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Ever rebored an .30'06 to a .338-06?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Buckskinner, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Buckskinner

    Buckskinner Well-Known Member

    Thinking about doing it before an elk hunt comin' up...
  2. timmyb21

    timmyb21 Well-Known Member

    180 gr in .30-06 is plenty for elk. My uncle took plenty of big ones with a .270. Otherwise, no I haven't rebored a .30-06. I love her too much.
  3. Buckskinner

    Buckskinner Well-Known Member

    I know. The '06 is king, for sure. And Happy birthday too.

    But I want a .338, and have 8 '06's...I just can't afford to buy a .338 win mag...And I like the .338-06 story...
  4. hankdatank1362

    hankdatank1362 Well-Known Member

    I read the thread...went back to the front page...and something hit me like a ton of bricks.....

    You have EIGHT .30-06s yet can't afford ONE .338? Durn, sell one .30-06! Problem solved!
  5. Jeff F

    Jeff F Well-Known Member

    Theres a couple of guys out this way that got into the .338-06. They did not re bore but rather re barreled. One was a Savage witch was the easiest, the other I think was a Ruger. Both shoot well and hit hard.
  6. Bartkowski

    Bartkowski Well-Known Member

    I am guessing that you reload, so ammo won't be an issue, I say go for it.
  7. Buckskinner

    Buckskinner Well-Known Member

    My name is Buckskinner, and I'm a gun addict.

    I learned from my gramps and my dad: we accumulate, never sell our guns.

    Well, I've traded off a few for more guns, but, I'd like to think that my Great Great Great Gramps, John Clark from SOUTH CAROLINA in 1763, would be happy that I had 8 '06's. Well, he'd probably tell me to sell 'em and buy more bottom land and have more sons, but heck, I"m a 20th century boy and I'm doing it for posterity!
  8. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    I've talked to a Gunsmith in Vancouver about it, but have not actually done it yet.

    There is someone in Eastern Washington that does the actual re-boring, but I don't remember the name.

    If you don't want to just buy a .338win mag or .338 Federal, then I say go for it.

  9. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    If you have a savage just pop the 06 barrel off and replace it with an Adams and Bennet 338-06 barrel
  10. Buckskinner

    Buckskinner Well-Known Member

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