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Dogs - What Kind Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Anthony, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    Be it 10 pound furry mobile burgler alarm or a 120 pound mauler there is nothing quite like a dog.

    What breeds do you prefer and why?

    - Anthony
  2. ruger357

    ruger357 New Member

    German Sheperd. Because I have had one for 9 years and she has not let me down once.
  3. dj53

    dj53 New Member


    I prefer my mastiffs. They run 150-200lbs, and are large enough that they can be intimidating without needing to bite. They are intensely loyal and protective, without being overly territorial.

    On many occaisions, my dogs have placed themselves in between my wife and a stranger that my dogs didn't like the looks of. They expressed their concern by growling, but offered no intention to run up and bite. They use their great body mass as their defense.

    This way, my home is safe, but I keep the lawyers out of my face if one of my dogs should make a "mistake" in judgment!:D
  4. 762x51

    762x51 New Member

    Golden Retrievers and all types of Labs. Best......dogs......ever. Have a black lab now who is the best burglar alarm I could ask for. If only I could teach him to reload ammo....:p
  5. Pheonix

    Pheonix New Member

    This breed is very gentle and a good size to have in the house. On the other hand this breed is big and will agressivly defend your house and family. My 5 yr old can beat on the dog all day and the dog will just play and love the attention. But let one stranger walk past the house or worst yet come up on the porch and the dog will break the door down to get to theme before they get to us! Pheonix is the best and most well behaved dog I have ever seen in my life! He has also never had a day of training. This breed wants to make their masters happy. I can also take the dog to from my house to the park ( I live in the city) without a leash, or let him out in the front yard and he will obay voice commands even with other dogs, cats, birds, sqirrels, rabbits etc which would make most other dogs disappear! A word of advice Iams large breed = very-very bad gas!!
    ProPlan- Much better!!

    Here is pheonix as a pup...

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  6. Pheonix

    Pheonix New Member

    And another!

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  7. BigG

    BigG New Member

  8. Ledbetter

    Ledbetter New Member

    Another vote for the German Shepard

    I grew up around them, my aunt and uncle always had at least one or two until I was seven or eight. These were guard dogs that guarded their dry cleaning plant, but they were unfailingly gentle and protective of me.

    I've like every one I've ever met. Only caveat, when you roughhouse with a young one, they don't know their own strength. :eek:
  9. Ron L

    Ron L New Member

    Yet another vote for the German Shepherd. I've owned 3 over the years and they've all been great dogs, though they tend to shed more than I care for. They're big enough to take care of business when needed and will bark to alert you, yet all theo nes I've ever had were very good when we were kids or towards other kids.

    I'd also mention a Doberman. We've had 2 of these as well and, though not as hearty in colder weather and not as generally playful, they're a very good working dog.

    If you want something to just sound an alert, Cairn Terriers are very vocal. A friend had one that we used to call Killer (real name was Peaches :rolleyes: ). That danged thing, though not weighing more than around 7 pounds, was fearless and it was annoyingly LOUD.
  10. gun-fucious

    gun-fucious New Member

    terriers are great
    we currently have a jack/cairn cross and an australian

    my next pup is going to be a german hunting terrier

    ya gotta love a sub 20 pounder that will take on a hog or dominate a Rottie
  11. ajacobs

    ajacobs New Member

    I am a huge blue healer fan. They are active and fit my lifestyle well.
  12. ahenry

    ahenry New Member

    Catahoula Leopard Dog

    I’ve owned (or a family member has) Catahoulas, Boxers, Labradors, Scottish Terriers, and German Short-hairs. No other dog in the world is like a Catahoula.


    QKRTHNU New Member

  14. Jim March

    Jim March New Member

    Ferrets :p.

    Not real tactical, 'cept they will actually try and defend you against attacking dogs even when outclassed in weight 30:1 or more. Often with success. The craziest example I've heard of involved a 1lb teensy female ferret up against a 120lb Great Dane. The ferret won, and ended up in her owner's arms happily chewing on half a dog nose :D. Note to dog: do not advance on some lady growling and then when her ferret bounces around at your feet growling and hissing, stick your nose down there to take a closer look. Very bad idea :eek:.

    They'll happily try and get along with just about anything: cats, dogs, rabbits, horses(!), whatever. Share food with anything, no problem. I knew a guy had a mouse problem in the house, he assumed the ferrets would deal with it, until he spotted a mouse run up to a ferret having dinner. The mouse got up on it's haunches. The ferret picked up a single piece of kibble and dropped it in front of the mouse. The mouse took it and ran off. The ferret went back to dinner. :rolleyes:

    The absolute best "protective dog" I ever heard of involved a family that was walking through the woods in Wisconsin and came across an abandoned wolf puppy. Cute little thing, they took it home, raised it on formula in a bottle and then dog food, and it did just fine...and turned out to be *really* friendly, not at all what the books say on wolves. Really affectionate, playful, harmless around little kids, the works. Only problem was, it was kinda "mis-shapen", like it had birth defects or something. So when it was around a year old and 80+ pounds, they took it to the local vet to have it checked out.

    The vet was absolutely shocked. "It's FRIENDLY!?" Yup, it was licking his face as he petted it. At which point, he says "well that's a really nice WOLVERINE ya got here!" :scrutiny: :p

    Whoops :D. Most members of the mustelid family tame really well, including river otters, sea otters, fishers, badgers and skunk. And of course the ferret and his close relatives the European and Siberian polecats. Turns out wolverines are the same way, despite their rep in the wild.

    Can you imagine what would happen if somebody attacked a member of that family while the pet wolverine was nearby? :what:
  15. Kcustom45

    Kcustom45 New Member

    I have to give another vote for German Shepherds. My family has had 2 over the years and both were great dogs. Both loved children and were very protective of our family. The one we have now is very protective and even doesn’t like people she has met before. You can ask Cordex about that. Every time he comes over she watches him closely and often barks to let me know when he is getting up or moving around. She is a great watch dog like that.
    Although I have two ferrets and see where Mr. March is coming from. It hurts like hell when the bigger one bites me on my foot or leg.
  16. p35

    p35 New Member


    I've had an Akita for 14 years now. Doesn't move far from his spot in front of the fireplace now, but he's earned the spot. Sweet tempered, gentle with my kids, and very protective. No one in their right mind will bother someone accompanied by a 120 lb dog. Drawback is that they have a mind of their own and will go out of their way to fight any other dog they see, which means I've never trusted him off the leash in public. My German Shepherd, OTOH, follows me everywhere and never wants to be far from me, and doesn't start trouble. Makes him a lot easier to have around. I love my Akita, and I'm dreading the day I will have to have him put down. In future, though, I will stick to GSDs- Akitas are just a little too much dog.
  17. JeepDriver

    JeepDriver New Member

    A Black Labrador

    We have a 5 1/2 year old that has been the greatest dog I could has asked for, They are smart and loveable. I bought the dog for me and she is almost totaly my wifes at this point
  18. SW9mm

    SW9mm New Member

    mutts any kind but i got a german shepard /coon hound mix. she is the best dog. calm and protective. i don't need an alarm. if they get past my dog and me they can have anything they want.
  19. Ron L

    Ron L New Member

    Since Jim mentioned a non-dog, I have to add that we have a Guinea Pig (no, not in the "death awaits you all with sharp pointy teeth" fashion) that is a good noise maker. If anybody comes into the kitchen or back door, they get a good whistling at. You can usually hear it through most of the house.

    If your dog can't or won't sink its teeth into someone, they should at least let you know someone is trying to get into the house.
  20. stevesmith7

    stevesmith7 New Member

    Well, I own firearms for protection and a dog for friendship.
    We'll never be without a Corgi for the rest of our lives. It's
    great to have a friend who's always happy and never demanding.
    Makes a darn good doorbell as well.


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