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Does your DOD activity's PX, NEX or BX sell firearms

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Can'thavenuthingood, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Can'thavenuthingood

    Can'thavenuthingood Well-Known Member

    Back in the 1980's the Navy Exchange sold rifles and handguns. I recently went into NAS Lemoore, Ca.'s Navy Exchange and was told they never sold guns. Went through three different people up to the manager, all swear they never sold guns.

    The manager was certain that no DOD Base/Station Exchange sold firearms. Is this a California only policy or nationwide?

    Are firearms sold on the base near you or where you are stationed?

    I routed a comment/request form she handed me. That was about 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing yet.

    Also there is no ammunition or firearm related accessories. Very little in the way of fishing equipment. I can buy lotsa "Docker" clothing though and Levi Strauss but no Dickies. Not even a gun type belt buckle.

    Didn't useta be that way.

  2. RRTX

    RRTX Well-Known Member

    Never saw anywhere that sold them when I was in, and I never remember seeing them anytime I went on base when I was younger with my parents or grandfather.

    Edit: This was in PX's and BX's, I don't recall ever going into a NEX.
  3. Gillster

    Gillster Well-Known Member

    Growing up as a mil-brat and in the service myself, I never remember seeing firearms for sale through AAFES. I can buy GUnscrubber, Break-Free, plastic ammo boxes, range bags and a bunch of hunting equipment at the PX, but not guns or ammo.
  4. Old Dog

    Old Dog Well-Known Member

    Gotta be a California thing ...

    There's a small retail outlet at the range at Ft. Lewis that you can get guns through ... and the NEX at NAS Whidbey Island used to sell ammo (at pretty decent prices, especially considering zero sales tax) but they stopped sometime in the late 90s (guess they found out they weren't supposed to be selling it).

    But up in the Pac Nor'West -- you'd better believe all the base exchanges have to carry at least a token selection of gun cleaning accessories, targets and hunting gear.
  5. borderguy

    borderguy Well-Known Member

    NTC San Diego used to sell them at the base exchange in the late 80's. Don't know about now though.
  6. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member

    The Exchange complex in Wiesbaden, GE in the early 80's had a Sports Store that had a lot of firearms for sale. I brought home a few but sold just about all of them when I got divorced.
  7. USP45usp

    USP45usp member

    Air Force used to have what they called "rod and gun shops". That went out when the PC BS started.

    No guns sold on base. No rod and gun clubs on base. No skeet shooting or firing ranges, on base. It you weren't there to qualify on the M9 or M16, or for a special purpose, no guns on base (unless they are in the armory).

    My father, who was "old Air Force" talked of the days where they almost made it mandatory that the troops (Airman/Officers) owned guns and went to the rod and gun clubs for all types of gun sports.

    Sad days are upon us :(.

  8. USMCsilver

    USMCsilver Well-Known Member

    The PX at Camp Lejeune, NC, sold them in '97. Wait, or was it the PX or the outdoorsy outfitter's place? Hmm... Anyway, I know they were sold on base.
  9. Gifted

    Gifted Well-Known Member

    There's a range on base, trap/skeet/five-stand, and a small, cruddy rifle range. The guy has an FFL, and sells reloading supplies. I plan on having my gun in Missouri shipped to him, and I think I'll ask about ordering guns through him.

    The BX has a decent fishing selection, but nil regarding hunting. On the other hand, they're building a survival shop, and I've been told that I can go in there and buy stuff when it's open.
  10. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    The base exchange at Eielson AFB sells firearms in the sporting goods section.

    Pity that I was only TDY there.

    I would imagine Elmendorf AFB does the same, too.
  11. Darkmind

    Darkmind Well-Known Member

    The PX ( not the mall PX ) was selling them about four months agao last time i was there. If they dident have it on the shelf they could order it for you and have it in within a week. They got plenty of my business. :D
  12. strambo

    strambo Well-Known Member

    Ft. Wainwright in AK has a "Sports Shop" with a pretty good gun selection and loading supplies/components.
  13. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    Beale AFB (outside of Sac, CA) doesn't sell firearms or any firearm related gear through our BX as it's fairly small.

    Although we do have a R&G (Rod & Gun). Two skeet fields, one trap, a sporting trailer, patterning board, 100-yard pistol range with lots of steel tgts and a paintball field.

    They also have a beer bar inside and do BBQ's several times a week. Rental guns, ammunition and reloading supplies abound. If you're a member, you only pay 10% over cost and 0% sales tax. Pretty good deal if you ask me.


    Yes, I'm a regular. Just ask any of the other regulars. ;)
  14. AF_INT1N0

    AF_INT1N0 Well-Known Member

    OFFUTT has a Rod and Gun. They don't stock guns but they are an FFL. Also get us pretty darn good deals at times. No sales tax.

    Ramstein had a pretty Bad Ass R & G club when I was there. 99-01 had a a good selection. Also had to replace my Glock mags while I was there. :p Would've they had a H&K USP Comp for $850.00 I wanted the whole time I was there but our SOFA agreement expired and I couldn't get a WAFFENPOSSETSCARTE in time to bring it back so I had to pass, Also would've had to have a ATF import card filled out which took like six months to process. :banghead:

    ARRRGGGGHHH :banghead: ATF!!! :fire: May they all get boot rot... may they bump their funny bone every day until it is no longer funny!!
  15. ObeOne

    ObeOne Well-Known Member

    USMC PX Norfolk

    The Marine Corp Exchange in Norfold did back in the late 90's- 2001. That is where my friend got a couple of his guns. Course, it was off by itself. had decent prices, but Norfolk city has a stupid law that you had to pay a fee to buy a gun in the city. not sure about now, and that probably hurt them since a lot of people I know didn't want to give the city any money just to buy a gun, when you could get one elswhere in VA whithout . Bob's gun shop had a deal to get around that, and their prices were pretty good too.
    Obe One
  16. SnWnMe

    SnWnMe Well-Known Member

    Camp Pendleton MCX sells guns. No sales tax!
    Mostly high speed low drag autos.

    The best deals in Surefire can be had there too.

    The MC Recruit Depot in San Diego used to sell guns in the 90s. I bought a few guns from there.
  17. Browns Fan

    Browns Fan Well-Known Member

    The sporting goods store in the mini-mall on Ft Bragg used to carry firearms until some twit decided to shoot at a PT formation one morning in Nov '95.

    :fire: :banghead:
  18. SapperLeader

    SapperLeader Well-Known Member

    I havent seen too many(any) army bases that sell firearms but the marine corp bx on quantico does. I went in there last year and was impressed with the selection and the prices werent too bad either. A lot of Ar-15 and Ar-10 rifles, and xd and glock pistols. Quantico also has Quantico Arms located in the town which is a rather nice gunshop.
  19. Powderman

    Powderman Well-Known Member

    Not too sure about current status, but Ft. Lewis, WA had (has?) a rod and gun club, right near the front gate of North Fort. They always had a good selection of rifles and handguns, plus reloading equipment and components. Of course, this was back in 1990, so I might be a little out of date.

    They also had the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) range, which was Range 15. This was set up similar to a field-fire range, you could set up targets to 300 yards. Had some good benches, too.

    Now, Ft. Bliss, TX had an OUTSTANDING Rod and Gun club! 12 individual ranges, plus skeet and trap, a full service shop with everything you could want, and ranges from a 50 yard plinking range to 500 yard long range rifle, plus silhouettes. Great place to shoot! This one was located at the end of Trans Mountain Highway--I think they have now built a cross-post expressway to access it.
  20. 13A

    13A Well-Known Member

    Never saw firearms sold in any of the PXs on posts where I was stationed.

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