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Effective Marketing Strikes!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by berettaprofessor, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. berettaprofessor

    berettaprofessor Well-Known Member

    I know there are those who think the Zombie craze puts gun owners in a bad light, but call it what you will, it certainly is an effective marketing technique and I believe it may help bring younger members into the fold with game toys like the one pictured below.

    Found this one at Dick's this weekend for $35, and since I was looking for an Airsoft that wasn't a springer, I was susceptible to its charms. Made by Crosman and the first I've seen using this marketing. For those who are interested, there are two other versions, a TACZ11 which is the same pistol with a fake suppressor and 360 tactical rail, and a tactical rifle.

    For the serious, it weighs just over a lb, and the trigger pull is also approximately one lb, gritty, and has a lot of creep.:D I'll have to do some work on the trigger but I was able to hold a 6" circle from 10 feet:neener:


  2. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    Bah. I personally love zombie films and "zombie culture". I've done a Zombie 5k and watch just everything Romero puts out, but this whole marketing idea that fluorescent green = zombies is stupid.

    Granted, I bought a box of Zombie-max ammo as a novelty item, but the knives with green handles and the green grips on guns don't appeal to me. It seems to take what I consider to be a fairly serious and dramatic film/tv genre and treat it a bit too childishly.

    To each his own though. If it gets more people interested in shooting then all the better.
  3. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    BP, just not seeing it. :)
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