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Durability of Philippine-made 1911's

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Slater, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Slater

    Slater Well-Known Member

    I've examined some of the Rock Island Arsenal and High Standard 1911's and they seem to be well made and fitted. On the other hand some have maintained that the metallurgy is not the best and they lack the durability to withstand long-term heavy use. Accurate or just Internet scuttlebutt?
  2. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    Rock Island is made in the Philippines? I need to get one to support my second country!
  3. gwnorth

    gwnorth Well-Known Member

    So you go seeking the answer to that question on ... the internet?

    Just find that curious :)
  4. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Well-Known Member

    Well, STI thinks enough of them to use their frames as the base for their guns.

  5. Slater

    Slater Well-Known Member

    Figured that some of you honorable High Road folks might have some extensive experience with this brand :D
  6. crankshop1000

    crankshop1000 Well-Known Member

    Check out the 1911.org site. They have a RIA representitive on the forum and get rave reviews. I like mine.The big plus for the RIA is that they are built using modern CNC machines.Makes for a great buy.I think the "some" that maintain the metallurgy is sub par are not qualified to make that determination.
  7. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Some folks just cannot countenance a ~$350 pistol that outdoes their ~$1500 'name brand 1911" out of the box.

    ... and then there's the "if it's that cheap, it must be pure crap" camp.

    They are an overlooked bargain.
  8. wditto

    wditto Well-Known Member

    they are a bargain, they are great performers, and unless you are 21 years old and will shoot daily until you are my age, 93, you won't wear it out - if you do, they are covered 100% by a fantastic service department - and after all, they are very inexpensive
  9. strat81

    strat81 Well-Known Member

    STI uses Amrscor (Rock Island) frames for the Spartan only.

    I have a Spartan, it's a fantastic gun, probably the most accurate one I own.

    Check forum.m1911.org for more info.
  10. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    STI Spartan uses the Rock Island Armory Frame & Slide ONLY,

    The equivalent RIA model to the Spartan is the RIA 1911 Match.
    it has an adj. rear sight and is hand fitted in the P.I.

    I'm waiting for the hard copy catalogue from the customer service
    outfit - Advanced Tactical in Nevada.

  11. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

  12. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    FYI - The Charles Daly 1911 was also made by RIA in the P.I.

  13. wditto

    wditto Well-Known Member

    so is the High Standard
  14. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Well-Known Member

    Keaner, another High Roader had an rather dangerous AD with an RIA 1911 although you might also call it an ND. He had a couple of malfunctions where the slide would close into battery when inserting a magazine. His mistake was that he didn't immediately stop using the weapon. When he had been in a local gun store having some one look at the weapon he unloaded it. When he got back in his car he pointed the barrel at the console and inserted a magazine. This time not only did the slide go into battery, the hammer fell and the pistol fired a round. :what: Only through luck did he avoid some very costly repairs to his vehicle.

    It appears that a part of the slide release lever had broken off. I think the frames and slides are OK, but some of the MIM parts are lacking in quality.
  15. wditto

    wditto Well-Known Member

    stories like this are terrible to hear, and certainly very important , but , every manufacturer in the world, the whole earth, has had parts fail, more than once, and it is not rare among the MIM nor forged nor machined parts - 'tis just part of life with anything having moving parts. If we all had Bill gates income, we "might" could afford flawless perfect pistols, but maybe not, because that one might have a hiccup one day as well.......I am very glad the fellow wasn't injured; it could happen to anyone with any brand handgun.....
  16. WoofersInc

    WoofersInc Well-Known Member

    I have a Charles Daly 1911 that is over 10 years old and has close to 10,000 rounds through it. Still looks and runs great. Had to change out recoil springs a few times but that will happen on any gun.
  17. 45auto

    45auto Well-Known Member

    You would have to "define" long term heavy use.

    For many people, a "lifetime" is 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 rounds. Others, it's 20,000 rounds a year for "so" many years... until you have to replace most of the parts, multiple times.

    So, it's a good question because I haven't "read" about any high-mileage RIA's and how they hold up. Time will tell.

    I have "read" that "quality" 1911s that should go between 100,000-200,000 rounds with the major parts "intact"...slide/frame/barrel. Of course, what loads you shoot and how you take care of it will alter your "mileage". Barrels in particular.
  18. chbrow10

    chbrow10 Well-Known Member

    I bought a RIA tactical in March and have shoot roughly 2400 rounds through it. From a durability standpoint, I have no complaints. Last Sunday, at my local USPSA match, I placed third in a field of 10 single stack competitors shooting Kimbers, Wilson Combat modified Colts, and all the other high price point brands.
  19. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre Well-Known Member

    I'm now at 300 rounds in the Charles Daly 1911 I bought about a week ago. Detail stripped it and gave it a VERY close examination last night. It's showing far less "break in" wear than my previous Taurus PT-1911 did for the same number of rounds. Assuming that no parts break from flaws in the metal itself I suspect this pistol will last for a very long time.
  20. MAKster

    MAKster Well-Known Member

    How does the fit and finish of the Charles Daly EFS compare to the RIA Tactical. Is it worth the extra money since the major parts are all the same?

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