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duracoating for the holidays: FAL finished

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by usmcdoc14, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    specs are as follows (or as much as I can remember)
    FN FAL built of a "fixed" Century receiver (polished,honed,gone over everything)
    Argentine open ear gasblock and barrel
    DSA muzzle brake

    me built full floating carbon fiber fore end
    US made "Israeli" forward assist charging handle
    EO tech with a built by me quick locking lever
    DSA receiver cover/rail

    modified DSA extended safety (its too long by a half inch and jabs the nice soft flesh out of the top of your thumb so I cut it down and reshaped it)
    a REAL M-249 SAW grip :p
    me built widened and extended mag release paddle

    somebody's single point sling mount
    some other dude's gas piston (cant remember who's right now)
    completely Duracoated inside and out
    headspaced for both 7.62NATO and .308
    and umm like stuff and things i forgot.

    Oh and you see the magazines ? I was having a pain of a time figuring if they should be OD or black. so I figured why not both in a sorta "camo" pattern :D

    ready for the zombies :evil:

    So what ya think?
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2006
  2. birdv

    birdv Well-Known Member

    How much will you charge me to do my FAL?
    Except I want butterflies on my mags.

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  3. 69Chevy

    69Chevy Well-Known Member

    That thing is badass. I always like the way FALs looked and it will most likely be my next gun purchase. You modified that gun like hotrodders modify muscle cars. I also used to live in Norfolk(Actually, chesapeake, but close enough) as well.
  4. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    birdv so OD green and black butterflies? the mags or the whole gun?
    Let me think about it :D I have a school to go to for a few weeks and would also have to find/make a stencil.

    69Chevy, I am not a fan of "collectable" guns that are not rare, the same as I am with "collectable" vehicles that are not rare :) (i make off road vehicles and take a sawzall to most everything) Black guns are fine but this is "my" rifle. LOL

    I also have a SKS in rustolium snow camo :evil: it fully pisses off purists LOL
  5. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    Nice job!

    And I mean on both the painting and on the FAL itself. I love homebuilt rifles. All those little customizing things are really cool.
  6. Retro

    Retro Well-Known Member

    Nice job!

    Did you duracoat the CAI receiver also? If so, how come CAI receiver still has that shade of greenish color?

    Can you duracoat on polymer parts?

    Do you have to sand off original finish before applying duracoat?
  7. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    I duracoated everything on there inside and out besides the grip (forgot to) and the stock (replacing it) its "WWII O.D. green" and flat black duracoat

    yes you can duracoat plastic, wood as well. it is a room temp curing epoxy/paint

    no but it needs to be CLEAN. I sandblasted everything as it gives it a better "tooth" to grab/soak into but can be done without.
  8. Retro

    Retro Well-Known Member

    Hey one more question, you mentioned that you honed and polished the C.A.I receiver. I have the same CAI L1A1 receiver, and which part did you polish and why? Were you having reliability issues before?

  9. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    the major thing is look at your "brow" the feedramp area on the receiver. if you have a "unibrow" it will look flat, this will give you feed issues. if you have a "normal" one it will look like a small case "w". Mine was a "w" but was not long enough so it was hand filed and then polished.
    I removed all casting/forging flash and got rid of some nasty machining marks on the side.

    the gun when I got it had a shot barrel from leaving corrosive ammo crud in it for a while :what: it was shootable but looked like sandpaper LOL so it was stripped bare and anything that irritated me was fixed as I went.

    The evil monkeys at Century can do some stupid things, I have made a few of them into beautiful firearms
  10. Retro

    Retro Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. My receiver also has the "w" feed ramp and I will polish it a little like I do to my pistols to enhance feeding reliability. Typically, this rifle averages about 1 misfeed every 100 rounds, which was not too bad.

    My L1A1 sporter came with a neutered barrel which looked brand new. I am trying to find a flashhider that will fit the unthreaded neutered barrel. But I was told that I should thread the barrel before attempting to place any barrel device on it.

    Since you know your FAL really welll, what is your thought on that? Any recommendations?

  11. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    measure the OD of the barrel, figure what size thread would be best for it (and has available hiders/brakes in that thread) and go at it :D

    dies can get cheaper from like an online shop supply instead of a gun place.
    besides what is the worse you do? mess up the thread?
    big deal, you just cover it with a clamp on one :D
  12. Retro

    Retro Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find any websites that sells the clamp-on flashhider... you know any sites?
  13. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    what is the OD of your barrel at the end? they sell clamp on flash hiders and brakes for the SKS everywhere that may work, as well as clamp on threaded adapters.
  14. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    love the mag 'camo'
  15. erict

    erict Well-Known Member

    WOW, that is a beautiful waepon!

    I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain a little more?

    I get into restoring 67-87 Chevy trucks and have alot of paint/body equipment around the shop. what type of tools are required for doing a complete disassembly-recoat of this degree? I have a Paasche airbruch and 2 Devilbiss spray guns, compressor, sand/media blaster, etc.

    What media was used to do the blasting? I assume regular sand at a decent distance/angle wouldn't warp any metal parts on a FAL like it would sheet metal on an automobile.

    Does the Duracoat come ready to shoot or does it need to be reduced, hardened, etc.

    Thanks for any help, links, etc. and again, congrats on a finely built rifle.
  16. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    follow this link :D

    thats my write-up and will answer most of your questions
  17. erict

    erict Well-Known Member

    Thank you Sir.
  18. AndyC

    AndyC Well-Known Member

    Absolutely beautiful - you need to go over to falfiles.com and show that puppy off :D

    Edit: Just noticed that you already have - man, you're too quick ;)
  19. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink Well-Known Member

    One last question....

    Did you make or buy the stencils for the mags?
  20. usmcdoc14

    usmcdoc14 Well-Known Member

    buy, i stopped seriously airbrushing years ago :p

    Actually I was at the hobby center when I saw it and instantly a light went off in my head and I knew what had to be done. LOL
    although making any stencil is not hard if you want to do it, just get some plastic sheet or old x-ray films work very well for it. Place it over the design you want and trace it with a permanent marker. Then use a Dremel or Xacto knife to cut it out.

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