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Dust Cover for LoadMaster?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Rustynuts, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Rustynuts

    Rustynuts Well-Known Member

    I don't think Lee makes covers. I've seen some from Hornady, RCBS, and Dillon. Would any of these fit a Loadmaster with all the trimmings (auto case and bullet feeders)?
  2. presspuller

    presspuller Well-Known Member

    I made a dust cover out of a leg cut off from a pair of blue jeans. Cost me .50 cents at a yard sale.
  3. Rustynuts

    Rustynuts Well-Known Member

    How is that big enough to go over the whole press? Don't have mine in hand yet, but seems like it would need to be a lot bigger than a pant leg! Plus I think the wife would REALLY not like that look!
  4. jfh

    jfh Well-Known Member

    Every so often an entrepreneur / VERY small business comes out with press dust covers. They fade away--I think the problem is that there just isn't enough sales volume to keep them going with a single product niche.

    The last big "retail" / public go-round on dust covers was in the computer industry. IIRC, it peaked at least ten years ago. Recently, I wanted to buy some printer dust covers--and I had to search like hell and then custom order them. They are "custom fit" in a pretty non-custom way, too.

    So, finally combine the profile of LEE buyers (among other things, VERY cost conscious / good value buyers, willing to tinker and put up with some issues that Dillon buyers would never put up with), and the demand just isn't there.

    Meanwhile, if you find one, post it here--I need one that will accommodate the Loadmaster complete with a Case Feeder and Collator, and it should have a pocket fit to the Pro Auto Disk, and a separate pocket that can zip off for when I have a turret with the bullet feeder and tubes installed. I'll even buy a second pocket for the bullet feeder if the Case Collator fits and works on bullets--

    And I want to pay $29.99 for the basic case, and $5.99 for the second pocket....

    See the problem?

    Jim H.
  5. Bailey Boat

    Bailey Boat Well-Known Member

    I use pillow cases on all of my reloaders, can be had for very little $$ in most stores that carry bed linens...... Okay, I admit to being CHEAP!!!!!!
  6. Nom de Guerre

    Nom de Guerre Member

    I'm using a black plastic garbage bag at the moment. It's cheap, easily replaceable, easy to source, and keeps the dust off.

    I live in a low humidity area though, and I also don't cinch the bag tightly around the bottom of my press, which is a Redding Big Boss II.

    It may not look quite as fancy as a custom cover, but I'm OK with that.
  7. Steel Talon

    Steel Talon Well-Known Member

    Pillow case user here also.. When my girls got in the crafting mood to tie die a while back. I was given a few customized covers! for fathers day :D

    Steel Talon:cool:
  8. Rustynuts

    Rustynuts Well-Known Member

    Good ideas! I like the look of the Dillon cover. Not sure it would fit though. Is it sacrilege to put a Dillon cover on a Lee?
  9. presspuller

    presspuller Well-Known Member

    but its your money and your press so you can do it anyway.
  10. bfox

    bfox Well-Known Member

    I put a pillow case on mine .
    With it over the case collator it
    looked like a mini Klu Klux Clan . ( Think they are Horrible, But it Did )


    I think I am going to tye dye his sheet to tick him off !
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2007
  11. Bailey Boat

    Bailey Boat Well-Known Member

    bfox.... I have actually had guys come in my shop and STARE at the 4 Mec's in a row covered with pillow cases. It may take them a while to build up the courage to ask about them, but sooner or later they do and we all have a good laugh........ They do look too much like KKK hats.....
  12. Steel Talon

    Steel Talon Well-Known Member

    Trust me Tye Dye covers remove all resemblance of that ilk.
  13. Steve Koski

    Steve Koski Well-Known Member

    Red garbage sack.

    Come on, stick with the Lee theme.
  14. subierex

    subierex Well-Known Member

    Another garbage bag user here. If I get industrious this spring I may go to something fancy like an old pillow case. :D
  15. cgs500

    cgs500 Well-Known Member

    I use bags from my bank that they get rolled coin in. They are kind of like large shot bags or small burlap feed bags. They work great! Just be careful how you ask for them.:)
  16. Shadow500

    Shadow500 Active Member

    I use a pillow case.

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