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DSA SA58 vs RRA LAR10 vs Armalite AR10

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by epijunkie67, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. epijunkie67

    epijunkie67 Well-Known Member

    I've already got an M1A but thought about getting something in .308 with a pistol grip. I've got a CETME but want to move up to a higher quality weapon. I also don't like the charging handle on the CETME.

    So here's my top three options to date.

    DSA SA58 Carbine

    RRA LAR10 Mid-length

    Armalite AR10 Carbine

    Thoughts on the strength/weakness of each of these choices?
  2. GTKrockeTT

    GTKrockeTT Well-Known Member

    get the FAL.
  3. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    i must admit, the ar10 has a lot going for it, plus the fact it has a lot of interchangeable parts. that being said, if the dsa uses the piston stroke system, then hands down , that is the one I would go for.
  4. wayne in boca

    wayne in boca Well-Known Member

    Get the FAL.Mags are damn near free,and you'll love it.My DSA STG 58 gives my M1As a run for their money.
  5. jacketch

    jacketch Well-Known Member

    I didn't like the CETME style charging handle either so I went with the FAL. Haven't regretted it one ounce. Like the M1a, it's a classic .308 battle rifle.
  6. bofe954

    bofe954 Well-Known Member

    I'd be worried about the RRA just for the fact that it is new, untested and shares a design that Bushmaster had problems with.

    The Armalites are cool but whenever I look at their catalog they really don't have a specific model that I like.

    I'd do the DSA of the 3 you posted, what about the H+K copy, is it JLD?
  7. js2013

    js2013 Well-Known Member

    Why not DPMS? They make a quality carbine 308 that's less expensive than those you have listed.
  8. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    RRA is new, but RRA makes good weapons.

    Armalite is a quality maker, and the AR10 has been around for eons.

    DPMS has had their .308 AR10 variant on the market for a year or so, and I've heard nothing but glowing reviews of it.

    DSA is, of course, the premier maker of FALs on the market.

    Playing Which One of These is Not Like the Other, I see 3 AR patterns and one FAL pattern. I'm guessing the big question is more "AR or FAL?" than it is "which maker?"

  9. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    For all of the FAL love you'll find here, the FALnatics never talk about the balance or ergonomics or general handiness of the thing. In my opinion, the FAL handles and feels about like a 2x4 made of iron. The FAL is, no doubt, a battle tested arm, but I vastly prefer the ergonomics and balance of the AR10 pattern. Neither are lightweight, but the AR10 simply is more user-friendly.

    I have an Armalite and like it. I chose the Armalite AR10 over the other options because of the ready availability of magazines and its known track record. Having said that, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a DPMS if the price was right.
  10. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    The only problem that I have with the ergos of the FAL is that it is nose-heavy, at least in its full-size, bipod-wearing, STG-style goodness. Shortening the barrel and/or removing the bipod helps things a lot. The only other negative I can think of are the stock iron sights, which are easily replaceable with either optics or AR-style sights.

    One way in which the FAL is ergonomically better that the AR, IMO, is the cocking handle. The ability to cycle the weapon without removing buttstock from shoulder or strong hand from the pistol grip is very nice. The AR charging system is not a deal breaker, but it is less than ideal.

    So, I don't find the AR that much better in the ergos department. Just different.

  11. Josh M.

    Josh M. Active Member

    If you are planning on punching paper at 200 yards, the AR-10 is the better longrange platform.

    If you want to blow up milk jugs at 200 yards, the FAL is WAY mor fun.

    Keep the change. - JM.
  12. thexrayboy

    thexrayboy Well-Known Member

    The real big advantage to FAL's

    Is the huge availability of mags for them. Spare parts are easy to come by usually and my two FALS are easy for me to work on.
  13. newwheelg

    newwheelg New Member

    Sometimes you just have to get one for the "cool factor"

  14. AndyC

    AndyC Well-Known Member

    Magazine - check

    Concrete - close enough

    (sorry - falfiles joke) :D
  15. newwheelg

    newwheelg New Member

    Hey AndyC. I got it. I was going to lay it on the driveway with no mag, but I didn't think too many here would catch the relevance.

    +1 for FAL files!
  16. Davo

    Davo Well-Known Member

    you guys are driving me nuts...im in cali so im stuck choosing between a FAL with fixed 10rd mag, or an M1A with standard mags. Guess Ill have to go M1A.
  17. AndyC

    AndyC Well-Known Member

    Good man! :D :D :D
  18. 1911JMB

    1911JMB Well-Known Member

    I love my Fal. Its one of David Salvagio's SA58 carbines, and I think it handles every bit as nicely as the AR10 I shot. Also, unlike the AR10, its never jammed on me.
  19. No_Brakes23

    No_Brakes23 Well-Known Member

    I am shocked no one mentioned the adjustable gas system as a benefit of the FAL. That put together with the AR being direct-impingement puts the FAL at the top of the 7.62NATO pile for me. For 6.8SPC/.458/5.56 the AR makes sense, but for .308, get an M1A or, if you like a pistol grip, (Like me,) get an FAL.
  20. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    My preferred platform for the 7.62 NATO is the AR-10. The only AR-10 is Armalite, IMO. Unless you can afford a Stoner (Which, AFAIK, are built with many Armalite parts). And Armalite is a great company to deal with.

    I love my AR-10


    Between 5 models, 3 calibers and two colors (not to mention mix'n'match) you couldn't find one you liked? (If it is a shorty handguard model you prefer, you're SOL on 7.62mm AR's)

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