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EFK Dual Action Recoil Spring - Glock 23 report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by ldyates, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. ldyates

    ldyates Well-Known Member

    It works... sorta!

    No doubt that the 357Sig is much lighter with this spring. .40 was on par with a 9MM. No eject or feed problem on over 100 rounds total.

    There is an issue though.

    On both the 357 and 40, the trigger would not reset once the spent round was cycled. I slight tug on the slide after every round reset the trigger.

    If any of you armors out there have an thoughts on why this is, I am very interested in hearing your comments. Aside from this MAJOR problem, I like the way the gun recoiled. The recoil was every bit of 40% lighter.

    I give the product an F- until the trigger reset issue is fixed. Save your money until further notice.

  2. Nio

    Nio Well-Known Member

    I have them in both my G19s, and I like them very much. I've never had any issue with the trigger reset. Have you done any other customization to the gun? If you put the stock rod back, does it work?

  3. ldyates

    ldyates Well-Known Member

    Factory Guide and Spring work fine


    Thanks for he reply. I really like how the .357 was softened, so I am hoping this can be resolved and I can continue using it. There are no customizations on my G23/32. Gun is brand new with 200 rounds through it.

    yes... the factory guide and spring work flawlessly. I am hoping that an armorer will offer up some ideas.

  4. SomeKid

    SomeKid Well-Known Member

    Your issue is with the customizations you did, not the G23, right?
  5. ldyates

    ldyates Well-Known Member

    No customizations

    Just swapped out the factory spring with the EFK dual action. OEM part works flawlessly everytime.

    Before anyone bothers to post... "Just stick with the factory part"

    I like the softer recoil on the .357 which is why I want this to work.
  6. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Aftermarkets. Good Gawd. Some, like grips, do help - if they meet factory specs. For instance, grips on semis use to be good when the grip didn't have to retain any springs. Once the grips became multi-functional, if the aftermarket grip didn't meet the specs, those springs could slip out of place. Even if the grip once fit, if the manufacturer changed the specs, that once fitting grip may not fit a newer model. Other aftermarket products are just plain awful. As a general rule, I stay away, a long ways away from them: especially springs. The gun factories have engineers who use sensors to graph the compression and decompression of the spring. They test them for various loads that they anticipate the gun will be used with. As delivered to the consumer, they're designed to deliver maximum reliability and efficiency within those specifications. Then some bozo comes along and touts a superior product. They throw in all the hype with slick ads and makes the consumer that his precious ____ won't work well without the addition of that product. Sure they have their purpose. For firearms instructors, these springs and aftermarket magazines are good for training the student in the malfunction drills. Keep them factory guys.
  7. Nio

    Nio Well-Known Member

    I didn't ask the question correctly. After the malfunctions, did you actually put the factory rod back and test it that way?

    If you swap rods and it works with the factory rod, but not with the EFK, then the problem is in the rod somehow - but how is kind of a mystery given the symptom you describe. Did the EFK come with two springs? (Mine did.) Did you try the other spring?

  8. Nio

    Nio Well-Known Member

    Both my G19s are heavily modified, but I did most of the modifications myself. The dual spring recoil rods work very well in my Glocks without any malfunction. Guns are machines like any other machine. You can tweak them and make them better, and you can tweak them and make them worse. Making blanket statements isn't particularly helpful. Every machine should be tuned to the user.

  9. ldyates

    ldyates Well-Known Member

    Looking for the tweak

    The problem is with the EFK guide rod. It is a dual spring design. As I stated, the 23/32 cycles properly, but the trigger did not reset. That is the confusing part to me.

    The slightest tug on the slide after firing completed the cycle. When i switched back to the factory part... everything worked as Glock designed it.
  10. Nio

    Nio Well-Known Member

    I keep thinking about it, and I went and pulled one of my G19s apart, and I really can't think of why the rod would make any difference in the trigger reset unless the rod was causing the pistol to short stroke, which I doubt. Have you tried lubricating the disconnector? Lame idea, I know, but might be worth a shot. I'd REALLY like to put an armorer's slide plate on it and have a look at what it's doing.

  11. ldyates

    ldyates Well-Known Member

    I will tear it down and examine the EFK spring again. I am baffled as well. If a Glock armorer reads this.. please weigh in.


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