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Elk outfitters?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by ArcherandShooter, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. ArcherandShooter

    ArcherandShooter Well-Known Member

    Hi, gang,

    My lovely and loving wife gave me a "coupon" for Christmas for a Rocky Mountain elk hunt! :D

    Now I'm starting the exciting process of looking at outfitters and trying to pick one to hunt with. Can any of you help?

    I'm looking at either New Mexico or Southern Colorado right now, but I'd love to hear about people's experiences with any of the many, many guides / outfitters available.


  2. Freedom_fighter_in_IL

    Freedom_fighter_in_IL Well-Known Member

    ArcherandShooter, we might need a bit more information as to what type of hunt you would be most interested in. There are several different ways to go about it. Fully guided 1 on 1, partially guided with 2 or 3 hunters in the group, drop camps for self hunts, horseback hunts, and a few other ways. What are you interested in and we could be able to help you a little further.

    Also, trophy hunt or meat bull or cow?
  3. ArcherandShooter

    ArcherandShooter Well-Known Member

    FreedomFighter - of course, and thanks for replying...

    I'm looking for a guided hunt, either 1x1 or 1x2 would be OK depending on price and references.

    I'd look for and hope for a trophy bull, but I'd rather go home with a meat bull than nothing. On hunts like this, I'm not someone who'd pass up a 4X4 on day one because he wasn't record-book quality. I've been elk-hunting once before, and only 3 of 8 in the camp scored, partially because some folks passed on elk early on that they'd have been delighted to shoot at the end of the week.

    At 59 or 60 (depending on how long it takes to get a tag) I'm also not looking for one of the super-strenuous back-woods where you have to be iron man to hack it. I can ride and hike if it's not too high and steep, though after about 2 hours in the saddle my knees start to hurt. So, while I'm not looking for a "disabled hunter" package, something that dials back the rigor a little would probably be a good idea.

    If there's anything else I can tell you that will help, lay it on me, and thanks, again for offering to help.
  4. Freedom_fighter_in_IL

    Freedom_fighter_in_IL Well-Known Member


    I have not personally used them, but they do have so glowing reports. They secure landowner tags so as long as you booked in time, you would have a tag. Between $4000 to $7000 is the going rate thats most common. Some are much higher in your Colorado areas. Trophy Ridge seems to have a good reputation and they also have a season for mobility impaired if it is that bad. New Mexico Elk hunting can be some pretty strenuous hunting according to when you are there. If the Elk are down from the high country it will be a much easier hunt. I would suggest you either shoot these folks an Email or a phone call and discuss any physical limitations you may have and your expectations of what you are going to hunt. Hope this helps.
  5. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    I believe Cob used East Fork Outfitters out of Pagosa Springs, CO on his recent hunt.
    You might drop him a line and get his opinion of them. The Pagosa area is great Elk country. Heck my mom has a rather big bull that winters in her yard, where I can't get him...
  6. T.R.

    T.R. Well-Known Member

    I had a great hunt with Tenderfoot Outfitters of Wyoming. Their area is loaded with game; everyone in camp tagged a good bull. Strongly recommended!



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