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Douglas Ridge Rifle Club Other Good Clubs in NW Oregon?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 4Freedom, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    Hi, anyone heard of this rifle club? Is it worth the hour drive? Yeah I am in Vancouver area and there is a range out in Brush Prarie, but i hear it is fairly limited and not cheap, by any means. The range here in Eagle Creek looks prety nice. I have also heard Tri-COunty gun club is a good club/range, but the membership is bit spendy and I just hate driving to Sherwood. Also , I am considering relocating back to Oregon, for lack of shooting area and all the hassles I face crossing state lines with guns, etc. Being a WA resident and commuting to Oregon is not worth the hassle. WA also may be passing some real anti-gun measures that are making me want to jump ship. I discovered where I live in WA really sucks for shooting, I am confined to overpriced ranges that are quite far away.

    Another reason I thought living in Gresham or East County areas of Portland area is nice, is because I think, not only can you have a nice rifle club to shoot at, but I am told there is many places in Mt HOod National Forest, like logging roads, wehre you can go off and shoot. I really dream of doing some outdoor shooting in the open, yearning for some freedom to compensate for my miserable life of sitting in front of a computer with my job.

    Anyway, I be intersted to hear comments from some people in the area, Thanks.

    Here is the club I am inquiring about.
  2. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am a member at Douglas Ridge. I used to be a member at TriCounty, but it is expensive and there are some things I wanted to be able to do as far as defensive pistol practice that I couln't do at Tri-County that I can to at Douglas Ridge.

    Downside; it is out in the boonies, but that is actually one of the things that attracted me to it. We have a local Elk herd that shows up on the range some time and we've had to cease fire when an eagle takes up residence at the end of the 200 yd range now and then.

    They don't have the options of Tri-County and I certainly wouln't discourage you from checking out Tri-County, but I just find I like Douglas Ridge better.

    If you would like, I would be happy to give you a range tour some weekend. PM me.
  3. Judicator

    Judicator Well-Known Member

    I live down in Yamhill County, and there are plenty of places out in the woods to go shoot, most of them less than a half hour's drive away. There is also a small outdoor range in McMinnville, membership is $70 a year, and there's a trap/skeet range in Dundee.
  4. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    Bump.. Last guy didn't respond to my PM.. So I am searching for others.

    Anyone else frequent this range who might be able to help a newcomer? I live about an hour away and would hate to drive all the way out there just to be turned away. I would like to travel to the range knowing I can get membership there and shoot there the day I go.

    Bear in my mind, Iam a new rifle shooter, so I am looking for people who can either help a beginner rifle shooter or who knows people at the range who offer training classes there. Since I am new to the range, I probably have a lot to learn about the way it operates. Anyone know the hours the range is open right now and their policy of accepting newcomers? I left a message on their machine, but nobody calls back. Also , their website has been down for me for the last day. Ugh.. It kinda sucks that the best range around here is so hard to access. Anyway, if anyone goes to this range who be willing to help a newcomer get setup there, I appreciate it.

    I heard the range in Hockinson, WA is a bit overpriced and has many less options than the one in Eagle Creek, so I was bit excited to go there for the extra 30 minute drive.
  5. joshk-k

    joshk-k Well-Known Member

    I've been to DRRC once with another THR member. It's a nice facility. I don't have the money for any range membership and just drive out to the national forest myself. It limits me, though, since I can't do it when there's snow on the ground.

  6. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    Bump.. Last guy didn't respond to my PM.. So I am searching for others.

    BTW, "THE LAST GUY" has been working his A** off for the last week or so after recovering from a hospital stay.

    My sincere apologies for not responding to you in a more timely manner.
  7. PBinWA

    PBinWA Well-Known Member

    I'm a member at Clark Rifles and have been to Douglas Ridge too. I would say Clark Rifles is a nice well run set-up but is a little small with only a 300 yard range.

    Douglas Ridge has a 1000 yard range and is a bigger facility but it is just too far to drive to for me. Of course, Clark Rifles is 45 minutes for me too but it is the closest "real" range.
  8. jnyork

    jnyork Well-Known Member

    I visit out there every year, where is Douglas Ridge in relation to Salem? Thanks.
  9. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    No hard feelings Coug.. I didn't have any idea of your situation, and you're not obliged to show me the range.. I know people have busy work schedules, actually I thought since I was a new shooter, you may not have been interested, since I know it takes more effort to assist a newer shooter than someone who is experienced. Actually, I really don't expect anyone to show me the place anytime soon, and I know anyone who does is taking time out of their day and I am the last person to want to pressure someone to do something for me.

    I just thought it be nice to bump the thread and see if anyone else frequented the range, before the thread dies.

    Anyhow, I am sorry you were in hospital, I do pray for a speedy recovery for whatever has afflicted you.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2009
  10. 4Freedom

    4Freedom member

    One of the organizers/owners or whatever they are, from Douglas Rifle range left a message on my phone today.. I will call and see if I can learn more stuff from him.

    As for as distances, I calculated them on google maps:
    Clark RIfle Range: 38 minute drive
    Dougles Rifle Range: 61 minute drive

    The extra 20 or 30 minutes seems worth it for a much better range. Yeah, I really wish it was a 5 minute drive, instead. :(:(

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