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Event:*February 23, 2013*Day of Resistance

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Maximum1, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Maximum1

    Maximum1 Well-Known Member

    February 23 has been named a national day of resistance against gun control and civilian disarmament, a day of scheduled nation wide.

    In Oregon the*Day of Resistance is;
    Saturday, February 23, 2013
    10:00am until 2:00pm*(PST)

    A peaceful gathering of like minded Americans who believe that we are the Individuals who are in control of Government that we have an unalienable right to Keep & Bear Arms including ARs & AKs with high cap mags.

    Oregon State Capitol
    Salem, Oregon 97301
    Address: *900 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301

    Come to the important event to show your representatives and the anti-gun media we will not sit idly while they attempt to promote & pass draconian gun laws.

    For those not in Oregon search your local gun forums for the time and location in your state.

  2. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    There is an official list of all the planned rallies here. I'll be attending the rally at the state capitol in Arkansas.
  3. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    Just a bump here to remind people of this. If you are serious about your 2nd Amendment rights, and one of these rallies is accessible to you, I hope you can attend.
  4. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    Baz, I've got conflicted feelings about going. The Facebook page for the local organizers are wanting to get 500 Razorback fans there so they can "call the hogs." Disregarding the fact that I am NOT a Razorback fan, and I think people tend to do this at the most unrelated events, this just seems to me that it harms the credibility of the whole event.
  5. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    Well, if they really mean to "call the hogs," they will do it without me, though I'll still be there, if just as an observer. My son is a "Razorback" (undergraduate degree from Fayetteville, then law school in Little Rock), and is a strong supporter. (I hope the turnout is enough to take good pictures, and maybe have a bit of splash in the local news.) It hasn't really rubbed off on me, though. But then I've never been a big sports fan. The last time I can recall following any UA sports regularly, was during the time of Nolan Richardson.
  6. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    The turnout in Little Rock was modest: if they were hoping for 500, they maybe got half that (200-300). More interesting (to me) than size was the demographic makeup. Old white guys (like myself) were a minority. If I were to guess the median age, I'd peg it at ~40, with half or more of the crowd in their thirties, or younger. Lots of women -- say 1 in 5 or 6 -- of all ages, skewing younger rather than older. I saw a handful of what seemed to be mothers, with children, but no male. Most of the younger women, though, were accompanied by a male, as part of a couple.

    So it wasn't white old men, but it was definitely white. Only African-American I saw was someone who sang the National Anthem. Hard to tell if any Hispanics were in the crowd. Those who could have been Hispanic could just as easily been some other ethnicity with darker complexion.

    The most interesting thing, though, was in the walk up the street to the steps of the Capitol. As I walked, I passed a van with an older black gentleman, and a young boy (grandson, maybe even great grandson). He shouted out the window "What's going on over there?" I said "It is a rally to support the Second Amendment."

    Okay now, hold on to your hats: his reply was "What's that?" Right, what's the 2nd Amendment? :banghead: The young boy and I answered simultaneously. He said something like "It's about guns." I said "It is the part of the Constitution that guarantees us the right to keep and bear firearms." At that, he immediately launched into a harangue about "high capacity" magazines. He knew the difference between automatic and semi-automatic -- claimed to be a Vietnam vet (and I have no reason to doubt it) -- but went on about how high cap magazines are what make it a "military" weapon and "military" weapons shouldn't be in the hands of ordinary people. I said those are exactly the kinds of weapons the 2nd Amendment guarantees. He then shut off the discussion by saying "well, people should not have them in my opinion." To which I responded "It is a free country, and you are entitled to your opinion. But it is the 2nd Amendment that guarantees the 1st Amendment, and if guns are taken away from the people, you won't be entitled to your opinion any more." The point was probably too subtle for him.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  7. Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Well-Known Member

    Went to the rally in Huntsville AL. said about 1700 folks there. The North Hall of the civic center was pretty full. Had State legislators and our Congressman there to speak along with the NRA and several other speakers.
  8. Harvie

    Harvie Active Member

    I attended the Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I froze; I think the wind-chill kept Patriots from being in attendance. The Rally in Madison, Wisconsin on the 19th of January seemed to be a lot better organized. I will continue to go to these Rallies no matter how big or small.

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