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Durham County Wildlife Club -- Durham, NC: opinions?

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by abrahamsmith, May 31, 2004.

  1. abrahamsmith

    abrahamsmith Active Member

    I moved to the Durham, NC area last fall and hadn't had a chance to join a gun club until recently (when my first year of grad school at Duke ended). Consequently, I haven't shot more than a rubberband since last August. :what: :(

    Someone reccommeded DCWC as a good, inexpensive club, espescially for shotgun and pistol (though they have *no* rifle facilities, that doesn't bother me now -- between a .22 target rifle and a .50 Hawken smokepole, I have little need for a rifle range right now. I mostly want to get into skeet and IPSC/IDPA).

    Any opinions, positive or negative, about this club?

    It seems that their "open" hours are very limited (sat/sun only, and some tuesday pistol stuff), but it seems that if you volunteer a few weekends a year, you get the access code and get to shoot whenever. Does this system work well, for those of you who've been there? Is it crowded during the open hours? what about a random weeknight?

    My reference also mentioned these, placing DCWC and PDHSC as best in terms of price/value:
    http://www.dcwc.net/ Durham County Wildlife Club
    http://www.younggunsinc.com Young Guns, Apex
    http://www.dprc.org/ Durham Pistol and Rifle Club
    http://www.pdhsc.com/ Personal Defense Handgun Safety Center

  2. ChristopherG

    ChristopherG Well-Known Member

    Abe, welcome to Durham and welcome to Duke! Here's what you do: on Tuesday night--tomorrow night, if it doesn't rain--come down to DCWC for the Tuesday night pistol shoot. Bring any handgun you want and a couple of mags or speedloaders, a hundred rounds, and five bucks. Shoot with us--either IDPA style stages or PPC, depending on how big the crowd is--and we'll tell you about other opportunities in the area, as well as the deal with DCWC (here's the deal; join if you wanna shoot a lot of shotgun).

    Email or PM me if you have more questions, and look for me when you come out tomorrow night!

  3. abrahamsmith

    abrahamsmith Active Member

    Email sent.

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