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Discussion in 'Legal' started by Partisan Ranger, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Partisan Ranger

    Partisan Ranger Well-Known Member

    The author of this blog is a former Air Force pilot and quite a writer. I've never read anyone who so clearly understands what makes America what it is.

    He has a fine pro-gun essay here: http://www.ejectejecteject.com/archives/000013.html

    But take a look at his other essays on the right side of his homepage under Silent America. They are long but highly worth reading. I particularly enjoyed Trinity, where he describes the three key aspects of the American system that make our Republic great.

    We're adopting my wife's 14 year-old niece from Russia, and I intend to have her read this fine man's work. If you don't appreciate America after reading his stuff, you must be dead.
  2. John Hicks

    John Hicks Well-Known Member

    I've been a fan of his site since MadOgre linked there in a blog a while back.

    He doesn't update that often, but when he does, it's always a well thought out, well-written essay. I have pointed many a friend (liberal and otherwise) there.

  3. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus

    I've been a huge fan of Bill Whittle since the day he first posted.

    Incidentally, he's a private pilot. He applied to the airforce on several occassions, and was rejected for eyesight.

    I consider the man a national treasure.
  4. Partisan Ranger

    Partisan Ranger Well-Known Member

    I consider him a treasure, too. I read a lot of political commentary, but this guy's work is really something special. I think he's putting together a book of his essays, which I guess would explain why he doesn't post much.
  5. Desert Dog

    Desert Dog Well-Known Member

    Bill Whittle has such a clear thought process, it is amazing. I find myself shaking my head in agreement to everything he posts on his website. I wish I has such a clear thought on what I feel and believe...

    Definitely a must-see website...
  6. Kinsman

    Kinsman Well-Known Member

    I found Bill's site, maybe through Kim duToit.
    Bill is quite a writer.

    He is a private pilot who may be instrument rated by now. I know he was working on the test last I checked.
  7. Langenator

    Langenator Well-Known Member

    Bill has a book, a collection of his essays, either coming out soon or just released. Sorry I can't recall the title. Well worth the money, and a great gift with Christmas coming up.

    Bill has not paid me in any way for this endorsement. I can't even get him to link to my blog.
  8. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus

    the book title is "Silent America: Essays From A Democracy At War"
  9. Bill St. Clair

    Bill St. Clair Well-Known Member

    I consider Bill Whittle to be the keeper of the Spirit of America. Unfortunately, though most here live that spirit, Mr. Whittle and many here have not yet realized that our government is doing everything possible to kill it, led by George Bush and the neocons (not that Kerry would be any better).

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