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Eagle International Mini-14 Magazines?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by RuralTurtle, May 12, 2006.

  1. RuralTurtle

    RuralTurtle Member

  2. jagdpanzer347

    jagdpanzer347 Well-Known Member

    Ruralturtle, first off, welcome to THR. I have no experience with the Eagle mags,but my experience with most aftermarket Mini14 mags has been pretty negative. I have read several threads that say the recent ProMag thirty-rounders work well. Again, no personal experience with these either,but I am going to get one to try.

    Your best bet is to just bite they bullet(so to speak)and buy some genuine Ruger twenty-rounders. Those work flawlessly, although they are somewhat expensive. Average price in my area is thiry-five to forty bucks.

  3. RuralTurtle

    RuralTurtle Member


    Thanks for the kind follow up. I appreciate it.

    Sounds like it best to go w/ Ruger. I thought they didn't sell hi-caps to the consumer market, but I did notice some advertised in SGN recently.

    I don't mind paying more if they work. I've spent too much money on equipment over the years that just plain doesn't work. :eek:

    Thanks again.
  4. jagdpanzer347

    jagdpanzer347 Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help. Ruger does not sell full capacity mags to us mere citizens. The ones you see available will have the restricted LEO only markings. Still, they work the same and at some point may even be considered a collectable due to that marking. Not that that really matters to me. The main thing is they work. Wish they were priced like AR mgs though. I heard a rumor that cproducts may start manufacturing Mini mags. If they do, I'll bet they will be of very high quality.

  5. chopinbloc

    chopinbloc Well-Known Member

    as long as the mini has been around, it is surprising that someone hasn't stepped up to make a quality magazine for it. i bought a bunch of no-name mags and i've been testing them for reliability. so far, out of ten mags, only two have given me problems. they are of obviously lower quality than the five round factory mags from ruger, though.

    if a company were to market a magazine that they garaunteed to function, i am confident they'd make alot of money.

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