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Excellent gunshow find: Marlin Camp 45

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Batty67, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Batty67

    Batty67 Well-Known Member

    So, I went the the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly, VA, this past weekend looking to score a new .45 automatic. This is a massive show, with hundreds of dealers, some of whom actually sell firearms. :rolleyes:

    I checked out many 45s, did my research beforehand, and was all set to pull the trigger on a Sig 1911 Fastback. Great price, great heft...and then I saw a Marlin Camp carbine. And not just any Marlin Camp, but a Camp 45 in excellent condition. The wood and metal were perhaps 95% (NO cracked stock) and it had two original 7-rd Marlin magazines. And the price, marked down to $650 from $800. No box or paperwork. I could not believe my luck! I calmly told the dealer I was "pleasantly surprised" to see one, and he immediately noted how rare they are, and asked "and have you ever seen one in almost new condition?" Nope. He was shocked it did not sell the preceding Friday, it was the only one at the show. And a good to excellent price.

    I purchased it right away. Got a nice soft case for it and a few hundred 230 gr FMJ rounds and a box of Ranger bonded JHP in 230 gr. I ordered a Blackjack buffer and a Wolff 21-lb recoil spring as seems to be universally recommended. I also picked up a 10-rd Wilson Combat and stupidly, oh so stupidly, a 15-round magazine, that I already suspect will be a total waste of my money.

    I'll probably send the trigger group to Bill Springfield for a trigger job, which will also remove the annoying/potentially pesky magazine safety feature. I'll also slap on a basic picatinny rail and put my currently unused older (but factory refurbished) Eotech, and take her shooting. Lastly, I might get Choate (EBG) stock to protect the original stock. But maybe not.
  2. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd Well-Known Member

    Good for you! I keep my eyes peeled for one but never seem to find them.
  3. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    The Camp carbines are nice rifles, you'll enjoy it. I have both models.

    Maybe I should sell mine. I gave $325 for my Camp 45 with box and manual, like new condition. That was in 2002. It's condition hasn't changed, but obviously the value has. likewise, I paid $300 for my NIB Camp 9 with a dozen magazines (original marlin mag, factory S&W 5906 and 6906, MecGar 17 and 20 rounders) last winter. I was really just after the mags for my 5906. It had a small rust spot on the end of the barrel where the box got trickled on, but still sported the factory sticker on the stock.
  4. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    Nice find. Enjoy the new rifle and yes, they are a very sweet little rifle.

  5. sansone

    sansone Well-Known Member

    pics? :D
  6. Batty67

    Batty67 Well-Known Member

    I'll take some pix soon. I'm actually having the 2 Marlin mags mailed to me (the dealer forgot to bring them).
  7. VA27

    VA27 Well-Known Member

    When you take it down, be sure to check the bolt buffer in the back of the receiver. If it's bad you stand a chance of cracking the stock at the rear of the receiver. They're still available (the 9,45 and 22 magnum all use the same part) with some searching. I made a substitute for mine out of a hunk of truck tire tread while searching for a replacement for my 45.
  8. oldpapps

    oldpapps Well-Known Member

    Happy for you.

    When I got mine, it had been my dad's, he passed 15 years ago, it set for a long time before I felt right messing with it. When I did, the plastic buffer came out in three little pieces. I replaced it and the spring with the same you have on order. Good step to get replacements.

    Don't care what anyone says, my dad always shot lead and I have continued. I have not had any accuracy problems.
  9. nipprdog

    nipprdog Well-Known Member


    Where were you when I sold mine for $385? What I paid for it.
  10. Batty67

    Batty67 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the support. As far as the price, I was willing to pay that much for one in excellent shape that I could take home with me. Going prices elsewhere are closer to $800 if not more (I would not pay that much), and then I have to pay S&H and the transfer fee and hope it was as advertised. I'm very pleased with it, but will not shoot it until I replace the buffer and recoil spring and give it a careful cleaning.
  11. OilyPablo

    OilyPablo Well-Known Member

    $650? Pretty good deal. What year is it? Checkered stock?

    I paid $700 for mine. It's the later checkered stock. New in box, but missing the Marlin 1911 magazines and no manual.
  12. Batty67

    Batty67 Well-Known Member

    Not chequered stock, which I prefer. I'll need to look at the serial number and figure out what year it is. The buffer and recoil spring should arrive today or tomorrow so I'll break it down, clean it, and mail the trigger assembly to Bill Springfield for a trigger job and to remove the magazine disconnect. So, I doubt I'll shoot it until the weekend after next.
  13. jimwill48

    jimwill48 Active Member

    These are really bringing that much. I have one I bought brand new when they came out. Would never of believed they were worth that much but happy to find out they are. :what:
  14. OilyPablo

    OilyPablo Well-Known Member

    The 45's have been over $500 since 2010, really took off to $700 in 2011 and prime specimens could fetch $800+. The 9mm is definitely lower cost. I bought mine as a basket case for around $250 (but MOST parts were included, some 2x and the stock is solid), and completely rebuilt it and a buddy reblued it for beer and ammo money. They both are nice lookers, I must say I shoot the .45 more. The 9mm seems to be finicky about the magazine and certainly does not like cheap aftermarket S&W mags.

    I quit looking at the prices since this last winter or so, maybe they have come back a bit.
  15. Batty67

    Batty67 Well-Known Member

    Okay. Got the Wolff 21# recoil spring and replacement buffer from Blackjack. So, I took apart the carbine to give it a careful look and cleaning. Not filthy, but pretty dirty. The buffer was the off-white nylon buffer (yes, stock is still not cracked), and it semi came apart as I tried to remove it. The round insert was jammed into the receiver and I had to dig it out, crumbling all the while.

    The biggest PITA is attaching the trigger assembly to the barrel/reciver because of the bolt stop and the bolt stop spring. The bolt stop ALWAYS slides too far back during assembly and I cannot get the front retaining pin in. I finally figured out how to use a pick to keep it "forward" but at the cost of bending the little spring twice (so I cannot flip it over again). So, I just ordered two replacements from Numrich (and a front bead to replace the neon orange front site insert). I found a youtube video on the trick of aligning the feed ramp during assembly; I wish there was one on how to keep the bolt stop forward and not bending the bolt stop spring.

    Live and learn I guess. I just packed up the trigger assembly (after thorough cleaning) to ship to Bill Springfield. Hope to shoot it in a week or so.
  16. OilyPablo

    OilyPablo Well-Known Member

    I should have warned you about that. I also bought spare small springs.

    On my 9 the main pin holes are very difficult to line up and get the pins through - so I use a nail set - a ground down 16d box nail will work, but a brass punch of the correct OD isn't long enough. I work the tool through, then chase it out with the pin from the other side.

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