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Ed Brown Kobra Carry Reviews

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by SamlautRanger, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. SamlautRanger

    SamlautRanger member

    Anyone own or shoot before a Ed Brown Kobra Carry? How was the accuracy, reliability, bobtail ???? Thanks.
  2. kikilee

    kikilee Well-Known Member

    I just bought my second one. Accuracy, reliability, bobtail are all great. I have Colts, Wilsons, and Brown 1911's. To me the Browns are the best. I am sure others will chime in and point out the errors in my thought process. I have NEVER had a Brown gun fail to feed, fire, eject, or any malfunction for that matter. Accuracy is better than I can shoot and I have been shooting for 30+ years. The bobtail is unnoticeable when shooting. The gun is as corfortable in your hand as any 1911 style gun. My.02
  3. lunde

    lunde Well-Known Member

    Accuracy is outstanding, and mine have been 100% reliable. The ergonomics, even without the Bobtail, are great, and the Bobtail adds to the impressive ergonomics. Here are mine, first with factory grips, and then with slimline AlumaGrips (Tactical Checkered in black):



    If I had to reduce my collection down to only one pistol, that one pistol would be an Ed Brown Kobra Carry. That's how much I like mine.

    Both of mine are the California-certified models (all-stainless, ambi safety, night sights, a titanium firing pin, and extra heavy duty firing pin spring), but I sent both back to Ed Brown to change the ambi safety to single-sided ones, and to install slimline grip screw bushings that I supplied. The first change I made, to both, was to swap the titanium firing pin and extra heavy duty firing pin spring with standard versions (#825 Firing Pin and #908 Firing Pin Spring).

    The March 2005 issue of "Combat Handguns" did a review of the Executive Carry, which is identical to the Kobra Carry, except for slide serrations and frame/MSH checkering instead of the Snakeskin treatment. If you cannot find this issue, send me an email, and I'll send to you a scanned-to-PDF version.
  4. 1911.45

    1911.45 Active Member


    Beautiful pistols. No doubt that Brown produces excellent products, and I use their parts whenever possible. Too bad for me that Brown pistols are not sold in Massachusetts. (Yes, I would move if I could.)
  5. SamlautRanger

    SamlautRanger member

    Question for Lunde (or others)

    Noticed you also have a large collection of Sigs. So how does the Kobra Karry compare to the Sig 220 in terms of accuracy and recoil??
  6. Kestrel

    Kestrel Well-Known Member

    I haven't shot my Ed Browns, (am getting ready to sell my other one), but I'll say this - That bobtail conversion on the frame is one of the most natural-feeling modifications I've felt on a 1911 in a LONG time. It feels SO good. It's a wonder it wasn't thought of years ago.

    Something about that small curve at the bottom of the frame, just makes it fit in the hand more comfortably and gives it the feeling of being more concealable.

    If I didn't need to sell it, I would keep it and it would probably be my carry piece... (Hmm... now I'm having second thoughts...)

    I had a stainless one like Lunde's picture and it was BEAUTIFUL. My blued one is just as sultry. They are finished superbly.

    ><SNIFF>< I've missed it ever since I sold it...

  7. Roger rodbolt

    Roger rodbolt Member

    I have a stainless Kobra Carry and the same in a Executive Carry. Both have been flawless and I believe the Kobra Carry to be a "best value" in 1911's. The bobtail feels natural, conceals well and shoots comfortably. The only guns I like better are a couple early Ed Brown Colt customs.
  8. SamlautRanger

    SamlautRanger member

    What types of groups are you getting with the Kobra carry? What is the MOA at say 25 meters? Getting 1" such as Wilson's Claim? Thanks.

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