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Enemies Foreign And Domestic

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Tactical, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Tactical

    Tactical Well-Known Member

    This could be an interesting read.

    first 20 chapters free on line.

  2. Jrob24

    Jrob24 Well-Known Member

    It is good. You should buy it.
  3. cpileri

    cpileri Well-Known Member

    I liked it

    I found it much more believable than UC or other similar themed books: that being corrupt and bullying govt agents doing whatever it takes to secure their jobs, a distant president who is completely unaware of the actual issues surrounding gun control who then reacts even more 'to the left' by issueing executive orders banning and restricting this and that, fanatically anti-gun politicians following suit, etc

    More believable scenario, esp since i live in MD (not for long, though) and think that the reaction of the populace here to the 'stadium massacre' would be pretty much as it was described in EFD.

    Very well done.

    p.s. and of course, another voice praising the choice of the author to leave out the gratuitous sex scenes that were present in UC.
  4. Tactical

    Tactical Well-Known Member

    Yes, I will be buying it.
  5. Jim Diver

    Jim Diver Well-Known Member

    Got it.. Read it.. Loved it!

    Can't wait for the next book!!
  6. mountainclmbr

    mountainclmbr Well-Known Member

    I agree that it was a good read.

    Matthew gave me a very nice signature in my book as well as a signed post card sized print of the book cover (book mark) along with the link to the web site. He also sent a few extra cards and asked if I would give them to gun shops if I liked the book. I am going to the Denver gun show tomorrow and will pass the cards off to the biggest gun shops....I did enjoy the book!

    I printed on the bottom of the cards that the first 20 chapters were on the web site. No one reading the first chapters could resist buying the book. It is not expensive either, especially for a personalized autographed copy.

    All in all a very good book.

    Impatiently waiting for the next book!!! :banghead:
  7. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Yep, buy it direct from Travis and he'll autograph it for you at no extra cost! :) I just ordered one for a buddy.
  8. 7.62FullMetalJacket

    7.62FullMetalJacket Well-Known Member

    I just started reading it. I am already outraged. By the time I finish I will probably have an aneurism.
  9. mpthole

    mpthole Well-Known Member

    Dittos! I really enjoyed it. The online chapters got me hooked. Looking forward to the next one. :)
  10. AZRickD

    AZRickD Well-Known Member

    I read the first few paragraphs from chapter 1.

    It reads like an anti-gunner's fantasy novel written by Mikey Moore....

    ...blood and guts because of an evil "assault weapon" spray-firing from the hip...

    ...the anti would be sucked into the book like a fly on a spider's web.

    Tricky guy, that Matt.

  11. grnzbra

    grnzbra Well-Known Member

    Excellent book. Had my blood boiling the whole way through.

    However, keep in mind that an anti could hold this book up as an example of why we desparately need to outlaw all guns.
  12. Dan from MI

    Dan from MI Well-Known Member

    I have the book. It's a great read and I highly recommend it.
  13. Tempest

    Tempest member

    I'm reading it now. It's scaring the sh*t out of me. Great novel!!!!

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