9. 06

    06 Well-Known Member

    IMO the Makarov is almost as safe as a 1911. I carry mine loaded and absolutely do not worry about it firing. The safety lifts the hammer slightly, keeps it from being cocked, and prevents the trigger from being pulled. The safety has to be thrown in order for the trigger to be pulled(double action) or the hammer cocked. No need for carrying such a firearm empty.

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    If I carried one I would have it chambered and I would use a different holster. I'm just looking at this as a toy.
  11. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Now that I can't answer as I've never personally handled one. Apparantly, EFA is still in business so you may wanna look into it:


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