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Drill & Tap a Mini-14

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by loose noose, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    I know the Ruger Ranch Rifle is already drilled and tapped for a scope mount, I was wondering if the standard 186 series rifle could be done, and the rear sight left on. Further is there any significant difference in the receiver on the Ranch and standard mini-14? Come on RC I'm counting on ya.
  2. carbine85

    carbine85 Well-Known Member

    The ranch rifle has grooves machined into the receiver. It's not drilled and and tapped. I recommend one of the side mounted detachable scope mounts for the older rifles. I have used one for 30 years and never had a problem. My son has a B Square mount for one of his and it works very well. There's no drilling or machining required.
  3. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Don't. Ruger engineered the Ranch rifle because those after market scope mounts for the Mini-14 were struck by the ejecting case, transferring the energy to the scope and causing scope failure. Ruger fixed it by changing the ejector (sideway ejection as opposed to upward), adding a buffer and then scope bases on the receiver.
  4. desidog

    desidog Well-Known Member

  5. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    I'd go with what Desidog suggested. No harm to scope with that mount.
  6. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    I've got the B-Square set up on it now, and reckon I'll stick with that, as I placed a cheap BSA Red Dot scope on it and it didn't hold zero. Before I got the bi-pod installed, I shot it using a Burris XTS 135 and it shot really well, but I've got that on my AR-15, and got it all zeroed in.

    The scout idea is pretty neat but I have Choate Over-molded stock on it, and I wouldn't want to upset the way everything sits in the stock. I believe the answer is, is getting a decent scope to start off with.

    I do appreciate all the responses. That rifle with the Accu-Strut is very accurate BTW, just need something with my failing eye sight is all.
  7. Sun Tzu warrior

    Sun Tzu warrior Well-Known Member

  8. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Sun Tzu, I've got the drills and taps to do the top of the receiver, but from what I gathered it wouldn't hold up to the vibration. I'm not worried about the casings battering the scope as I've already altered the extractor/ejector to throw the casings down, and slightly to the front, in a neat little pile.
  9. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Just been advised about an S&K Scope mount, that attaches to the rear sight. I can get it at Brownells for $69.00 it is supposed to be very solid and does not require any drilling and tapping. Reckon I'm gonna have to order one. Come to think of it I'm going to have $1000.00+ Mini-14 before long. Oh well I'm having fun. Only problem is I won't have the use of my iron sights.
  10. Kp321

    Kp321 Well-Known Member

    If you think you must, the blue Minis can be drilled and tapped but not the stainless models. They are as hard as 03 Springfield receivers and can't be spot annealed like 03's.
  11. carbine85

    carbine85 Well-Known Member

    You can change the gas piston orifice and make the brass drop at your feet. You can feel the difference, it doesn't batter the scope and they still work reliably. The Mini is a little over gassed by design.
  12. Sunray

    Sunray Well-Known Member

    A lot of those receivers are harder than a liberal's heart. Far moreso than an '03 receiver. They'll eat carbide drills. Scoping one won't make it shoot any better either.
  13. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Change the orifice? The hole can be enlargened but to close it it would have to be plugged and then redrilled with a smaller hole. There's that gas port tube that goes between the barrel and the gas cylinder that can be changed.

    Here's the problem with either of those concepts. You change the amount of gas flowing to the action. Now the ejection will be slower, allowing the brass to drop at your feet. But at what price? Reliability. Change the ammo and it may not work. Nope. If someone hands you ammo, you don't know its origins and it may jam in your piece. That's OK for range situations but in hunting conditions that's one less coyote/rabbit or what not that is going down. In self defense, you may have a single shot whereas you have multiple assailants.

    R. L. Wilson's book on Ruger has some things on the Mini-14 and the Ranch. It talks about Leupold scopes breaking under the shock.
  14. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    I thought I mentioned it, but I don't have a problem with the ejection of the carbine, as quite awhile ago I altered the extractor/ejector and they all drop down and slightly to the front. Never had a problem with it since that time, as my empties go in a neat little pile just in front of where I'm shooting. Never had a jam either as I shoot mostly my reloads.

    As far as accuracy goes, I placed an Accu-Strut on it here recently, as well as did a trigger job, and set it in a Over-Molded Choate Stock. I have gotten moa groups with 5 rounds. (52-53grn. hpbt) The reason for the scope is, as I get older my eyes are straining to get a good sight picture, thus the scope. Just looking for a 2X7 either the Vortex or the Nikon Pro Staff. Don't plan on drilling and tapping the receiver after reading the posts. I've got the S&K ordered from Brownell's.
  15. Sun Tzu warrior

    Sun Tzu warrior Well-Known Member

    I have an S&K. I like it and use it during hunting season to mount a Leupold VX-III
    Never had a problem with ejecting or scope damage, this on a 182 series Mini, with no mods.
    I also have a weaver 302; http://www.midwayusa.com/Product/715165/weaver-mount-scope-base-ruger-mini-14-302-gloss
    I like it better because it has a disk as well so it fits in a groove that is in the receiver underneath where the factory rear sight is. The disk is an integral part of a screw which you tighten with a allen wrench making it rock solid! I did not mention this before because your post said you wanted to be able to use the iron sights as well.
  16. BSA1

    BSA1 Well-Known Member

    B Square mounts that screw into the side of the reciever are junk. My agency tried them and we could not get the to hold a zero. The ejected brass would hit the scope causing the mount to loosen after 20 rounds or so.
  17. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    BSA, I agree whole heartedly with the B-Square being junk. BTW I just got my S&K Scope mount in the mail yesterday and mounted it and the Weaver rings on the rifle after taking the rear sights off. Pretty simple mounting. I just recently ordered my Vortex Scope in 2X7 with Dead Hold BDC in CF2. I'll give a range report as soon as I get it back. The S7K looks pretty stable as compared to the B-Square.
  18. carbine85

    carbine85 Well-Known Member

    Changing the gas piston orifice is common and the gas blocks usually need to be loosened up and re-torqued anyway. You can get different sizes and it only takes a few minutes. I can honestly say I haven't had a problem on any of mine even when using low end wolf ammo.
  19. Nathan Detroit

    Nathan Detroit Well-Known Member

    If you go to Perfect Union forum, they have a whole section on the Mini 14s. One of the guys there sells the bushings with the orifices in a variety of diameters. They are very reasonably priced so you can afford to buy a number of them and experiment.
  20. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    Below are some photos of the finished product with out having to drill and tap the receiver. I do btw like that S&k base mount, as it's nice and solid. Did some shooting this morning very early, and the rifle performed really well.



    Last edited: Aug 22, 2014

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