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Entry-level 9mm 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by LordGibson, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. LordGibson

    LordGibson Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted a 1911 but with the dearth of choices and often bone-chilling prices I've managed to steer clear. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out - the Siren's Call and all that.

    I'd really like something in 9mm. I know that's heretical, but .45 is so expensive and I'd prefer not to stock another caliber.

    Price is an important factor too. I realize to some extent you get what you pay for, but I have zero interest in $1000 worth of steel.

    Does anyone make a decent, 9mm 1911 for $500? $700?

  2. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

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  3. rmurfster

    rmurfster Well-Known Member

    Springfield Armory EMP
    Para Ordinance DAWG
    Kimber Aegis

    All are 9mm in 1911 format, but price is between $850-$1000

    IMHO, EMP is best $1000 because it is built from the ground up around 9mm and isn't just a .45 re-chambered to 9mm.
  4. mrcpu

    mrcpu Well-Known Member

    You can get a 38 super 1911, and work it to a 9mm with apparently a barrel and mag changeout. So that gives you a few more options.
  5. MikePGS

    MikePGS Well-Known Member

    Supposedly, Kimber makes the Pro Carry II in 9mm. MSRP is something like 868, but the .45's which retail for around the same price (MSRP that is) appear to sell for around 550 or 650. Whether the same would be true for a 9 though is something I don't know.
  6. wooderson

    wooderson member

    Springfield Armory makes a 5" govt model with target or combat sights for ~$750-800 when you can find one.

    Kimber has the Aegis line - 3-, 4- and 5-inchers with aluminum frames. They were $940 apiece at the last gun show.

    With the price of ammo these days, I'm shocked that more companies aren't putting out 9mm 1911s.
  7. o/u mike

    o/u mike Well-Known Member

    I purchased this slightly used SA last July for $575. Used, they are not too easy to find. I replaced the Pachymar grips it came with for about $60 additional, with Ahrends. I shoot it way more than my .45 because of the lower ammo expense. I love mine. The pic on the left is after, the one on the right before.

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  8. defjon

    defjon Well-Known Member

    Dunno if you've thought about this, but there are always the Star model guns. They are mil-surp but usually you can find them in good condition.

    They're 9mm, quite reliable, and also- quite cheap.
  9. conan

    conan Well-Known Member

    Don't blow your money. 9mm 1911's are worth saving for!
  10. never_summer

    never_summer Well-Known Member

    im actually thinking about trading mine depending on what the local store is gonna give me for my other guns. I love my 9mm 1911 but its just too thin of a gun for my liking so its off to try some more guns :evil:
    If you could get a kimber id recommend them, mine is dead accurate and the recoil is very light... which it should be for a 3lb gun haha
  11. LordGibson

    LordGibson Well-Known Member

    Looks like the Kimber is the least expensive option. Still awfully painful at $850+. Guess I'll just have to wait. Maybe Taurus will make a 9mm version of their 1911 in the not too distant future. . .

    Thanks for your input.
  12. robmkivseries70

    robmkivseries70 Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about a BHP?
  13. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    Kimber also makes the Tac Pro II in 9mm. One of my favorite handguns I own, but they run around $950-1000.

    I've heard some 9mm 1911 models have reliable feed issues, but my Tac Pro has run like a top. The only complaint I have is that it has a magwell on it, and 9mm mags with bump pads are scarce.
  14. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    Although they've advertised them for some time, I wouldn't hold my breath. :uhoh: They began advertising them in 9mm the same time as .45. Also were advertising in stainless. If they can't even get the stainless .45 version to market, I have to wonder if they'll be able to deliver on the 9mm anytime soon. I'm interested in a 9mm 1911 myself. I've considered building one using Caspian frames and slides, but these things can't just be assembled, they have to be fitted. I'm afraid I'll reach a point where I can't get it any further without paying a gunsmith to finish it. At that point it would probably have been cheaper to get the Springfield 1911A1 in 9mm (best I've seen on a new one is $800). I'm thinking of getting a Para-Ordnance P18.9. It's a wide-body gun and the mags are expensive, but they appear to have a better reputation for feeding than the single stack full size 9mms. Best price I can find on that is $860.
  15. PattonTime

    PattonTime Well-Known Member

    9mm Colt

    Just picked up LNIB 9mm Colt Series 80 at a gunshow
    Paid $850.00 but it was new made in 1991
  16. Aguila Blanca

    Aguila Blanca Well-Known Member

    Pick up a Rock Island .38 Super for around $400, then buy a 9mm barrel from Sarco for $40. The .38 Super magazines should work, but you can buy 9mm magazines for the 1911 from Brownells.

    The .9mm and the .38 Super use the same slide, so that's the key issue.
  17. sara bellum

    sara bellum Active Member

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  18. tackleberi

    tackleberi Well-Known Member

    LordGibson, I've shared your sentiments for quite some time, and had my ear to the ground for a few years looking for a 9mm 1911 in a Commander configuration.

    It was only when I decided to be patient that one showed up at price I was willing to pay that I ended up with exactly what I was looking for..a 1974 Colt Combat Commander. It is somewhat unfortunate that the one I ended up with was way nicer than I expected (satin nickel finish, original box, factory paper, un-tinkered with, probably sat in a safe for 33 years), but I'm going to shoot it and use it.

    A couple of knowledgable collector types have told me that this gun belongs with a collector, and that I should look for something less 'collectable' to shoot....I've waited to long for my 9mm 1911, and although I'll give this some thought, I think this will be a shooter.

    Moral of my story (corroborated by pics below); keep hunting....something will turn up.

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  19. wooderson

    wooderson member

    Cabela's in Ft. Worth has a nice-looking 9mm Combat Commander if anyone's in the market. All for the low, low price of $1299. (cries)
  20. gc70

    gc70 Well-Known Member

    You have a fine looking Commander, tackleberi.

    I wanted a 9mm for cheap practice and got the one below last year - NIB for a few dollars above LordGibson's price range.


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