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Evil black rifles and Connecticut

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by unisonic12, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    Has anyone ever flown out of the Hartford/Bradley airport with an AK or AR? What were your experiences? Any problems or hassles? I've only flow out of there with handguns. Thanks in advance.
  2. Phil DeGraves

    Phil DeGraves Well-Known Member

    Conneticut is really weird. It is illegal to own a Colt AR-15 (which is made in Conn.) but it is okay to own a Bushmaster XM-15. Go figure.
  3. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    Tell me about it. An AK in 7.62 is illegal, but any other caliber is ok. An SKS converted to use AK mags in 7.62 gives you the same capacity/firepower as an AK-47 and it's perfectly legal. :rolleyes:
  4. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    Not exactly. If you read the AWB for CT you will find there are certain criteria for an SKS to be legal in CT (or other so called "assault weapons"). Detachable mag is not legal on an SKS if you have bayounet lug, pistol grip forgrip, flash suppressor, etc. If the AR is CT compliant and legal in the state you are traveling to then there should be no problem. You should check your AR to make sure it is compliant before attempting to fly with it.
  5. TX1911fan

    TX1911fan Well-Known Member

    You are describing exactly the problem when laws are made on emotion and fear instead of reason and logic.
  6. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    And exactly where did I mention any of those "evil features"? A bone stock SKS converted to take AK mags is perfectly legal in CT with the bayonet lug...AND a "forgrip", per your misspelled reference, since it is NOT specifically listed in the "assault weapon" definition as one of the five "evil features". The "forward handgrip" is only mentioned in the semi-auto pistol definition. So, YES, you CAN have a bayonet lug AND a "forward handgrip" OR a pistol grip OR a folding/telescoping stock OR a flash suppressor on an SKS. You really need to know the law before lecturing others on it. An "assault rifle" in CT is defined as a rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine and has TWO OR MORE of the following, which are the five "evil features" listed below. You also forgot "grenade launcher". You need re-education. Read the CT definition of "assault weapon" here. :rolleyes:


    (2) A part or combination of parts designed or intended to convert a firearm into an assault weapon, as defined in subdivision (1) of this subsection, or any combination of parts from which an assault weapon, as defined in subdivision (1) of this subsection, may be rapidly assembled if those parts are in the possession or under the control of the same person;

    (3) Any semiautomatic firearm not listed in subdivision (1) of this subsection that meets the following criteria:

    (A) A semiautomatic rifle that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least TWO of the following:

    (i) A folding or telescoping stock;

    (ii) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;

    (iii) A bayonet mount;

    (iv) A flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor; and

    (v) A grenade launcher

    Heck, an SKS with the stock internal 10 round box magazine (i.e. NON-detachable) could have all five of those "evil features" and still be CT legal, as long as it complies with 922r regarding US parts count, which is easily done.
  7. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

  8. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    Unic, easy big fella, If you have a detachable mag (1), bayonet lug (2), and flash suppressor (3) which most "bone stock" SKS's have you are over the "AT LEAST TWO FEATURE" limit. Don't forget 2 features "ARE AT LEAST TWO". Thanks for pulling the statue so I didn't have to do it. I called the CT State Police when I purchased my SKS because I wanted a detachable mag. The officer I spoke with said that's a no-no on an SKS unless you remove the suppressor or the bayonet lug. At that point you need to play the parts game 922r. Call Hoffman's if you like they are folks who initially told me they would not except the transfer if the SKS had a detachable mag. It's not that big of a deal unless you run into someone...say...at the airport who thinks it's illegal. Then SHTF and you could get into much more trouble than it's worth. It's your call 'cause mine is 922r and CT compliant. :neener: You are right as long as the rifle does not have a detachable mag, you can have several features list in the AWB. Once you get the detachable mag, the rules change. Good luck and hopefully we won't see on the news. ;)
  9. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    Show me a plain jane, bone stock SKS that has a flash suppressor. Never saw one and I even had to install one on an SKS I left back in AZ. The detachable magazine is simply what gives a semi-automatic rifle potential "assault weapon" status and it is NOT an "evil feature", so please try to get it right next time. Again, for your edification, from above. It's the ability to accept a detachable magazine AND have AT LEAST TWO of the five "evil features", so a stock SKS using detachable magazines with ONE "evil feature" (the bayonet lug...or any ONE other feature) is PERFECTLY legal in CT. Want something else like a fixed stock with a pistol grip? Sure...grind off the lug (see 922r reference below). Reading comprehension time. :rolleyes:

    And that is EXACTLY what I said. An SKS converted to use AK mags WITH the bayonet lug is perfectly legal. Again, I've never seen a bone stock SKS with a flash suppressor...just a plain, "naked" muzzle OR a grenade launcher. Even if there was a variant, I never even initially addressed flash suppressors...YOU did. All I said was that you CAN have an SKS which uses AK mags in CT in comparison to not being allowed to own an AK in the same 7.62 caliber and capacity. Then you come along and drag it through the "parts bin" by attaching things I never referenced. :rolleyes:

    If you're thinking of this muzzle device as a flash suppressor, you're wrong. It's the grenade launcher and, yes, detachable magazines along WITH the bayonet lug is indeed illegal in CT. But, again, same as the flash suppressor, I was not talking about these features.


    I already know about that and so is mine. In case you can't remember, revisit the end of post #6. :neener:

    So, my tricked out SKS with a folding stock, pistol grip, flash suppressor, bayonet lug AND 922r parts compliancy is perfectly legal in CT...with the 10 round fixed magazine. Shot it many, many times without a smidge of trouble. Even had off duty officers ask me about it and I let them shoot it. Same goes for my SKS converted to use AK mags WITH ONLY the bayonet lug and no fictitious "flash suppressor" from an original configuration SKS. :cool: I did have a bit of trouble one time when someone challenged me on the legality of my AK-74 with a pistol grip and what he thought was a flash suppressor. Had to kindly explain the difference between a muzzle break, which reduces recoil, and a flash suppressor, which reduces muzzle flash. In fact, the AK-74 muzzle break actually makes the fireball much bigger as it directs the gases up and to the sides instead of straight out.

    My two AK magazine converted SKSs (and associated parts) with TWO OR MORE "evil features" are back in AZ, so the "readily accessible or assembled" part of the law doesn't apply to me in CT.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2008
  10. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    I'm just trying to make you aware that your blanket state was incorrect. :cool: Thanks for posting the picture, that's exactly what I'm talking about. You put a detachable mag on that rifle as pictured and it becomes an illegal AW in CT. BTW, with the grenade laucher is a very common configuration sold here in CT.

    As for reading comprehension, let's take a look at your initial post.
    This blanket statement is false and needs qualification to be accurate. One can not just convert any old SKS to detachable mags and it will be legal. One minus a few goodies (i.e. evil features) would be fine. As for shooting with PD, most officers I shoot with don't know the AWB by heart and some know very little about it. The only true authority is the DPS Firearms division which I spoke with concerning the flash suppressor + detachable mag in my case. I think we both agree the AWB is silly and just having this discussion is a clear example of how silly it is. One modification here or there and it becomes legal or illegal. That's my point about your blanket statement, it is not quite that cut and dry. In fact I was shooting with one who claimed that a rifle in 7.62x39 was illegal in CT no matter what configuration. I had to set him straight with the statue before he'd believe me. :eek: That made me a little nervous needless to say.

    I'm not bringing in the parts bin I'm just simply stating that several rifles are sold in CT with the laucher still on the barrel and certain modifcations can be trouble. The one I wished to purchase had a flash suppressor on it and had to have the guy remove it before sending to my FFL. Good luck with your flight and let us know how checking the rifle works out.
  11. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    Ok, fine. Pick apart every last nuance of my original "blanket statement". Sorry I didn't say, "I CAN have an SKS converted to use AK mags and be legal in CT." :rolleyes:

    I guess you can't read my mind as I was thinking of a plain vanilla SKS and not a version with the grenade launcher. I haven't been into the SKS market, but in other states, those versions were few and far between. You say those versions are abundant in CT, so I'll have to take your word for it.

    The rifle you bought that had a flash suppressor. That had to have been after market because I've never seen an SKS with a stock suppressor...and I've seem a lot of them having spent many years in AZ, TX and FL.

    And the DPS is not the "true authority". The law is. And the law states you can have detachable magazines and ONE feature, so the flash suppressor is legal to have IF the bayonet lug is ground off. The 922r comes into play as the rifle is modified with the after market flash suppressor.

    Ignorant officers/agencies don't make law and they can open themselves up to some pretty expensive lawsuits should they try to prosecute someone and going against an actual CT LAW that is pretty cut and dry. I'd sue the ever livin' HELL out of the SLFU/CPS if they arrested me and confiscated a CT LEGAL firearm because they "thought it wasn't". Gee, what a concept...Law ENFORCEMENT Officers that don't even know the laws that they're entrusted to "enforce". :rolleyes:

    Even as a pilot and flight instructor, I have to take periodic written and practical exams...
  12. LKB3rd

    LKB3rd Well-Known Member

    Yugo SKS has a flash suppressor, bayonet, and a grenade launcher for 3 "evil" features. I just picked one up a couple months ago in CT. If I added a detachable magazine, it would be an illegal "assault weapon."
    As an aside, the DPS in CT act like they are the law, and routinely ignore the real laws enforcing their made up ones. Openly carrying handguns is an example of this. The law allows it, but most towns will arrest you for breach of the peace, and the DPS will confiscate your permit, and the handgun you were carrying at the time.
  13. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    How can you have a flash suppressor AND a grenade launcher on at the same time? Seriously, I don't know.

    I know about open carry and how CT doesn't specifically prohibit it, so it SHOULD be de facto legal, but instead, it's widely viewed as illegal. Aren't there some on going cases right now? I remember where an employee at Chili's called the police when someone showed up to pick up their take-out and the butt of their pistol was inadvertently exposed. I hope someone sues the crap out of this state and wins over the open carry thing.
  14. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    Unisonic - Calm down. You're getting awful snarky for no reason. People are more likely to listen and discuss things with you when you're not biting their heads off.
  15. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    I will, however the rifle in question isn't an SKS as I asked about an "evil" AR or AK in my initial post. It came up when talking about CT's silly AWB where I said a person could have an SKS with the same firepower and capacity as an AK-47 IF it were configured correctly...which is the part I left out and caused confusion, for which I apologize.

    Instead, I'm taking an unfired/tested AK-74 to Arizona over the holidays where I can blast away to my heart's content out in the desert. No range fees, rules on rapid fire, shooting positions, shooting from cover, can use any targets I want as long as I clean everything up or use biodegradable stuff like rotten fruit, etc. Besides seeing family, that's the number one favorite thing I love about going back home. I don't expect to have any problems at the airport beyond the whole "Ohhh, is that legal? Why do you have that thing?" type stuff from the ticket agent. It was legally bought at a CT gun show from a CT dealer so it's "on the books" and I'll be taking copies of all the paperwork, receipt, etc. I also keep copies in my range bag should anyone ever really start to question me, but beyond conversation, it hasn't gone that far. I know it's not "law", but I also have copies of the emails I sent back and forth to the SLFU (SGT Bastura, the XO) telling me it was legal because I bought it not long after I moved to CT. At the time, I didn't understand the whole definition of AK-47 "TYPE" and how it has to meet all three criteria to make it a "TYPE". The 74 fails the criteria of being able to swap AK-47 parts into it and have it function. Don't know if the parts would fit or not, but it's not going to function because you ain't shoving a 7.62 into a 5.45 bore. :eek:
  16. Tazman2

    Tazman2 New Member

    New user but found this topic. I'm from CT and went looking for a 1st rifle and decided on a Saiga 7.62x39 after much research for bang per buck. Anywho. The clowns at Hoffman's told me that they aren't legal unless in .223 or .308 as its a AK47 "type". Of course you guys explained it very well above and my understanding is better then it was before which was any gun SHORT of that exact model and those "features" was legal. Ideas? Places to buy it? Is he right? Am I going nuts? Thanks! =D
  17. 30 cal slob

    30 cal slob Well-Known Member

    i've flown out of bradley with firearms in checked luggage.

    first off, usually it's the ticket agent and TSA guy that gets involved. not state police.

    upon checking in, i haven't been asked to produce my pistol permit or ATF Form 3's by TSA. so i doubt anyone's even looking for features of politically correct EBR's.
  18. dub150

    dub150 Member

    why would you call a leo about this issue, he is not a lawyer and hence is in no position to give legal advice on such matters, he will tell what he thinks is the law or just his opinion on the matter. If you really want to know the law pertaining to your specific weapon then you should talk to your da or a lawyer not leo
  19. unisonic12

    unisonic12 member

    Sounds like the LEO gave good advice.

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