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Duracote firearms finish

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Slater, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Slater

    Slater Well-Known Member


    Anyone have any experience with this particular finish? The site claims that a gun finished with Duracote "will not rust - ever".
  2. nico

    nico Well-Known Member

    I find that claim hard to believe. What kind of warranty do they give to back it up?
  3. Slater

    Slater Well-Known Member

    I read that statement in their FAQ section:

    "I hunt along saltwater. Will DuraCoat withstand the salty environment?

    Certainly. DuraCoat is well suited for salty environments. One of DuraCoat's attributes is its extreme ability to resist salt corrosion. A firearm coated with DuraCoat simply will not rust...EVER!"
  4. Arc-Lite

    Arc-Lite Well-Known Member

    rust will not form on the dura-coat, but it is a coating, and if scratched then the rust can form on the unprotected area... I have a similar finish, and have had it in rain storms....rivers and the ocean, and done this often...still no rust, on all protected areas.
  5. yodar

    yodar Well-Known Member

    I did it

    Double-Star .45 frame (new) and junkbox Itajuba slide. One black, one O.D. total cost $50.00 mas o menos to duracoat and I have enough left to do three more. Now that I know what surface prep needs, I'll get better results. The slide was pretty beat up.


    DO order whatever anticipated colors you need with the first order. Duracoat will stick you with a $15.00 haz mat Fee for any colors you order outside the main order

    And do get a harbor freight $50.00 air compressor for air brush application. the C02 can they offer with their airbrush sux! (freezes up)

  6. JWarren

    JWarren Well-Known Member

    I've used Duracoat on a SAR-1 AK-47, a FAL, and a Saiga 308.

    I'm very pleased with the results on each rifle. I'll be doing my Vector AK-47 and a Romanian G AK-47 with it soon.


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